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Haven't felt contractions once...
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one who may have had this issue, but I've used my Helix a few times now and tried and followed the directions on the wiki page. I have to reach any type of O let alone the big one. Now I forget where, but on one of the other threads someone had posted a video with a guy using one of the aneros products, and he wrote a lot about contractions... And I noticed, that's one thing I haven't had once, which is why I wondered if it was big enough to begin with.

    So, any thoughts or advice... Thanks in advance!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Keep reading the past forum posts and you will find that your experience is not unusual. It may take time. Your frame of mind is critical. I would ignore the videos for now since they can establish unreasonable expectations that can slow your progress.

    @rumel will likely provide you with some suggestions and he is the expert. There are rarely shortcuts. You might start by reading

    Even if your progress seems slow, stick with it. The journey itself is worth it.

  • Oh listen, I'm sure it is. And for me it's tough as hell because I definitely have that impatient side to me. I never thought I'd stick it in and ten minutes later I'd be howling, but because my body isn't responding the way I thought I would is what concerned me. But thanks for the thoughts and the link, obviously I need more time.
  • It took me a long time before I started getting involuntary muscle contraction, I believe it's because I focusing on them a bit too much.  Once I let go of expectations, things began happening.  Weird, this whole thing has this crazy kind of mental discipline to it.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    When I was starting out, there was nothing going on. The only thing that kept me going was that masturbating at the end of an aneros session was more intense than without it. I thought there was some missing technique, and I chased it for a long time, but somehow over time my prostate got more sensitive all by itself, and now responds more to stimulation. And with practice I've learned fine control of muscles I didn't know existed. So don't get too hung up on the directions, it's not all technique, you'll get free upgrades as you get more in touch with the sensations. The sensations you want will only start as a whisper, some minor movement or pressure from the aneros that feels nice. Try to follow that and play with it.

  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    Hi Hopeful,
    I want to respond to this topic because I think involuntaries are critically important and often drowned out by the dozens of users who got the golden ticket the first time they slid in their Helix.  I was in the same boat as you until recently.  I have had the products for a couple years but only started religious use the last two months.  I was going to respond last night but I am glad I waited a day.
    The first few weeks I did the regimented exercises and tried to force a MMO through blunt force and determination.  It was pleasant but I literally hurt myself one day (torn meniscus in my knee) bouncing around my living room floor like the replicant from Blade Runner.  It felt good at the time but now I have a different view of that experience.
    My first recommendation is do the exercises and breathing for a few weeks.  Stomach breathing is weird when you start out.  Don't have any expectations.  If you get any kind of tickle or tingling sensation, enjoy it.  People have used the term worms wriggling inside your anal ring and that fits for me.  
    Until two weeks ago, I tried to force contractions.  I would time them, hold them, squeeze them, let them out or pull them in slowly with my breathing, etc.  Although I think this helped with conditioning, I never felt a strong involuntary.  This was after two months.  I knew I was making progress but it was frustrating.  I tried to only masterbate once a week to help be more easily aroused the last month.    
    Then, a couple weeks ago when I least expected it, I got my first big involuntary. I mean BIG.  I recommend doing a google search because Rumel has some good comments on other people's posts about involuntaries including suggestions on abstinence from masterbating if you plateau in your experience..  
    Two weeks ago I was sitting on my couch with my knees bent and feet up on an end table watching TV with my laptop on my tummy.  I was in a slouched position with my butt just hanging off the edge of the couch.  I had my aneros inserted and was absentmindedly rolling the device around inside me using different contractions and muscles to include gently tensing my abs.  Suddenly the inside my pelvis started twitching and throbbing out of the blue.  It scared me at first but once it happened, I understood what an involuntary was.  I then discovered I could most easily recreate the experience sitting on a chair with or without a device.  I spent the next week learning to recreate them in my favorite positions.
    Some people create them through fatiguing the PC muscles.  That never worked for me.  The best way I found was a creeping contraction that starts off really small and then around 10-20% I get the throbbing started and I just hold it and breathe and relax.  Sometimes if I get an erection it is impossible to keep them going (not sure why exactly).  I have isolated about 3-4 different involuntaries...anal, prostate, upper and lower pelvis just by goofing off and experimenting with different contraction movements.  But none of them were created by clamping down hard on the aneros and ramming my prostate.
    A lot of folks are in the 'do nothing' camp.  Tonight, just for fun I tried it.  Not just 'do nothing' but I refused to 'do anything'.  Device inserted and I just lied on my bed with my knees up and breathed.  I got the little feathery tickle twitching in my anus almost immediately.  Instead of doing any contractions like I normally would, I just breathed and focused on my breathing and the sensation.  Pretty soon the twitching got stronger and became a wonderful assfucking in time with my heartbeat. Its weird but when those contractions start, its like your heartbeat can be felt everywhere.  Pounding in your ears and up through your belly if your hand is resting there..  It is a pretty big signal that you are on the right track. I felt it before but I always started trying to time my contractions and force something.  This time I refused to make a single voluntary contraction.
    For 90 minutes I had the most pleasant, wonderful feeling of well being.  I don't know or care about the labels (mmo, dry-o, mini dry-o).  They felt wonderful.  My cock would get erect, flaccid, erect, flaccid, but the contractions only took a 5 minute break around the hour mark and then started again. It wasn't like a penile orgasm.  It was like floating on a cloud.  Just super relaxing and nice.  
    Although I was exhausted from a sick wife last night and an insanely long day at work, I know that when I stop typing this I am going back for another few hours of fun.  I have soooo much energy I don't know how I could sleep now.        
    The only time I don't have an aneros device inserted is when I am at work.  I trimmed the tabs and discovered they are reasonably comfortable.  I use unrefined shea butter from amazon since it is so clean to use without leaking everywhere.  I keep it in the freezer and break off a little chunk when I need it.  
    My advice? Read the forums.  Listen to BMayfield and Rumel and the old timers. Do the exercises the first few weeks or months but almost as important is just hanging out with your aneros inserted.  Experiment.  Try different gentle contractions and positions.  Don't touch your cock if you can avoid it.  Tonight I used erotica and it worked great.  Porn gets me going but is also distracting.  When the good feelings start, I just close my eyes and focus on them.  I don't know what happened to me tonight but I am really glad I stopped trying to force something based on other users experiences.  
    Good luck and have a good night.  

