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Really scared about whats happening to me.
  • So a few days ago I posted on chat about how I couldn't sleep because of energy going up my spine.

    Well, it isn't going away. I don't really generally feel or notice it when I'm just going about my day, but when I try to go to sleep it gets very loud.

    The other night, I was not able to fall asleep until 5am! I had to be up for work at 6! So needless to say, I don't like it. Sleep is always something I am afraid to loose because I always had problems falling asleep as a boy, and I was just finally getting a handle on it!

    So I am freaked out. I can't seem to stop it. I feel stupid as well. Because a few days before this all started, there was someone who was having the SAME problem as me, except far worse, and I was basically like "Just deal with it until it goes away naturally". Now, I feel so dumb, because it seriously is reaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyy scary not having control of something so simple like sleep.

    It feels like there is just a buzz in my spine that travels to my head. It doesn't go away until I manage to fall asleep, which is not guaranteed to happen.

    I've been trying to get the energy out of my head by channleing it thru my tounge into my stomach, but I don't think that I am doing it correctly, so maybe that is part of it.

    I just want my body the way it was before. Sorry to dissapoint guys. But I really am scared.
  • You've tried all the home remedies, right - warm milk, warm bath, melatonin, jerking off, valerian, etc. How many nights have you been without sleep? Can you take naps during breaks? I don't know much about energy work but I do work in a sleep lab and see how anxious people get without sleep. It's a natural response and isn't a problem unless sleep deprivation is chronic. So you have a long way to go without sleep for that. The symptoms will go away when you resume sleeping. I know it's easy for me to say except that working nights, I have to change my sleep hours around often and therefore get sleep deprived regularly and know how unpleasant it is. I've learned how to hide my sleep deprivation well but it's no substitute for feeling rested. Your immediate need is to get more sleep, even a few hours more each night until you're back to normal. Maybe some of the energy gurus here can give you a handle on even just lowering the volume enough to get some more sleep.
  • Well, I did fall asleep at a normal hour last night. Its just the fact that I still have these energies that scares me.

    I could never understand this before, but I just do not want to feel this. Right now, I would choose the certainty in saying 'I will never have multiple orgasms', than not knowing what's going on.

    Please have patience guys. Its seriously scary
  • I was getting scared b/c of uncontrollable involuntaries that occurred for a couple days at a time. I was freaked out. I'm taking a break from Aneros use for now, but I'm finding I can turn these on and off by thinking, and getting to near orgasmic states by thinking alone. After just a couple weeks since I experienced this loss of control, I'm now in a place where I feel comfortable with my ability to control things. I know it's terrifying at first, but just ride it out and calm your scary thoughts. When you come out of it you might find yourself at a much higher level of progress.
  • Sounds like maybe anxiety is playing a role her also.  Hopefully you can find a way to calm yourself.  Have you thought about exercise?  Run yourself into the ground working out, I'm sure that would help falling asleep.  I know how you feel though, I have sleep apnea and have spent a lifetime (seems like it) dealing with the fear of having to go to work exhausted everyday.  Things were so bad a few years ago that I would eat my lunch in the car and spend my lunch hour sleeping LOL.  These days its a little better under control but I drive for work alot and the anxiety really kicks in when I dont sleep good knowing I have to drive somewhere the next day.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    From an article by Dr. Lee Sannella, M.D. kundalini researcher:

    "Usually the [kundalini] process, left to itself, will find its own natural pace and balance.  But if it has already become too rapid and violent, our experience suggests it may be advisable to take steps such as heavier diet, suspension of meditations, and vigorous physical activity to moderate its course."

    If you don't know how to already, I suggest you learn how to ground your energy.  Google it...something like "how do I ground my energy?".

    Basically you visualize with clarity and deep intent that the energy within you can flow gently and naturally into the earth...thus connecting you with earth and giving her energy as well as channeling your excess energy outward.  Do this out of your perineum area or "root chakra".  you can do the same thing, towards the sky or 'heaven' thru the crown of your head too...or your crown chakra, but I don't advise that...I advise you just do the earth grounding....the sky connection may make things worse for you.  I'm simply saying it can be done.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Also, if I really need to get to sleep, I take Benadryl.  It conks me right out.  Some people get sleepy with other medications...for me Benadryl does the trick.
  • I think I'll do some serious excercize today.

