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Seeking the Super-O
  • So I have been an aneros user for almost 2 years and I still have yet to reach the super o, but I certainly can get great feelings from the aneros. And oddly enough, if i masturbate to the point of almost no return, then massage my prostate with my finger, I can lead myself to orgasm without further penile stimulation. I wonder why that can happen every time, but not with the aneros in. I am in search of advice, tricks, tips to get closer to the super o. Any advice is much appreciated!
  • I'm definitely not an expert, but I believe that you have trained yourself the wrong way. Your body expects a certain thing now, and that is a dead end. My inexperienced advice is to change everyhing. Break completely from your routine. And stop touching yourself during sessions. If you need to cum, wait about an hour after your session before you let loose.
  • Here's my need to abstain from masturbating for a while to reorient your brain to sexual sensations via prostate/anal stimulation versus penis stroking. Adopt a firm (pun intended) DON'T TOUCH THE PENIS RULE FOR ONE WEEK.

    Don't use the Aneros until the 5th day of total abstinence. Insert it, then DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PENIS...AT ALL. And further more, try to refrain from ejaculating even a wet O with the Aneros.

    As Wandering_Smoke says, you've trained yourself in the wrong way.

    This is like lifting weights. It's all about the technique and form and not so much about how much force you use. If you want to build muscles in the gym, proper form is more important than lifting massive weights ina sloppy manner.

    With Aneros and Super Os, it's the same. You're training your body to open up pleasure pathways from other sources in addition to the penis, which you already know so well.

    Penis stimulation is intense, it's what you're used to using to achieve an orgasm. If you want to experience something different but still highly enjoyable, you're going to have to do things differently than you've done before. Explore a different path for a while. What's the harm? Give yourself permission to enjoy a new experience.

    Does this mean you can NEVER jerk-off again by stroking your penis to orgasm? No! But, for a time, you need to change your frame of reference.

    Refraining from any kind of sexual activity for five days should have you in a high state of arousal when you get around to lubing up your anus and sliding that Aneros in. Engage your nipples if you need something to do with your hands besides stroking your penis. You'll thank me and find it all makes a big difference.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    well said @newguy8762!
  • Bringing back this from the dead….
        Any Tips/advice going into today's session. So far Im able to generate great feelings off and on for about 1.5 hours. I get peaks of really good feelings that build and I'm guessing they are p-waves, but then they go away back down to how i originally felt. What are some techniques or things I can practice that lead you guys in the right direction to the super o? Im a long time user and I gotta believe a super o is possible since I can get amazing feelings with the aneros. Thank you very much for your responses!
  • Were you able to reduce or elliminate the penile stimulation during your Aneros sessions?

  • yes I am able to go for an hour to 2 hours with no penile stimulation. However afterwards I usually end with a T gasm when I hit the 2 hour mark and no super o. Sometimes I may feel like I want to increase the contractions/strength but I'm not sure that is what I am supposed to do. I am working on that right now. Any other advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  • CanacanCanacan
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    Going with my experience and the usual advices of others, I think you are doing a few things wrong. Everybody is different, but considering we were similar here is how it would go:

    - Advice one - don't go for two hours sessions. Thats too long. If by one hour there is no result you'd better stop.
    - Advice two - don't EVER touch your penis around a session, neither before, nor during, nor after a session.
    - Advice three - If sometimes you feel like you want to increase the contractions/strength, it is the exact time to do the exact opposite: relax more.
  • Hey Great advice I think!!! Im glad I asked because the 3rd piece of advice you gave is exactly what I could do different. makes sense too. Im working on not masturbating until i get the Super O. could You give me some more helpful tips and outlines of how I can do better on my journey! I also noticed one of my problems is the paitience within a session. I start getting good feelings, and then I just want to orgasm so bad it makes me impatient with the other contractions i should be doing. 
    So how long do you hold or make contractions? Ive read the theory of holding until involuntaries start but that takes forever for me and I end up unknowingly increasing the strength of contraction until I can tell im not 20% but 80% contracted. And I smoke herbs medicinally and legally and wonder how i could best use it to my ability since Ive seen some say it can help a session. So many questions I have that could be best answered by a simple outline of what to do once the aneros is in. However, I know everyone is different but some people gotta be similiar to eachother on this site. Please help bros Ive been on the journey for years. Years!!! So i know im doing something wrong
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Kandink69 said:

