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Body thrashing: Friend or foe?
  • I bought the Progasm about two months ago. I was heavily influenced by all the homemade videos showing people uncontrollably thrashing about on their beds in sexual ecstasy.

    The first time I used it I got virtually nothing, except that it perhaps made wanking off a little better. After a couple of weeks I used it again and got some leg thrashes, but nothing too intense. That night I used it again and literally before I could get the thing inserted my legs started thrashing. The first few thrash urges I got I kind of helped along, but then it took over from there. I found the loss of control and fellings from the thrashing pleasurable. Some of them literally made my whole body shake like a jackhammer. I involuntarily moaned and it came out yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh. The thrashings were pretty intense, and after an hour I was literally exhausted and panting for breath. A few of them no doubt looked like I was having an epileptic seizure, as my hands got involved and kind of clawed at the air. These whole-body thrashings are pretty interesting. Your butt clenches up, pushing the Progasm against the prostate, which makes you thrash harder. Then you start shaking hard, which essentially turns the Progasm into a vibrator. It's pretty neat.

    I did some reading on this forum and found that there was more to life than body thrashing, so the next time I used it I allowed myself a few intense body thrashes and then lay on my side. I do find, by the way, that I have to actively "work" my Progasm. Auto-contractions don't do it for me at all. Anyway, I lay on my side and did contractions, and kind of made some swimming motions with my right leg while gently humping. I worked hard at reducing the thrashings to quivers, and eventually felt this warmth go all over me and then a tingle, but that's all. But in my next session I did the same thing and the tingling feeling got more and more intense and then "bam," I was there. I should note that even though my body did not thrash, I did do some minor leg kicks. I made some noise. My feet wiggled, my body shook a little and I was doing a lot of writhing around, but just not like I was having a seizure. 

    I assume I had the whole body orgasm everyone talks about. I really couldn't ask for anything more. It was kind of like every hope and dream I ever had had been satisfied all at once. I heard myself make some crying noises. It was intense. I ended up having two more of these, fairly intense, and one smaller one. And lots of "nearly theres." The "nearly theres" are both frustrating and enjoyable. You get a taste of it but you don't really get what you need.

    Anyway, my next session only featured one intense orgasms. plus some smaller ones. And then I hit a dry spell. I used it perhaps three times and got nothing; no leg thrashing, and precious little good feelings.

    Last night I tried again and was getting nowhere when I decided to try to allow some body thrashing. Although not as intense as earlier, I still thrashed fairly hard. I did this for a few minutes until I was drained a bit, and then went back to controlling the thrashes. And I hit paydirt, again, and again, and again. It was a great night, and I had a fairly intense session this morning, too.

    I'd love to know other people's experiences. Do you try to allow some thrashing and then get it under control, or do you try to not thrash at all? Or is thrashing all you ever get? I do have to say that even though I may want to allow it, the urge to thrash is gone. I essentially have to push-start it. If I need a thrash or two as a prelude to orgasms, I don't want to lose the urge.

    One other thing that people might find interesting. After my first intense thrash session, after I finished and removed the Progasm I massaged the area at the base of my penis, through the scrotum and ended up inducing some pretty major body thrashes, although it is hard to keep your hand in place once the thrashing starts. For a couple of nights I did this several times through the night when I woke up. This morning I did it and actually achieved a full body orgasm of medium intensity. You do need to be careful doing this or you will ejaculate and end everything.

    Also, I found for a while that in order to achieve a sense of completion I had to wank off at the end of my session. The last few times I haven't; and while I've had some leakage, no ejaculation. I think you end up with a kind of warm feeling inside that doesn't go away when you don't wank off. It's nice.

    One final thing. I think the orgasms I'm having are almost identical to a female orgasm. With the mental sexual imagery I use, I find when I'm about to get there I have an intense sense of longing. My mind automatically shifts to thoughts of mutual belonging and "oneness," and that's what brings me across. I know that may sound dumb. But anyway, it's really helped me to understand more what women are looking for and are frustrated about with sex. And when the guy just rolls over and goes to sleep, he's depriving his partner of the same sense of mutual belonging that she wants to continue having and that is so important to her. It's like a continuation of and an important part of her orgasm, in a way.
  • Congratulations. My best supers involve some thrashing about also. I think it is the energy building up that creates the thrashing. I have been reading about this and am learning to disperse the energy from the groin area throughout my body. Having the best orgasms ever.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I'm a thrasher, a violent thrasher. I admit it.