    So to ground to the earth, exactly what do I need to do? Can you please explain?

    Sit outside.
    Imagine energy flowing out of my perinum?

  • Also, I think I may have unknowingly been doing the sky one before. So I'm going to try and get this energy out of me.
  • @mmo_rpglol trust me when I say I was you a few months ago. I mean I thought I was going crazy. I work with kids and it was worst for me. I was constantly hard, always pouring pre cum.I mean it was bad. Horny 24 hours a day. I missed two days of work cause I had to ride out the waves. 

    But what stopped it I think for me was stop riding and jacking for a day for me. My first 4 days of not riding or edging or cumming really calmed me down. My breathing became back normal and the hardness slowed down. It may not work for you but try to back away from all thins erotic. Porn, aneros, sex, jacking off. What ever arousals you stop it. It may help you.
  • @bigoluver are you saying I SHOULD jack off or SHOULDNT? I would imagine hacking off would help cool it down
  • JMay
    Posts: 113
    Just a thought, go outside and put your bare feet on a patch of grass and dirt. I remember I read that somewhere, to "ground energy".
  • jack off. pack the aneros far away. dont go on the forum. exersice.. get drunk.. est junk food.. hang with friends. its all in your head :) really!
  • I stop jacking for a week then after that week the next explosion was enough to keep me sedated my hornyness for a very long time thats why i stretch out my wet orgasms weeks between
  • Yeah I have been more successful in grounding the energy lately. I believe the problem was that I was always trying to bring the energy up, instead of down to the ground. I have been channeling the energy down to the earth. I DEFFINITLY feel much less tension in my spine now.

    Still not perfect though. Still fears in my background of my mind.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    I'm glad to hear you're grounding energy more successfully now.

    Take heart, the more you ground and learn to handle the energy, the less you'll feel fearful.  However, I don't think we ever get to lose our respect for energy and what it can do to us if left unattended (I mean that specifically to the Kundalini energy that Aneros sessions can arouse as well as in the broader sense of energy awakened through any deep spiritual inquiry...).  I think this is a weak spot in the Aneros community;  we seem to not have much awareness nor a safety net for 'energy issues' (which can become quite disturbing to some) and we are most certainly stirring up kundalini, whether we know it or not.

    Also, just between you and me, I've had a number of 'energy issues' going on with this journey.  But I am familiar enough to know what is happening to me and how to deal with it.  Still, I realize it could get out of hand if I don't deal with it appropriately.  Most people who stumble into 'energy issues' while seeking to learn/practice prostate massage techniques have no idea what just hit them and it can be frightening.
  • Thanks for the input AneRico.

    I know even though I was expecting the energy, it STILL caught me off guard with its power.

    Kundalini energy is not something I care to get involved with. For religious reasons, and also the fear of playing with something I know is way out of my league to deal with if something goes awry.

    I think I'm going to keep with my grounding excercizes, and regular ejaculation until I feel relatively back to normal.

    If it gets any worse, I may go to an acupuncturist to get a second opinion.I am also going to set up an appointment with a chiropractor today to help with my back problems.

    I'll keep everyone posted.
  • It's possible you have a pinched nerve. See a chiropractor.
  • Also. You said you read an article about someone having similar symptoms and having this right after. It's possible it could be psychosomatic. As I began feeling some slight spine tingling myself due to fear of it happening to me. The mind is incredibly powerful. Continue to realize it'll do you no harm and will go away. Try grounding if you feel you need to.
  • Hi all.

    So I feel MUCH better. I am not freaking out any more!! Also, my sleep has returned to regular. So OK, I was definitely overreacting.

    That is VERY possible. I realize I have to completely work on my fear of losing control before I work on any more of this.

    I WAS NOT prepared to lose control in the way I did, and that gave me a REALLY bad 'trip' if you will.

    If you don't have that fear, you should be fine.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    I hope you continue to share. You have experiences that are worth passing on.

  • glad to hear everything is back to normal  >:D<
  • @xileh yeah definitely. At the height of my being freaked out, I was getting ready to throw away all my massagers and delete my account. I will stay a member if for no other reason, to help out other people who go thru the same thing as me.

    @ineverknew well see how this pans out. Now that I'm thinking clearly I don't know if I'm ever gonna pick back up with aneros.

