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looking for ways to get more pressure on prostate
  • l was wondering if there was any way l could get more pressure on the prostate without permanent modifications, l have tried building up under the p-tab, but l find if l build it up too much it means less of the device is inside and l had tried using sleeves to build up what goes inside but that hasnt helped much, which always leads me to wondering if my issue is down to lubrication. lve tried cocnut oil, vaseline, shea butter and stuff l purchase from sex shops but l can never be sure lve got enough movement, so lm wondering if there are any other things l could contemplate to make things more slippery, l do have quite a bit of coconut oil to work with but ld need things that are common household items if l were to do much as l dont have allot of money to work with if l were to look into making my own lube.
  • Why do you want more pressure on your prostate? See for a good analysis of what is going on in there and what works. I'm concerned that something you attach to the aneros may come off inside you or its material may irritate you. Modifying the outside tabs seems pretty safe though.
  • the sleeves lve used are safe tho l havent tried it much. but thats another method thats worth trying, ld be interested in knowing if its worked for ppl.
  • Use a Progasm Jr. even at rest it has a lot of contact with the prostate, automatically causing involuntaries immediately after insertion.
  • lve not actually found that yet, tho l must admit lve had a few sessions where lve felt "something" but never been able to build on it.