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New and need some more advice....
  • Hey Gents. Just got my Helix this past Friday and used it 5 days in a row. I'm already addicted!!!
    Going to try and control myself until Saturday which will be the next time I'll be alone with plenty of time to play. I should be good and ready!! I got the involuntary contractions real easy from the first session. I'm even starting to feel the difference between the anal and prostate contractions now. The tug of war between the two is amazing and feels great. Just haven't had a Dry O or Super O yet.  The anticipation of my first one is killing me so I'm looking for tips to help me get there...

    1)  Should I concentrate on the prostate or anal contractions? Which are more important to reaching the O?? 

    2)   When the contractions get really fast does that mean I'm getting closer?

    3)    Do you have to be clenching up to hit the O or is it more involuntary? Sometimes I think I might be squeezing too hard in anticipation.

    4)    Which position do you think would give me the best chance of hitting the O??

    I know many of the answers will be unique to each person, but I believe the more information I have the quicker I can reach my goals. I want to make sure I'm not missing anything or doing anything that will delay my progress. Any advise will be greatly appreciated..

  • Relax!  From your description you're making excellent progress and enjoying the rides.  My thoughts:

    1.  Focus on the warmth and pleasure coming from within.  Some focused contractions to get warmed up, but let body take over as you practice relaxed breathing and focus on the growing ecstasy.

    2.  You're body is definitely liking it!!

    3.  Involuntary.  Don't push it to happen.  Drink in the great feeling

    4.  Really depends on person.  I like on back legs wide.

    Most of all let it all go when riding and ENJOY it to the max!!  Happy riding!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Being a relaxed and curious observer of yourself can do wonders while keeping expectations in check.  As things become more intense, try to relax into the feelings rather then tense up.  During a session I routinely try to check myself every so often to see if I am relaxed because the pleasureable feelings can make your muscles down there tense up almost automatically.  My favorite position is lying on my back with my legs spread, this also works best if you clip part of the tail off so it doesnt get hung up on anything.  If you dont want to modify your device you can always stick a pillow under your bum.  Have fun and remember its a journey not a destination.
  • Do the involuntary contractions persist or do they come and go? If they persist, do they seem to generate more and more pleasure? If they come and go, what are you doing when you're feeling them? The involuntaries are a dependable landmark on the way to the super O, as are many others. See landmarks in the wiki.

    I'm a newbie too and have finally gotten regular involuntaries after 3 months but they haven't led to any dry orgasms yet. And yet I learn more about my body and mind, and get more pleasure from each session. Definitely follow the advice from ineverknew and varmint as well as from others on this forum. I think of the forum as a crucible of men exploring and sharing what we've learned about ourselves and our sexuality. Be free to experiment and try anything. I like to think of my experiences along this quest as just as important as the goal, and just as enjoyable. Therefore I have all the time in the world to pursue my bliss. I'm taking a break in my session to write this because I have all the time in the world and it was getting so intense with new feelings and discoveries that I needed a break. I found a new position that works for me and thought of your query about positions so here it is. I'm on my back with a pillow under my bum so that the progasm tabs have freedom of movement. One leg is stretched out and the other is bent at the knee so that I can completely relax the muscles in my pelvic floor or contract them with a lot of control over which ones I contract and how much. This way I can know what the sensations are from every movement and can shift positions easily from here to try new things. I'm sure this has been described here in the past, there's only so many positions we can do. Anyway, back to my session.

    Another break. I think the trick for me is to segway from these semiautomatic involuntaries to my own erotic fantasies for the involuntaries to be self-sustaining. it's easy for me to get to the involuntaries now but they haven't led to orgasm no matter how much I let go. I need to to develop a fantasy based on my own desires and experiences. I like writing. I think I'll start creating my super O fantasy from an experience from my adolescence and then resume this session.

    Later that night,
    I wrote a 6 page short story about an incident that happened to me when I was an adolescent or rather rewote it the way I wished it happened. I'll record an audio version of the story and listen to it during my next session. Should be interesting.
  • Thanks Guys!! I really appreciate the advice!!
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    1) Personally I like to see the prostate as a very important part of the super o, but it's more like rice, you don't normally eat rice alone, it's more like a side dish. When the super o happens, it touches every single though, emotion, you name it. You need to have a connection with that which you are trying to achieve orgasm with. So, if you want a full body super o, you have to be in touch with your body, pay much attention to it, while stimulating the prostate. For that emotional flush to occur you have to be in touch with your emotional side too, so energy can reach it too. 

    2) Maybe, but that doesn't mean it will be that way the whole experience.

    3) Lately I've discovered the wonders of letting go. It's a special kind of let go, it's a quick buildup if done right, the more you can handle it with a completely relaxed body (which is hard to do because you tend to clench your muscles when pleasure rises). Do the opposite and try to handle it for a long time, pay attention to any part you are creating tension in, it could be part of your leg, your neck, your shoulders, a finger, etc. and relax it. It's harder than you think, but it yields great results so far...

    4) Whatever position you are most comfortable in. If that position turns you on somehow, it's much better. The more things in the mix, the more powerful will the experience be when you lose control. (music, warm room, etc)
  • Well, Jmay and everyone, I got a lesson in letting go today and need to clear my head to describe it. Jmay, you said: "For that emotional flush to occur you have to be in touch with your emotional side too, so energy can reach it too." I was thinking about that while I was sobbing deeply this AM in my session. It started with me waking up horny with the aneros inside and I began to scan my memories of erotic fantasies and noticing how the involuntaries waxed and waned with the fantasy and with my degree of relaxation. I had written a short story about an experience from my adolescence that I mentioned in a previous message, and voice recorded it on my phone. I noticed that my voice starts cracking with emotion at a certain point and when listening to it, I break down sobbing. So I'm lying in bed remembering all my erotic fantasies and anything related to sex at all. Sometimes it gets me horny and the contractions increase and then I tense up as you describe and the contractions go away. I let myself just feel anything because I have nothing to lose, and as I say, start convulsing with sobs coming from my abdomen and pelvic floor especially but really from my whole body. Then my teeth start chattering and I start shaking with emotion. I don't even know exactly what emotions I was feeling, just a lot of different ones at different times. I feel my abdominal and pelvic floor muscles start to relax. So I know that this is the right way for me to go to release what is blocking my way. I just have to follow the yellow brick road til I get to OZ.

    I have a lot of experience using emotions to heal having spent 20+ years being trained and training others in this practice. So I don't know if this will be of any use to anyone else. I do know that having men help me in this pursuit and be there to encourage me, is extremely important to me. I think of what we're doing as a kind of initiation for men, perhaps into our full manhood.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the full moon this week.