    I start getting good feelings, and then I just want to orgasm so bad it makes me impatient

    Use it. Make it part of the experience.
    I'm not really into dominatrix stuff, but I've tried a few "erotic hypnosis" mp3s, and the themes I encountered a lot were submission, teasing and denial. So it's possible that you could take this feeling and re-integrate it into your session as a positive thing. Make a deal with yourself that if you push harder, the pleasure will be denied, and you only get rewarded for patience. It can be nice to leave yourself dangling there, enjoying how badly you want to orgasm, but doing nothing about it.
    Know that you will orgasm - later, but for now, that isn't the goal.
  • Great advice Clenchy thank you so much. One other question I can think of asking is this: I have most models of the aneros lineup and enjoy them all in certain arousal states. Should I stick to one that i use to practice with before using the others? Cause only thing is taking it out and then putting another one in sometimes is because maybe one isnt giving me much good stuff.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Switching models during a session doesn't work for me at all. I think it's that seed of doubt, where I'm not even focusing on what the current model is doing, because I'm too busy thinking about whether the next one would feel better. For me, the aneros model I'm using has to be "the one", I have to trust it to be the best tool for the job. In a way, it's like attraction. If I doubt the model I'm using, it becomes less sexy (to the extent a sex toy can be considered sexy).

    If a model is giving me disappointing sessions, it goes to the bottom of my list. Where the more consistent performers stay at the top, and get used more regularly.
    Right now my list goes:
    Progasm Ice, Progasm Jr, Maximus, Helix, Helix Syn, MGX, Eupho, Peridise
    The top 2 or 3 performers get used in most sessions, and I will occasionally return to the lower ranks, to see if what I've learned, or how I've rewired has changed how these models perform.

    I can't say for sure what works best, but my policy is to pick my favourite and stick with it for a while.
  • I'm also trying to re-rewire myself some more since I feel there's too emphasis on the dick. Sooner or later in most sessions, I'm annoyed that I'm not ejaculating. Rely too much on fantasising as well, I feel.

    My best sessions were ones where I gave myself a lot of patience and felt open to experimenting: there was little to no expectations. Though this was more a state-of-mind at the time than anything encouraged. It has to come naturally for me.
  • Man just had the best session of my life thanks to the advice that has been given! What also helped was the ton of jelly i used to lube up and i used a condom. Only thing is that I dont think I had a super O but man some incredible feelings. I got great feelings after a while and then started to move my feet like trying to create energy to shock someone haha. So i was on my back pillow under lower back with feet bent and feet flat just moving forward and backward. That would build to amaaaazing feelings. then it would get so gnarly that i would be so contracted or thinking orgasm was about to happen which would make it go away. I got it back once more after the first time but same thing. Hhuge buildup and was leeking cum everywhere but didnt orgasm cause Im still gonna have a session tonight haha im so dang horny for this now that it was gotten quite a bit better with your helps!! Please help me to figure out what i should do to try and not kill but keep building those orgasmic feelings and then hopefully super O!!!
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I'd say stop trying to build them. Just stay where you are. When it's ready to build, it will build on its own, it'll take you higher and it'll just feel right, it won't feel like trying. The problem with getting close and trying to force it the rest of the way there, is that you're assuming it's going to build in the direction you expect. It might not, and by trying to take the lead, you could be pulling it off-course. Some of the best sensations are the ones you have no template for.