    I feel that the thrashing can get in the way of a Super O. It can kind of numb the prostate. It can be good for Super T's however. I found that by relaxing my glutes, I can control the thrashing. Tighten them up, and away I go.

    I can start the thrashing in a "Less" session as easily as with the Aneros.

    Avoid wanking at the end. Try abstaining and your sessions may get more interesting.

    I agree with your observations on the similarity with the female orgasm. Like a woman, a Super O can't be forced, it needs nurturing and a bit of surrendering (hard for some men). I have adopted that approach for my wife's pleasure. I feel I have become a better partner, being more gentle, taking more time, reading her reactions.

    You have learned a great deal for your first post. Congratulations and keep us informed.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    You asked "Do you try to allow some thrashing and then get it under control, or do you try to not thrash at all? Or is thrashing all you ever get?"

    Quite simply, I am not a thrasher, I have never experienced thrashing, have never attempted to induce it, so I have never found it necessary to control it.

    Maybe this is because I am a very rare user of the Progasm but frankly, I am very sure that I wouldn't want to experience this at my age, (mid 70s) and I'm glad I don't have to think about having to control it.

    Different strokes for different folks. Enjoy! 
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I'm not a thrasher. I've gotten some involuntary leg movements before, but they last a second then they're gone. I can get full body thrashing if I try to make it happen, but it's not truly involuntary for me. To sustain it I need to stay focused on thrashing and tensing muscles, which means my focus isn't where it should be, so the pleasure doesn't happen. It can be a session-killer.

    I tried to chase this thrashing because it's what I saw in some videos, but now that I'm more experienced, I realise I don't need to. Maybe some day the thrashing will kick in when I reach some unbearable new height of orgasm, but I've had some mind-blowing ones without moving at all.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    During any wet or dry orgasmic venture I usually find, "forks in the road." The classic one known to most every man is the conscious decision to continue voluntary stimulation to an end-poiint of sexual climax or to stay close to the "edge" by backing off and flirting with PONR. The "edging" decision, like balance-beam in gymnastics develops and demonstrates a skill (perhaps Tantric) that might lead to further pleasures. Or, it may lead to a dead-end (dud session) or an unpleasant feeling (perceived pain, deafening sounds or replay of unpleasant memories and graphic visions.)

    Unless we are toying with Masochism, most of what we do aims at profitiing from an experience where the "pleasure to discomfort ratio" (P:D) is tipped toward pleasure. Or, we may be seeking something at a higher level (e.g. Kundalini or Bliss). Or, we may want to revisit some previous experience that represented something Spiritual yet non-religious. 

    If "thrashing" yields either a good P:D ratio or seems to lead to further options that might be worth exploring, by all means do it unless it places you or others in physical danger.  As with Trampoline, you may want someone to act as a "spotter."

    Most of my orgasmic ventures involve:
      -- development of conscious memories of how I arrived at some "pleasure campground" or arrived at a weighpoint enroute to a known experience that I desired (trodding a well known path). An example is using meditation with my Eupho to fall into a 'calm seas' which might continue until I terminate it or might serve as a 'base camp' where I can nourish my session before moving onward.
    -- development of unconscious muscle memories (think what's required to throw a ball or scratch an itch). that can support involuntaries, cyclic flutters, or valuable breathing patterns (e.g. panting rather than deeper belly breathing.)

    Sometimes, in any body position, I'll sense the onset of deep tissue involuntary tremor that can yield whole-body warm pleasure that accompanies a calm seas orgasmic state that I treasure as it's 'secure' and is one path that precedes a Super-O.  (next fork in that road is a small "gag reflex" type of feeling in my core chakras which, if nourished takes me forward.)

    Other times that tremor grows into twiching in my Quads.  If fail to deal with it throgh relaxation and breathing, it usually "infects" my Lats which leads to spasm and thrashing.  

    On the other hand, when yo've planned the session to be non-orgasmic it's all just play. I'd offer that it's good to se a toy that you don't use for orgasm and alter your prep and build-up so that your brain "realizes" this just for simple fun with perhaps a light seasoning of pain.

    "If it works and it's safe, do it... there may be another fork just around he corner."   enjoy !

  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
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