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Seeking the Super-O
  • So I have been an aneros user for almost 2 years and I still have yet to reach the super o, but I certainly can get great feelings from the aneros. And oddly enough, if i masturbate to the point of almost no return, then massage my prostate with my finger, I can lead myself to orgasm without further penile stimulation. I wonder why that can happen every time, but not with the aneros in. I am in search of advice, tricks, tips to get closer to the super o. Any advice is much appreciated!
  • I'm definitely not an expert, but I believe that you have trained yourself the wrong way. Your body expects a certain thing now, and that is a dead end. My inexperienced advice is to change everyhing. Break completely from your routine. And stop touching yourself during sessions. If you need to cum, wait about an hour after your session before you let loose.
  • Here's my need to abstain from masturbating for a while to reorient your brain to sexual sensations via prostate/anal stimulation versus penis stroking. Adopt a firm (pun intended) DON'T TOUCH THE PENIS RULE FOR ONE WEEK.

    Don't use the Aneros until the 5th day of total abstinence. Insert it, then DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PENIS...AT ALL. And further more, try to refrain from ejaculating even a wet O with the Aneros.

    As Wandering_Smoke says, you've trained yourself in the wrong way.

    This is like lifting weights. It's all about the technique and form and not so much about how much force you use. If you want to build muscles in the gym, proper form is more important than lifting massive weights ina sloppy manner.

    With Aneros and Super Os, it's the same. You're training your body to open up pleasure pathways from other sources in addition to the penis, which you already know so well.

    Penis stimulation is intense, it's what you're used to using to achieve an orgasm. If you want to experience something different but still highly enjoyable, you're going to have to do things differently than you've done before. Explore a different path for a while. What's the harm? Give yourself permission to enjoy a new experience.

    Does this mean you can NEVER jerk-off again by stroking your penis to orgasm? No! But, for a time, you need to change your frame of reference.

    Refraining from any kind of sexual activity for five days should have you in a high state of arousal when you get around to lubing up your anus and sliding that Aneros in. Engage your nipples if you need something to do with your hands besides stroking your penis. You'll thank me and find it all makes a big difference.
  • well said @newguy8762!