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What role does each part play?
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Looking at it in a more mechanical way, for example what role does the anus play?

    If you notice, inside you don't feel as much as outside, you feel pressure, but not textures as much. If you notice too, whenever the question 'does size matter?' arises, they always say that as long as it can stimulate the first couple of inches in the vagina it should be enough... well what about the G-Spot? It's also located inside where textures can't be felt as much as pressure. For her to have a full orgasm, she should have the first couple of inches stimulated first and then once the whole genital area is on she'll start feeling her g-spot and more pressure inside (she wants you to go deeper).
    Focusing on that situation and finding the homologous in men, we also have a sensitive area outside, the first couple of inches and inside it's not as sensitive except pressure wise.

    I think the order one could do is first focusing on the outside area, ie. anal sphincter and surrounding skin. If the aneros is already in, then it's already creating pressure, so if you don't feel it you shouldn't apply more pressure to it by clenching PC muscles, but tightening the sphincter around the base of the aneros to activate that zone first. Picture in your mind those muscles trying to squeeze that hard plastic*, it surely can't but picture it and try to relate that to what you are feeling, the effort turns on the other areas. When done right, that adds pressure sensitivity on the prostate area and you start to feel nice while PC muscles spasm a bit.  
    If you see, how the prostate feels does not depend on PC muscles themselves, but on how stimulated the entry is, so when losing sensitivity, don't go ape clenching the PC muscles trying to get it back, but start stimulating your anal sphincters again, tightening them around that hard piece of unsqueezable plastic while relaxing the PC muscles. Very important, you should use only the sphincters and no sorrounding muscles, see what effect it creates. Make it as hard as you can for you to squeeze (ie. no help from surrounding areas or things other than your mind and those muscles alone).

    Also very important to add, when doing that, force yourself to have your body completely relaxed and tension free, except of course for the anal sphincters alone, and PC muscles afterwards. We as men, as soon as we feel a bit of sexual energy circulating, we tense and force it down its way focusing it on our genitals. Pay attention to your body when doing this and you'll notice that sometimes you tense your leg a little, your neck, a finger... as soon as you spot that tension, let go, relax and make it go. The more you can handle these feelings in a relaxed state, the more things will build up.

    PC muscles will naturally know what to do as long as the area is sensitive, remember the aneros is already creating pressure. To keep it sensitive use your anus.

    *Forgot to add... Remember that you are trying to squeeze the plastic, not pull it in. If you use only your anal sphincters it should go no further in or out, it should stay in place and you should just feel tension. If you use any other set of muscles to help squeeze, you most likely will pull it further in. You don't want to do that yet.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834

    Wow @JMay.   excellent approach.

    This makes me wonder if there's some role for estim as a mid-session augment rather than the more classic application early in the session.

  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117


    did you try it? How did it go?

     I forgot to add too that one should keep its spine relaxed. One tends to contract it, instead you should relax it, stretch it as much as possible without creating tension. Once you do that, you can connect better whatever your prostate is feeling with your brain. Remember that most of the conscious work is done by the sphincters, the rest is mostly involuntary (any movements, groans, etc. are just an "itch that you scratch" and not something you force and keep on forcing).
  • So you're saying that if you use the PC muscles too soon, you may numb the prostate, but rather use your anal muscles? Do the anal muscles massage the prostate more gently so you avoid numbing it? I've been doing it the way you describe for some time and check on how my prostate is doing occasionally, is it sensitive and engorged yet, and then go back to the anal flexing. I noticed that my prostate becomes sensitized quicker this way than if I'm using all those muscles right away, usually within 10 minutes. So again, is this because the anal muscles massage the prostate more gently, allowing it to wake up without knocking it out, so to speak?
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I'm not sure, but I think that seeing how the g-spot works in both sexes, they have to be really turned on, maybe it's a gland that needs to be filled with blood first before it can work so you don't stop the blood flow at first, once it is strong enough it can take a more harsh stimulation and not collapse on itself. I do think too that you may numb down the area by using PC muscles too soon. Also that you have to make the connection almost directly to your brain from the prostate. The hard part is handling the feeling relaxed, because you naturally tense up... once you do, that "current" generated is stopped and spent right away, instead of using it to sensitize what you have.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176


    Thanks for this tip.  I used it this morning as a newibe only three months at this and felt I made wonderful progress.  Keep expounding on the anal tightening avenue.  It generates wonderful feelings from anus to the tip of my penis.