  • ohhhh ok makes sense. Will do thanks again for the advice!!!!
  • what should i be doing in my time off from the aneros like in between sessions? Ive heard of anerosless sessions and if it will help I want to do them.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I don't have any advice to give on that, due to my personal preferences. I don't do anything between sessions, because I don't like dealing with low-level background arousal. I find it distracting. When I'm working, I want to be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand, not thinking about orgasming.
  • since you've had to work "so hard" to get where you are, i would not explore "anerosless" arousal.  just enjoy the experiences: try to both experience them and view them from afar and really feel what is happening, don't just get all crazy with the sensations.  One of the mental games I do is to not move at all but "imagine" that I'm moving the device in and out.  When I have tried to check to see if it is moving, it is only a tiny bit, if at all. But getting into that frame of mind (in my experience) has been a prelude to a great session.  Try to mentally break the connection between the pleasure you experience with the Aneros device (I started with Helix syn) and actual sexual arousal/satisfaction. That's part of the not touching yourself.  That's why I've felt that starting a session with porn or audio tapes that include sexually arousing sounds is counter-productive.  Above all, enjoy  the good feelings. They should just increase as you grow into the device.
  • So...Ive been able to start to relax much better now. I think though I am not relaxing my mind or focusing or not focusing on the correct things. My anus is relaxed and Im trying to learn to relax my pc muscle but not quite sure how to feel it relax. I think I am doing it but not sure. But so I can relax the other muscles in my body but I dont think I am thinking correct. Ive been reading a lot and trying to focus on "letting go" but not 100 percent sure how to do this. I am basically trying to not expect anything and just go with it, but that seems to only relax me and not produce pleasure. Ive also been just trying to relax and basically do nothing contraction wise because Ive read you need to relax more when the pleasure starts in order to get deeper pleasure. Help me out with some tips and ideas of what I can and should focus on mentally when trying to let go. My last session was kinda a dud compared to the last few Ive had, and in that dud sesh I was more relaxed than the ones that produced better feelings. And when the good feelings come I try and mentally focus on them and they sometimes get a little better but then subside in about 3 seconds. Then I kinda come down and go back to feeling nothing. And also, I have the helix and progasm and vice and any advice which one to use or if I should just stick with what Im craving at the time. I do love the progasm though. Tonight I'll be having a session and look forward to any help I get from y'all! Thank you.
  • PommiePommie
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    I believe that many of us who believe we have experienced the super-O have been where you are now. I know I certainly have.

    FWIW, I suggest you just keep going as you are and you will eventually experience one when you least expect it. Just don't expect too much!
  • There is nothing to seek. When and if the time is right, the Super O will find one.
  • ok thanks for the advice I'll keep doing what I have been and just enjoy the ride I get.
  • starting to get feelings of a ghost aneros in me. Feels pretty good getting some p waves

  • oh ya Im also giving the fish oil a try too. So far so good.
  • Kandink69Kandink69
    Posts: 19
    Wow its been a while since last posted, but after 6 years, I've finally had super intense orgasms to the point that I have to post about it. They are intense, they make my body shake like the videos of other people do. I didn't think it was possible but holy hell! I post this to hopefully give hope to those who are on their journey. I can tell it can get even better from where Im at now which is scary in an arousing way. What worked the best for me was to just let the toy do the work. I just let it take over, which it usually does. I get such strong involuntaries that I get really sore after 1 hour, but one time only 30 mins in and I was sore deep inside me. Its weird that ever since the first orgasm, Ive been able to feel that same feeling in my body of like a route of where pleasure travels between my prostate and my spine. Its like that has been connected when it wasnt connected before and now pleasure can flow through them. It is such an amazing feeling to finally have achieved what I was after, and that now I can still get that but it is still improving each session. If I had house to myself I would just session the whole time lol. Oh one last note, it was interesting to me actually the larger models yielded better results for me and gave me my first orgasms. So Im glad I just used whatever model I felt like. Which if I didnt get sore would be progasm all the time cause of the size.