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PC Pleasure
  • As a relative newbie (about 6 months), I am often discovering new sensations and responses to the Aneros.  Over the last few days I have refrained from Aneros sessions while dealing with a hemmorhoid.  During this time, especially yesterday, I noticed that just by making PC muscle contractions I can get very pleasurable sensations. I do this at any given time throughout the day, sometimes building to near-orgasmic peaks.  I have done this for some time, but since I was refraining from using the Aneros for a few days, I was doing it more, and enjoying it more, too.  Occasionally I will combine this with nipple stimulation and can generate significant precum at times from this.

    I assume this is all part of the rewiring process, and is what users refer to as Anerosless sessions. I wonder what other forum members experiences are with this.  Do you find yourself getting pleasure from PC contractions just throughout the day during your normal activities?
  • Indeed Handsfree, I find myself getting more pleasure from thinking about pleasure, directing energy, contracting PC muscle, nipple stimulation, anerosless sessions and so on. It appears that Aneros have helped me and others other realms of pleasure and in that sense rewire to be able to enjoy it
  • @Handsfree - You're only limited by your imagination what you can do now!  LESS sensations and sessions can be as good, if not better, then riding for real.  Totally mind-blowing experience every time.  Mind over matter in such a pleasurable way!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Beware the 'less session with nipple stim !

    It's all too easy to launch (or continue) a 'less session in a public setting or an off-beat setting that might suddenly have visitors.   I've caught myself with my index finger pushing my tie out of the way to unconsciously gain access inside a dress shirt.  :)

    One member here uses "acid reflux" as an excuse.   "Mosquito bite" has worked or me. 
  • I'm getting as good of sensations and climaxes anerosless as I am with it in. Last night was a crazy experience of extended ecstasy. I started out with my Pro. Jr. for about 45 minutes. I removed it then my wife and I made love for another 45 minutes. After that we spooned until she fell asleep, but my body wasn't done. I was rocked by anerosless climax after climax for another hour after which point I masterbated for another half hour experiencing mini dry O's until I finally ejaculated. This Aneros journey has really taken off to heights I didn't think was possible.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Yep, my pre-aneros session warm up of looking at porn and playing with my nipples is often pretty amazing feeling. Although no orgasmic responses from it yet.
  • I have been using the various models, both small and large, of my Aneros team for nearly fifteen months. A regimen of Kegel Exercises along with the Aneros during this period of time has both educated and strengthened my PC muscles.

    It has gotten to the point that the slightest stimulation of my nipples, anal twitch, or certainly just thinking about the Aneros can produce exquisite PC pleasure. Also I have my Aneros sessions three to four times a week, first thing in the morning. Those mornings I awake with anticipation. Then shave, bathe, dress, and prepare my Aneros tools before going out for my morning constitutional complete with a donut and coffee before returning home for my sessions. I am fully aroused by then. :D

    But for the last several months, I have been getting into more subtle pleasures with the Aneros!