    Two questions:  (1) What do you mean by making the connection directly between the brain and the prostate, and how do you as a successful aneros user do this.    And (2) What method step by step do you use to get your prostate to swell, become engourged, or become aroused so that things can progress further.  Thanks for you help.  I am a non porn user so thats out for me for arousal.

    You are making lots of sense in what you say.  Thanks man for helping us who really want and need to find prostate rewiring for pleasure in our senior years and as an anti-aging remedy.



  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    When you focus in the feeling it generates on the prostate, while tightening the anus*, your PC muscles should remain relaxed most of the time, but your attention should be focused on what the prostate feels. The thing is that it's hard to maintain that state, because we naturally tend to contract and concentrate. For this excited feeling to go somewhere else in your body, you must let it go, not force it and concentrate. It means that while you are using some muscles, you are still completeley conscious of your body, you don't see it as an area that has little to do with what the rest goes through, it's a whole. To put it in another way, make your genitals part of your body, we as men of course know they are part of our bodies, but it's very different when you have everything inside you, you have nothing to look at, so you concentrate on other things, for example that's why healthy women have a loving approach to sex, I still mean healthy women hahaha, they don't cheat, they have respect and know how to value other things. It's the same approach here, though you are using your genital area, you still focus also, and quite a lot really, on other things about yourself, it's not something you'd do in public, so pay it respect... it's like if you were practicing some dance moves, but now suddenly you thought of turning on the radio to dance to its music instead of the one you remember in your head. We are sexual beings, that's the whole point of our existence here, in many many levels... don't detach from yourself during the experience, use it as background music for other important things. What happens is that your body kind of heals from many subtle pains and troubles. This feeling/energy/'whatever you call it' heals everything it touches, don't concentrate it on your pelvic and genital area, expand it by relaxing and letting it go. This may sound weird, but if you "join" your body in its pain, not trying to avoid feeling pain, also not trying to feel it deliberately, but being present accepting it as it comes, your body puts more effort on healing itself, it's weird I know hahaha, but it all comes from making peaces with your body and your self.
    The point of doing that is that whenever you tighten something in your body, that feeling can't go there, it's stopped by the muscle contraction. If it's stopped it means it didn't go further and probably went back (concentrated again on genital area). So when it climaxes, everything does, because everything is bathed in that feeling, how? by letting go, relaxing, it's very therapeutic, if you are mad, you can start to control it and make it go that way, if you can't don't do it, you won't get as much from a session with that in your way. Whenever you let go and relax, the feeling can travel further. Get the idea? Not every session needs the aneros, as the wiki says, 90% of the work can be done without it.

    It's hard to describe it, but after a while you have to focus mostly on the feeling on your prostate, it's really kind of mesmerizing, it's what has most of your attention, you detach from your body (remember, most of what you are aware of at that point is what your prostate feels, not if the room is cold for example, that's why you have to be comfortable) and connect directly to your brain, you kind of expand the sensation. In that state, whatever you become aware of you should approach it in the same manner you approach everything you care for.
    Remember that you weren't moving anything except your anal muscles, your PC muscles should mostly be pulsing by reflex, because pressure sensitivity starts to heighten. After you are some time in that state, also remember that it's hard to maintain it, you will need to move in some way, that's when your body spasms if you let it keep a relaxed state. Every movement shouldn't be forced or thought, but a movement that comes from this state, so it's mainly an "itch". If you scratch the itch too much then it's gone and you have nothing to scratch anymore, that's why movements are subtle, just enough to let some pressure out. That feeling suddenly becomes so intense that they are not subtle thoughtless movements anymore, they are more defined, but still coming from that state and not conscious thought. I think that's where the snake like movements are regarded as sensual, they go with an invisible flow.

    *I think it's the chinese, they say that it's very important to do that, it's a powerful pump that helps your blood circulate, for general health. Also as Mantak Chia recommends, it's important to breathe using our 3 diaphragms, not just one, this stimulates internal organs and they work better, your metabolism steps up. I say this because it benefits you much more to do this for your health than to worry about what could others think because of their own ignorance.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    By the way, remember that it's also important to relax completely sometimes (anus and pc muslces too), you focus on expanding the "tiredness", don't be afraid to lose anything if you do that. For example, after you run a few miles, when you stop and sit, you relax, and it feels very nice, if you are really tired, that feeling can kind of numb your body in a nice way. It's the same here, sometimes you should also relax completely, and in that state, focus on expanding the sensation. That's the hard part, tiredness has to come from some kind of effort... if you are able to get to a point where tiredness comes from itself, then you enter a self feeding state of relaxed, expanded sexual energy/feeling/whatever.

