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First Prostate Orgasm - right track?
  • Hey guys.  A week ago I had an amazing session where I just kicked back, watched some porn, and enjoyed whatever the aneros was going to do for me.  About 30 min in I started getting really hard and was at a point where I felt like peeing.  I kept myself extremely relaxed and just went with it even though I was a little worried I might actually pee.  It felt like breaking through a wall as I started to just gush out cum.  I was so blown away since I wasn't shooting it out or even touching my dick.  I just allowed myself to let it happen.

    It sounds a little stupid but I just want some reassurance that I'm on the right path.  I had another session today and unfortunately I think the fact that I was expecting it forced nothing to happen.  Should I just continue my sessions without trying to copying exactly what happened?  Thanks
  • It's amazing how everyone is so different. I've had incredible intense prostate orgasms, but I never get hard and never emitted any semen. I'd say as long as you're enjoying yourself you're on the right path. If you are doing hard contractions that are forcing semen out of your prostate I would suggest a subtler approach such as the do nothing or do little approach with very gentle massaging action.
  • That's the thing, I was just doing the nothing approach. I hadn't jerked off or did any session for the past week and a half, so the minute I turned on some porn I became super horny.  The rest just kind of worked itself out.
  • I'm actually kind of envious, my next goal is having a hands free ejaculation with or without the Aneros. I've gotten close without it by focusing on the muscles and getting them to contract involuntarily but haven't been able to dial in on the specific muscles responsible for ejaculation. I probably need to wait longer b/t ejaculations, but it's hard to do with my horny wife, lol
  • Hofdude, you're on the right track. You've apparently got the right muscles working since you had an orgasm. Did it feel exactly like you had jerked off or was it different in any way, only with the ejaculation at the end? They say that the muscles that control peeing also control ejaculation, right guys? So you probably did have to pee, used those muscles because it felt good, and the ejaculation happened. The fact that you were using the device to massage the prostate probably amplified your arousal, the porn focused your mind on ejaculation as all porn does for men, and the urge to pee felt like ejaculation to your subconscious mind. But did you feel any new sensations before you ejaculated like contractions of your anus or p-waves or warm waves throughout your body? These are the kind of things to look for with non-ejaculation orgasms. I sometimes feel like I'm going to ejaculate while the p-waves are building without using my hands and I just let it happen. I haven't actually ejaculated this way during a session but I figure my body knows what it's doing and associates ejaculation with the dry orgasms, so I just let whatever happen, happen. i think my body associates letting go, as in orgasm, with other lettings go, as in peeing and BMs. See if it happens again when you actually do need to pee or if you don't want to ejaculate just then, take a pee break. It won't spoil anything.
  • It honestly felt like the first time I ever jacked off.  This uncontrollable rush that literally felt like it broke through a barrier and then just sent a numbing wave across my body.  The minute I told myself to just go with it and "pee" the whole inside of me tightened and then it just gushed out.  I think the greatest part was that I didn't even feel drained like you normally do after an orgasm. I just emptied out sort of and was left feeling pretty relaxed.