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Merchandise ideas.
  • What Aneros merchandise would you like, that isn't a toy?

    The Aneros T-shirt is a good design, but a shirt is too public for my taste. 
    I would like a little chrome or silver Helix (or another model) to put on a keychain or necklace. 
    A hat pin would be cool. That would blend in almost imperceptibly with the many car and other pins on my old Ford hat.
    What about a flash drive? I've seen many novelty flash drives (and bought a few, including one that is also a working lighter). For me, an Aneros flash drive would be more of a funny conversation piece than something I'd use, but I'd buy one and keep porn on it. The best of the best, of course ;) 
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    A chair/chaisse lounge or even cushion designed to optimally accomodate the Aneros.  It would probably be expensive but how many more asstoys can one need?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    E-stim power units and modified Aneros models. I like the cushion idea.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I agree with @Xileh..

    It`s two sexual taboos that go together like salt and pepper. Should be focus on it!
  • I think it's inconsiderate to announce one's sexual preferences in public.  It's a private matter IMO.

    The cushion is a great idea.
  • @hamptonbdsm What does any of this have to do with sexual preferences? ...Unless you're truly Anerosexual :P But, I agree about not advertising things that may not be popular, or might be misunderstood. That's why I won't buy the Aneros shirt. A small hat-pin or something would be very inconspicuous though. Most people wouldn't notice it, or know what it is if they saw it. Hell, I've had a little fox-girl (aka furry) pendant on my hat for two years and only one person has noticed it. Its the one in the middle of this pic

    A cushion would be awesome.
    A whole chair would be very expensive, but you could make one cheap enough. Just get a recliner or something from a second-hand store, and cut away.
  • I looked into a cushion, being inspired by some cushions that my chiropractor uses, wedges he puts around my pelvis to raise it when I'm lying prone. They give my penis room to move and take off the pressure that makes it uncomfortable to be in that position. Of course he didn't intend it for that reason but I took note. I asked him where he got them, but it was from a medical supplies store and were expensive. So I looked at the relax-the-back site but they didn't have anything like that.. I've experimented with putting a crescent-shaped neck cushion under my pelvis, the kind you use on a long trip and that works pretty well. I'm thinking of trying a "doughnut" cushion, the round ones with the hole in the middle, that people with ass problems use. I'll try this and let you know.

    I think hamptonbdsm was being facetious about announcing one's sexuality because his pseudonym includes BDSM at the end. Am I right?
  • sttcsttc
    Posts: 16

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    HMM? @Wandering_Smoke what is it that turns us on so much about a fox-girl (aka furry)?
    A girl with a tail.
    My vote is a small neck chain with a small prostate massager on it.

    If you wish to  be public about it and like a good sun tan make a small aneros shape and stick it to your person somewhere while taning and then when it is removed the the image will be there for the rest of the summer...... Then you can tell someone if they ask questions and if you think they can handle the truth.

    I am a nudist at heart and many summers have sported a gstring  aka (Thong) tan lines. I am straight. Most people do not ask but you can see it ticking over in there mind. A thong is the next best thing to being nude when you cant quite be :( but it makes for interesting looks of curiosity, approval or disapproval in the following months.
    It could do the same with a aneros shape on the lower right or left of you back while your shirt is off or on your upper leg.

  • @euphemistic That is a good idea. I have thought about modified wedges (need space to accommodate an erection when face down), a homemade chair cushion, or a hemorrhoid donut, myself recently. 
    I apologise if I misread @hamptonbdsm's comment. Its difficult to 'hear' text sometimes lol. Looking at it now, I assume he meant certain kinks, like BDSM, prostate play, etc.

    @braveneworld For me, yeah, its mostly the tail. If you've watched some amount of anime, you might know why. One of my favorite characters is Holo from Spice and Wolf. If you haven't seen it, be warned, there is alot of reading, but its a great anime. Do not watch the english dub. They got the WRONG voice actress for Holo. 

    I wouldn't tan it on. Again, too public. For me, the point is just to have a physical link to my interest(s) with me wherever I am.
    I'm a naturist too BTW, but I don't think I could handle wearing a thong. Hell, I haven't worn underwear since I was 15 lol. Its just too uncomfortable. I congratulate you on your courage though. Wearing a Gstring at a 'textile' beach draws alot more attention than you would get if you were at a nude beach, dressed in appropriate attire. 
  • Does the aneros company advertise in the gay media? If not, they really should because gay men are open to experimenting, not afraid of novelty, and anal. Gay media will advertise almost anything whereas general men's media doesn't. I haven't looked at any gay media lately so I don't know if it's already advertised.