    Again, it's mesmerizing.
  • I followed your suggestion, contract the anal muscles first, checking my prostate to see if it's sensitized periodically and resting my anal muscles periodically as has been my custom lately. Nothing different as far as I could tell. But I ended up in a marvelous new state. Every movement I made gave me pleasure. I was more relaxed than I even have been, could either move or not and it made no difference, but when I moved any part of my body it felt wonderful. My skin felt silky too. This lasted for more than an hour and then I got tired and started falling asleep.

    The only thing that I did different from my usual, was to start moving aimlessly, like I was limbering up to play the piano but with my whole body. I did this with no specific goal. For instance I like wiggling my hips when my prostate is sensitized just because it feels good, not using my anal or PC muscles. I can feel the aneros moving a ll around in there with no particular aim. That started to limber me up and relax me because I wasn't trying to do anything except feel good. Then I noticed that when I rubbed against my skin, it felt silky and sexy. So then I just started moving everywhere, sometimes the snaky movement, sometimes humping the air, turning every which way. I noticed that I could stop moving and just feel good and amazed, and then when I felt like moving again, it was the same. There was no urgency to increase the pleasure or fear that it would stop. It did stop of course when I fell asleep. I've been having trouble sleeping so it wasn't that the session tired me but I finally could relax enough to let go.

    I did have to use porn to get me aroused as usual. I think my sexual fantasies are not powerful enough to get me going but I'm writing short stories based on my experiences to try to develop my fantasies. I think my body is taking me on a tour of what is possible and I'm going along for the ride. I've taken the attitude that it's only been 3 months exploring the possibilities of feeling pleasure after a lifetime of self-denial so I have a lot of catching up. So if I start whining that I haven't had any orgasms yet, feel free to remind me of that.

    I had trouble following your most recent message, Jmay. But your description at the end caught my eye. "... if you are able to get to a point where tiredness comes from itself, then you enter a self feeding state of relaxed, expanded sexual energy/feeling" The effects of this state carried over to this evening as well. I feel like I'm in a state of grace in the Catholic sense. I know I'll have to come down eventually but can still feel it. I wonder if the full moon has anything to do with this?

    I was thinking that maybe I'm discovering something that other guys have experienced and described on this forum. it's new to me and really a step above what has gone before.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    Thank JMay

    I am going to almost memorize what you are saying and what you have taken such an inordinate amount of time in posting.  It is greatly appreciated.

    For the first time ever using your methods this morning in a LESS session, I felt the same tingling, buzzing P wave type pleasure in my breast muscles.  What a divine feeling to have that tingle not only in prostate, balls, penis and anus, but in my chest while tweaking my nipples.

    Thanks for this roadmap Bro.  You make alot of sense and I think we need to dub you The Super O GPS.  Keep writing. It is frustrating to be told over and over "Just relax and concentrate."  You give feet and wings to the buzzwords we hear around here.  Thanks JMay/SuperO GPS.

    In academic circles, we all have said," He is a brilliant guy........he just cant teach."  Law School for me personified that statement in so many classes.  But here among us is a brilliant guy who has the gift of teaching.  Stay at it, bro. 

  • I remember where I heard a description of the state of grace that I was in. It was in "The Key to sexual stimulation freedom" where you describe it perfectly. I thought that I had reached that state a while ago but was mistaken. Simply brilliant, Jmay. You've led me back to where I was going through the back door!
  • For the non-Catholics here who may not have grown up with the theological meaning of the term "state of grace", it's a euphoric state in which one can do nothing wrong. Everything is possible because one wouldn't want to even do the impossible and even if one made a mistake, it would be forgiven. Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, would intercede for you to the Father for your mistakes. So in this state of grace you could have no worries and could do nothing wrong. At least that's the definition I took away from the nuns who taught me in parochial school.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Thank you for that little gem.
     I have often wondered but, not being a Catholic I had no-one to tell me what it means.
    It's amazing what one can learn from this site.
  • Sorry, I got everything wrong about the state of grace except Mary interceding for us to Jesus., her son. There's no euphoria except on my part. I may have have gotten this impression from the nuns who often told us folk tales from their childhood which we believed as children. State of grace actually means only "without sin", as in fresh from the confessional. I looked it up.