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @beegee6,  Just wanted to comment on your post.  I am one of the do nothing folks and there are two types of involuntary contractions.  The large ones that come sporadically are not really the ones you seek in my opinion.  The kind that produce the wonderful feelings are very slight almost like a fluttering going on which you can almost miss if you arent looking for it.  It doesnt take much movement for the device to massage your prostate and as things get more intense the device will actually get sucked into you almost automatically putting more pressure on your prostate as it keeps massaging you.  That feathery tickle, twitching may be the involuntaries you are seeking, so just keep that in mind.  Also feeling your heartbeat in your prostate is also a good thing.  
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    I completely agree. Perhaps my post is confusing. Everything that happened last night was due to those light fluttering feathery involuntaries. I just didn't realize before a couple weeks ago that those were involuntaries. They built up stronger and faster thrusting gently against my prostate. As others have said, total movement was small but timed with my heart beat.
    The part that I wanted others to know was that it was tough NOT to do a voluntary contraction because much of what I read discussed voluntary timed contractions and my best success was letting my body do its own thing and just focus on the sensation.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @beegee6,  ok, i see what your saying.  I tried the breathing and contracting for a while but never really got anywhere, so for me there was never a need to do a voluntary contraction, it just doesnt do anything for me.  Sometimes for me my involuntaries also seem to feel like a buzzing.  There have also been times I could'nt feel the involuntaries at all, but the pleasure told me differently.
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    I am kicking myself a little for being such a type A personality about the whole experience the last 2 months. Maybe it is a guy thing. I wanted to put in effort and get my reward.
    Had I joined the Do Nothing Club earlier, I would have become less frustrated and gotten further, faster. Live and learn I guess. No regrets.
    Loving my Aneros.
  • Thank you so much guys for the advice, and Beegee6, just wow. Like many here you've put in the long haul and God knows that's probably the way to do it. Like you said, it's tough because there are some who hit the roof the first time it's in, and that's what I REALLY HOPED I would be! Well, not so much.

    And if I'm thinking what you're thinking, when you say you forced contractions, do you mean a kegel? That's what I've bee trying, and to on avail obviously.

    My biggest fear though is I'm not the meditating type, never have been. Sure I can take it easy, relax, turn the brain "off" more or less. But when something needs to be done with little movement, both physically AND mentally, that's where I'm just out of luck. That's why I feel like it's not even hitting my prostate, or anything, and thought I might need something bigger.

    Now tell me this, if able, should I insert it in during normal jerk off sessions to get my body used to it being there? When I've had it in before and couldn't wait any longer, I just jerked and it was more or less a normal O, of not a less than normal one if you can believe that. I ejaculated more but not much of a pleasure feeling.