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Did I give myself Blue Balls
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    This week I used the aneros 4 straight days. During this time I didn't let myself ejaculate once and have been practicing alot of edging. The main edging I do is I will (with or without the aneros) get myself sexually excited so that I get a full erection but then focus my thoughts away from sexual stuff so that I will go limp immedietly. Then I repeat. In the course of an hour to several hours I do this to the point to where I have many many erections come and go the whole time never touching my penis. Doing this gets me crazy horny and each erection will have different levels of pleasure just in the erection itself. Finally at the end of all this I'll then masterbate and spend awhile getting myself very close to orgasm but I don't let myself cum. Then finally I quit and go about my day.
    Well here's what happened. I did this for 4 days straight (never ejaculating) and finally last night I spent about 3 hours doing this routine until my GF got home from work. We had sex (aneroless) and for about an hour we would fuck and I would be on the verge of cumming the whole time. I pretty much edged the whole time while fucking. It was intense. But then something very bad happened. All of a sudden my balls started to hurt real bad. Not just my balls but my whole genital area all the way up into my stomach. It was so bad I had to stop and for about an hour I was in incredible pain. I then tried to use the aneros thinking that maybe that would mild my balls but that just led to more pain.
    Finally I had to masterbate very carefully to have an orgasm cause I figured that would be the only way to get rid of this pain. Well I did and I ended up having the most painful orgasm of my life. Luckily though the pain went away a few minutes after orgasming.
    So I guess the moral of the story is don't tease your cock for too long or you might just give yourself blue balls. And it hurts alot. Never thought blue balls was a real thing.
  • funny story.
  • I've never had blue balls that bad, but then I never went to that extreme of "teasing myself."

    Sounds like you overdid it big time. I'd take it easy for a few days if I were you and avoid any sexual activity. You might even want to see a doctor.
  • As a matter of fact, blue balls do happen. I just had it a couple of days ago. Man, that was so painful. Learning few tips from made it a little fine.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I tease my dick and edge for weks at a time. Never had blue balls and don't want to ever experience it. But knocking down a huge orgasm while riding just feels so damn good. Already on day two of my edging with aneros while not masturbating.
  • EDIT
    Deleted because of drunken stupidity.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    According to Tao, as long as you suck energy up your spine, blue balls don't happen, that thing stuck in your balls that is harming you, could be put into much better use.
  • Methinks alex is a spambot.
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    JMay said:

    According to Tao, as long as you suck energy up your spine, blue balls don't happen, that thing stuck in your balls that is harming you, could be put into much better use.

    The more I hear about this energy stuff the more I think it's bunk. 
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    JMay said:

    According to Tao, as long as you suck energy up your spine, blue balls don't happen, that thing stuck in your balls that is harming you, could be put into much better use.

    The more I hear about this energy stuff the more I think it's bunk. 

    To be true, I don't have a good word for it, all I'm talking about when I say energy is the cause, you can't negate the cause when there's an effect. Whatever it is that which causes you to have blue balls, you can work with it. That's what I'm talking about.
    Detach from language, it has little to no resemblance with actual reality, language is bunk.
    When I talk about sexual energy is that which makes your penis hard for example, when you can work with that which makes your penis hard before it gets hard, that's it. Forget about the word. It's the cause.

    By the way I've never had blue balls, I've always had a natural feeling with sexual stuff.
  • Yeah shit 4 days of being rabid horny and no release....yep, blue balls is the result. Yeah sure it's an expression, but it really does feel like your balls are bruised black and blue.

    I used to get wicked blue balls around my first ever girl friend, she was an intense lover, like me an Aries. When we'd make out I'd be rock hard and she would often grind strongly against my cock and I'd grind back just as hard, often through our jeans because we'd be in the lounge room with her parents just in kitchen.

    You can get blue balls so bad even coming won't cure it, you just have to rest up and think of very unsexy
    things. Sure edge all you like, just keep in mind that you should come before you hurt yourself. I utterly love watching myself come and the bigger the spurt the hotter it feels.
  • I have found that getting blue balled depends on how the session ends. 

    I don't know if this is the case for other people, but for me when my "session" ends more abruptly I have a good chance of getting blue-balled (pain in the scrotum sometimes stomach if its bad). Where as if I wind down slowly and relax then I don't get blue balled.

    By session I mean anything that's sexually exiting, so that could be an aneros session, just playing with myself, playing with my partner or even having a really intense snogg.  

    I have tried not ejaculating for 4 days or so - experimenting with edging and aneros play. When I do that I make sure to "calm down" at the end of each session to avoid the blue balling. Let me know if anyone else does the same thing, I'm wondering if this is a useful bit of general advice for guys.

  • So"blue balls" is just an expression that means pain in the scotum? I always pictured blue-colored balls. Funny. I know the painful experience though.

    ElephantAle, how do you wind down? The only cure I've found is to ejaculate before it gets painful and traves up my back.
  • @ElephantAle That's something to think about. I almost never get blue balls, but maybe that explains a session I had a few days ago. Long story short. I had a wet prostate orgasm (no refractory period) and I was still going pretty strong when I ended the session. Then I resisted the needy urge (with repeated massive erections) to have another session, for a few hours. I guess I'll try waiting until the pleasure is gone next time. New and/or more intense feelings are coming so fast for me now that its hard to work out a strategy.  ...Actually, I just need to stop using the Maximus until I'm a little further along lol.
  • Wanderingsmoke, didn't you say you were putting the maximus away in a previous message? Bad boy! You're having way too much pleasure I think. (humor)

    Seriously how did you get a wet prostate orgasm, the best of both worlds? Is the problem that your horniness (?) won't go away?
  • @euphemistic I did put it away when I woke up today. Who knows how long that'll last though lol.

    I got there with a combination of things. First, I hadn't ejaculated in over a week (week and a half), and it was past time, by 3 days. During the session I was close to cumming already, and I could feel a quivering sensation in my prostate with involuntarily held contractions. Then I decided to full-body-hug my body-pillow and let the involutaries build for a minute, while focusing on my prostate and trying to passively control which muscles were contracting. Then I thrusted deep and slow into the pillow 4 times. The instant I crossed the PONR I pulled away and tried to resist the first ejaculatoy contraction. While ejaculating I focused on the sphincter muscles contracting. I don't know if this matters, but I think 2 seconds passed, with fluid leaking before the first ejaculatoy contraction happened.

    Sorry about the long description. And yeah, the horniness didn't go away. Kinda like less came out than it should have, so my body wanted to empty the tanks. My mistake was using an Aneros instead of going at the Fleshlight after the first one.
  • Your approach sounds like a reasonable one to me except for the body thrusting into the pillow which probably led to the ejaculation. (I picture the aneros inside you trying to dry-hump the pillow directed by your imagination) I myself sometimes feel close to ejaculation without touching my penis but I allow myself to feel everything while the pleasure mounts and don't try to stop ejaculation. I figure my body likes orgasms and all pleasure in general , will seek it out if I don't stop it, and it's most familiar with the orgasms associated with ejaculation. The worst that could happen is a super T and then I'll try a different approach. I wonder if anyone else here has gotten to a super O doing it this way? I'm a newbie like you so don't take what I say as dogma.

    About "it's always Sunny", I looked it up and it was a TV series which I never saw so I'm not watching every episode. How did milking the prostate situation come up and how did they portray it? I can't imagine.