    Anyway, my original point was not one of Marian theology but to describe this state I'm in as peaceful, uncomplicated, unworried. I think I'm in my groove. And without the intercession of Mary!
  • Okay then, I just had my first mini O's. They were as lovely as you guys have said they are. I woke up sometime during the night, it was dark out, and Perry Mason was on TV. I have Perry on all night while I sleep. My eupho is in and I feel good. Then I started to feel even better until a warm wave passed through my body. When I realized what just happened, I tried to remember what others have said to do at that point, don't tense, keep listening to my body, etc. I even thanked God. I didn't forget to thank my body and he told me he enjoyed it too and wanted another. So I put the slightest tension on my anal sphincter muscle and held it, really effortlessly. I got a second mini-O soon after. I'm reminded of the calm ocean metaphor to describe the sensation. It didn't build up to anything more powerful but that's okay. So I didn't sleep for the rest of the night but continued in this kind of pre-orgasmic state for several hours. And I really didn't do anything to prepare for this except sleep. I wasn't horny and even if I was, Perry Mason would kill that. I did try remembering the erotic short stories that I'm writing about missed opportunities when I was younger, and that did arouse me but not enough to let go.

    Come to think of it, everything that came before was all the preparation I needed.
  • And then I had my regular morning session, and had a stretch of longer mini-O's. But these were different from ones that I've seen described here. I got goose bumps, hair standing up and shivers all over me, not the warm calm seas as before. They lasted for minutes at a time and felt very good like the other ones. Does anyone else get these kind of sensations?
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Sorry for the long overdue reply, I just wanted to thank those kind words, thanks @Turnrow
    I'm glad you're making advances too @euphemistic. Only regarding your last reply, yes, I get those sensations when I haven't worked with that energy for some time. It's like when you turn on those old tvs after a week without using it (not flat screen) and the screen gets all that static electricity that makes the hair on your arms stand up hahaha. I think that once you use other ways for energy to travel you get a similar effect at first.

    As soon as I'm back on track I'll answer whatever I can.

    Take care!
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176



    I am trying JMays recommendations with good results.  Thanks to all the guys who have tried to help me in these three months. Starr831 has been a Godsend and several others.

    Question: While trying to relax and feeling great P waves, I get whole body tremors.  Do these whole body tremors help or hinder the relaxation process and the building up to mini Os etc.? 

    If these tremors hinder the process, how do you guys shut them off so that greater relaxation can occur.  I feel that these tremors hinder relaxation and the building up of the good feelings, but what do you guys say?


  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    What I've learned, though I'm not sure about this, is that when you get tremors, shivers and things like that, sometimes it's as though energy (whatever is the souce of the tremor) was going through the right path but suddenly it scattered around your body, like spilling water, hence shivers. There are some things that you should be able to handle with a little more care without losing the relaxed state, not to prevent the tremor, but to help the energy go the right way.

    As long as it's more a reflex than a forced movement it should help with the relaxation process. Remember that after a while, you actually can and will move the way you want to, but you need the previous warm up.

    Pay attention to your breathing too! Whenever you are going to climax you may tend to breathe in a lot of air and hold it. That action creates pressure on internal organs and forces ejaculation. Whenever you are too close to ejaculation, exhale all your air and relax internal organs and every muscle, see how those pleasant feelings were from that 'airless' perspective, it's much more manegable, less pleasurable but it won't spill out. The more you work with sexual energy on that state, it will grow over time, it's much slower, but also much more solid, that's when you eventually get the freedom to do whatever you want because arousal happened the way it should happen... slowly, paying lots of attention, carefully, without forcing anything.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176



    How does this come about?  Is it a matter of arousal to such an extent that the prostate connects with the brain.  Does it come about after say ten minutes or more of prostate arousal?


    How does one cause the prostate to connect with the brain.  What does the prostate-brain connection feel like (1) in the brain..........and (2) in the prostate.  


    Thanks for helping me get the roadmap to this connection.  I have had times where my brain felt heavy and sorta numbed over and dulled over with intense prostate play.  Is this the beginnning of the prostate brain connection .......If so, how do I move this on to further intensity or a state where my body will experience a mini O, a dry O, etc.....


    Appreciation here

  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Whenever you make a connection with some other part of your body, it's always about sucking energy in to that part, instead of "spending" it on local pleasure. It's a little complicated to explain, but I saw it written perfectly on an excellent book called "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss" by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees. Suck pleasure in, like a sponge. The feeling is very different from when you force pleasure to concentrate on your genitals, you don't force anything, instead you absorb as much as you can.
  • Thanks much @JMay for this thread! There is so much to understand and explore here but I have found that the anus squeezing action definitely does sensitize my prostate. And that leads to other feelings. This is definitely a new breakthrough for me.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    You're welcome!