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Hello, I'm Aneros2
  • Hi Aneros Users,

    Thank you all for being such great supporters of the Aneros line.  I am the newest employee here at Aneros and I would like to take a second to introduce myself on the forum.  I will be helping answer some questions and also taking feedback from different users.  I have been lurking around on the forum for a few days now, but I am ready to start participating amongst you all.  I am still new here, so I apologize in advance if I say something that is incorrect! 

    I hope we get to know each other better, soon! 

  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    Welcome. Tell us a bit about yourself and what your duties are at Aneros.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    Welcome!  :-bd
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 183
    An employee huh? Haven't seen an employee in the forum before (that I know of.)

    Anyway, welcome Aneros2! :)
  • Not to be paranoid or skeptical, but is there any way you can verify that your really are working for Aneros?
  • Hello and welcome. if you feel like there is anything thing you need checked or verified there are plenty of Anerosians here to help you. @rumel @artform just to name a few. 
  • Thank you for the welcomes, guys.  :-h

    @Gilman I've been doing customer service with Aneros for a few months now and CT wanted someone from our team to interact more with the online community.  I've been reading the posts and it's actually where I learned most of the knowledge I need when helping customers without access to the forum.  You guys wouldn't believe how many High Island customers we have calling in because they don't understand what their body is doing when they feel a prostate orgasm!  Hopefully, I'll be able to participate in some discussions and I'll try to answer some questions if I know what I'm talking about!

    @Jspad CT used to check the forums from time to time, but as you can imagine it's a lot of work to juggle around.  So he threw me in here.  I probably won't check the posts everyday, but I hope to get a lot of customer feedback from what I see in here. 

    @bsmith14 Hmm.  I'm sure I can be creative and think of a way to verify my employment with Aneros, but I'll have to get back to you on that! 

    @BigOluver @ineverknew Thank you!  :D

  • Hello Aneros2,
    Can you tell us...are you a male or female and if a male, have you tried the various Aneros units? In an age of transparency, it helps to make connections and have credibility on a forum like this to actually be a user and not just a outsider.

    My perspective but it makes the experience much more legit when you experience what you're trying to manage.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I have a suggestion since you brought up High Island. Many on this forum ask about ways to share the Aneros experience with friends considering the nature of the product and reactions we might get.

    What is often suggested is to direct friends to the High Island website and talk about health benefits. Unfortunately the site is dead. No recent posts for a year or two. Credibility is questioned by the lack of up to date interaction.

    Maybe you can revitalize it.
  • Welcome! I would like to echo newguy8762's suggestion that if you are not a user, or have not even tried the Aneros products, it may be difficult to relate to the experiences that are discussed here on a daily basis!

    The vast majority of those I've gotten to know through the Chat are very careful to be supportive of new users and to answer questions in a reassuring manner...which is important if anyone wants to be successful with the Aneros!

    Also, many of us appreciate the anonymity of the Chat because it allows for a more free flow of information! So, as an employee, please help maintain the same level of confidentiality we currently enjoy as I am certain the value of the chat and the help being provided by many of us would suffer otherwise!

  • Hi @Aneros2,

    I wish to welcome you as a new employee here on the Aneros Forum. I have been using the Aneros since early June 2012. I haven't experienced a Super O yet, just lots of fun and pleasure which suffuses my body and consciousness. I guess I am a tortoise on the long road to Aneros "Samadhi."

    Perhaps you or @CT or some other at can help me. I have been having login problems since I closed out my Hotmail account in early August and switched to Gmail as my e-mail here.

    I will post a posting for all to see in a few minutes on this one issue.

  • @aneros2 how many people in the office use the aneros?? I've often wondered this.

    How do people talk about it? Do people talk about it? Hahahahahaha I'm sorry that's too funny I would love to see a typical day in the aneros building.
  • Probably not your dept., but I wish someone would fix the view counter on the forum pages.
  • Welcome @Aneros2 It looks like you have your work cut out for you judging by the questions so far.
    It will be good to be able to have someone answer our questions at last. CT was for a while there but has not for a while now.
    Just to add to your list of replies..... A question many are wondering. 
    Why is Aneros selling the DeVice through other channels and not through Its even mentioned on Aneros in facebook but not sold through this website.
  • Good news! @braveneworld, my good buddy!! :D :D ;) The DeVice is indeed SOLD through this web site,! It is there as a new arrival among the Aneros prostate massagers!

    Take care,

  • HAHA! @BigGlansDC knew I should of checked first. When did they sneak that up there?
  • Hi @braveneworld,

    I think placed the DeVice on our web site a day or so ago. I hope you can get one soon. It is awesome!!!

  • Since you all are probably wondering, I used the Helix model over a year ago (before I became employed with Aneros).  To be honest, I never felt anything except for pressure on my prostate.  I gave up on using it after maybe three times.  Of course I'm absolutely curious about trying it again (especially after reading the forum), but I can't find mine and I'm way too embarassed to ask for one here at work!  :\">  I gave up too quickly because I expected immediate results.  That is the most common complaint I have at Aneros. 
    So, no, I don't use the Aneros.  I hope that doesn't ruin my reputation on the forum!  But if I start using it again, I will let you all know. 

    @BigGlansDC Thanks :D  I'm sure you will reach "Samadhi" soon! 
    Oh, and the best people to contact about troubles with the forum is  We all get a lot of emails a day and sometimes it takes us time to respond to all of them, but we have someone specifically working on all the problems we've been having with the Forum.  @Theme_Gasm The chat room is another story ~X(  I'll just say that the chat room is a major headache, but don't worry, your privacy is always protected. 

    @MMO_RPGlol I don't know either!  It's something I'm curious about but would never ask!  HAHA...  Unfortunately, we're not all walking around talking about Super-O's and prostate milking.  lol.  It's actually been pretty tame lately since there's just been so much to do. 

    @braveneworld I'm not sure why we waited so long before we put the deVice on our site, we had them ready for a while lol.

    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the vibrating bullet in the Vice/the Muze is undergoing a major redesign to be more powerful, quieter and most importantly, last longer!  They're testing them right now so I hope that we have the Vice/Muze up for sale again pretty soon! 

  • It took many attempts using my Pro. Jr. To feel anything resembling pleasure. Now I can just put it in, relax , and amazing feelings happen automatically.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392

    "I gave up too quickly because I expected immediate results. That is the most common complaint I have at Aneros."

    So, what do you tell your customers to do?

  • @Aneros2 Well @CT should let his employees try at least one model for free.
    It would be wrong for him to say you have to try it but he could at least put a box of them in the staff lunch room for you guys to take and try. That way you dont have to ask for one.
    It can only help with sales if his employees like what they sell.
    That is assuming that his employees still turn up for work instead of laying in bed orgasming all day.

    @BigGlandsDC I have the full blown Vice and can use it without the vibe. I love my progasm Ice but not fond of the vice. I think it is because of the thicker neck....... :(
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    We've already met on chat, but let me say "Welcome" here too.
  • Welcom / Bonjours