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Help me decide
  • I've done a bunch of reading, but can't decide what my next prostate toy should be. Currently I own the Eupho Syn and Peridice set. Originally my thought was to get the Helix Syn, but lately I've been really enjoying the large Peridice and all of its subtle flutters. So now I'm thinking maybe my next purchase should be the Tempo. I can only afford one at this time, so For those of you who have these models, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and experiences with them. Thanks!
  • I'd go for the Helix Syn. That was the first model I bought and I really enjoy it. 

    I like my Peridise set too, so I'd be interested to hear how the Tempo compares with them.
  • I've really been into the Progasm Jr. lately.  The size is right, it's aggressive yet not overly, and I find it to be more mobile than any other model I own, (eupho being my next purchase).  However, the Helix Syn is not disappointing at all.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    They all have their different personalities if you will, so really no matter what you decide I'm sure it will become a new favorite, though I will say some models seem to work better then others but I think at times the prostate becomes bored with a certain model and the next device becomes your new favorite.  For example I had purchased the MGX and tried it a few times with absolutely nothing, months later I tried it again with amazing results.
  • g0atg0at
    Posts: 0
    If you're already having success with the Peridise, I'd recommend the Tempo.  It is a very nice toy and will last a lifetime.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Helix or pro jr should be your next step OEWillie. I started with helix classic, then eupho then progasm ice.
    Think of it as a size thing, and to maximise your money spent stick with classic as you dont need the silicone.
    You have the smallest eupho now get middle size then maybe the largest progasm.
    When moneys tight spread your options. This is what i did to begin with.
    I was lucky to get given some other models including a peridise set and a tempo.
    I like the largest peridise best but then the tempo arrived!
    Its expensive but it is solid and if you choose it you wont be disappointed with the purchase.
    If god forbid you dropped it on the tiles in the bathroom it would smash the tiles, yes its that solid and heavy.
    The metal feel and weight is awesome, great tool.
    BUT for the money you could get almost two prostate massagers so. HMMMM delamour?
    If you dont want to go as big as the full progasm then dont overlook the maximus, it is a real go getter and is a just right feel with its size.
    Hope i have helped and not made things worse :)