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Aneros zzzzzzzz (5th attempt)
  • So.. this thread will be about sleeping with aneros again. Have had nightmares (naked in crowd type dreams) and woken in pain from the p tab all four times I've fallen asleep with it. This time though the Ptab is modded to a bead and I've padded it. Also the tail is cut of so I can now sleeo on my back:) Also I wont try to venture into orgasm land with it. Only goal is to sleep with it in comfortably. Lets see how this pans out... nighty night.
  • Hi @Alex_xxx,

    What Aneros model are you using to sleep with? Intrigued.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I never had very good luck overnighting with any of the classic models for he reasons you have mentioned. I've done best with the Eupho Syn.

  • Well.. the night is finally over. And I think that says enough. I`ve slept uneasy and needed 9 hrs to open my eyes. I`ve also trashed alot about, and repositioned the p-tab quite a few times in my sleep. 

    But no excruciating pain from the p-tab when I woke up this time! 
    There was also a few nightmares, but not any really terrifying ones this time.

    All in all, I wouldn`t really want to try it again!

    Model: MGX (tail cut of and p-tab made bigger)

    Other notes: Huge gas build-up in the morning, spent 30 min on the toilet.
  • Everyone is different. When sleeping with the aneros my dreams of being naked with aneros in while naked are not nightmares but wonderful thoughts that i wish were true.
    Eupho, helix, maximus, peridise, tempo, and even progasm ice have been my sleep buddies. Sometimes a good sleep is had and other times restless but always good dreams no nightmares.
  • You`re lucky :)

  • cant help u with the ptab i just got used to it. It did get sore once or twice but key is lube. If you want to ride all night i suggest vaseline coated aneros and a shot of 5ml of waterbase up your pleasure path. 
  • I often sleep with the eupho syn also. I make sure that I've had a BM before bedtime though. it's very comfortable and I wake up to p-waves. A nice way to start the day. I don't get nightmares any more than I usually do which is rarely. Do you get nightmares only when you sleep with the aneros, alex? What is your reason for bedding down with the aneros?
  • @euphemistic - nope, almost never have nightmares without it..