    I need to learn more about myself and my fears before I can make this plunge.
  • @MMO_RPGlol, well whatever you decide to do I wish you health and happiness!  Live long and prosper!
  • jja
    Posts: 49

    This is just my opinion, so I hope I don't offend you or anyone else on here.  Your problem is this energy, spiritual stuff.  Approach the aneros as a sex toy.  It's not for a spiritual experience, or meditation or any of that.  It's to feel prolonged orgasms.  That's it...  For those that have that approach and love it, hey that's cool for you.  As for you MMO_RPG, it sounds like you are getting involved with stuff that's out of your comfort zone.  My suggestion if you go back to the aneros...  Think about hot sex, and enjoy the ride.  Once your done blow your load and call it a day.

  • Hi @MMO_RPGlol,

    I agree with @jja on the Aneros. The Aneros or Pro-State was originally invented as a medical device to promote good prostate health. It very soon became a sex toy. That is how I approach the Aneros in my sessions. Not only does it massage and exercise my prostate and anal musculature, but it just gives me tons of fun and pleasure.

    There are times when my sessions are interrupted for one reason or another. Such interruptions may last several days or a week. But the wonderful thing is that I am so eager to get back to the Aneros. So is my prostate. The first session back for me is always amazing with new and exciting result! So brief "vacations" away from Anerosing may be helpful for you.

    If you have awakened the Kundalini, you have awakened what the Hindus call the Serpent energy. Treat the Serpent with respect. Ideally this energy should go up your spine to your crown chakra for enlightenment and wholeness. Taking classes in Kundalini Yoga may help you and enhance your Aneros sessions.

    I suspect that you are in your twenties which may put you at an advantage for a lifetime with the Aneros. I salute you because you seem well on your way.

    Finally being grounded in your sessions and having a life outside of sessions is essential.

  • MMO, you say: "I WAS NOT prepared to lose control in the way I did, and that gave me a REALLY bad 'trip' if you will" Many of us are afraid of losing control, especially when the experience is new like yours. You've taken a step by identifying, acknowledging and dealing with that experience of fear of losing control. I'm glad to hear you did. I'm also st that stage of fear of losing control. My path was to identify my emotions that are blocking my way, feel them sufficiently to heal them. (see Your situation sounds differed from mine superficially because your fear manifests as energy up your spine but maybe it's not so different to deal with. I'm blocked at an emotional level which manifests as muscle tension and has something to do with my early sexual experiences, I think. You say you've learned how to ground yourself with various ways and I'm glad you are back. But in my experience feeling my emotions is the most direct and complete way to ground myself. It's something we're all familiar with but may not know how to access them when needed. As men we're taught to ignore emotions so we're at their mercy. Fear can feel like a lot of things to different people and in different situations. I'm don't know much about energy and how to live with it in a cooperative relationship which is what I'm hearing from here is the way to go. But I do know that shaking my body, chattering my teeth and thinking about what I'm afraid of, gradually makes the fear more accessible and begins to heal the cause of the fear. Sometimes I have to cry or rage or laugh too along with the shaking. When the emotions have passed, if I've resolved the problem, I feel like a thunderstorm has passed and the sky is blue and sunny again.

    I recommend this approach because it's something we all know from our childhood and it's our body's way of dealing with stress. Even if it didn't get rid of the unpleasant sensations of energy, your fear of losing control would be diminished and you could deal with the other better.
  • @MMO_RPGlol

    My experience with loss of control a couple weeks ago scared me bad too. I waited a week and tried the aneros again and felt another loss of control, but only lasted half as long. Then I waited a couple more days and tried the aneros every couple of days for short sessions and felt back in control. Then last night I did an hour and a half session and had the most amazing whole body orgasm I didn't think was even possible. For a few hours afterward I was feeling the aftershocks of residual energy and the continuation of involuntaries. I was slightly concerned but I was able to go to sleep and it went away. The next time this happens you will better know how to deal with it, and it won't seem as scary. My suggestion is to take a break and ease back into it in small doses until you build your confidence and comfort level. After the extreme pleasure I experienced last night I can't imagine giving it up at this point.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353

    "It's not for a spiritual experience, or meditation or any of that. It's to feel prolonged orgasms. That's it..."

    @jja - no offense at all, it's an interesting statement. If you follow the discussions and chat long enough, you may realize that some men are experiencing more than just the physical manifestation of orgasm. Since it is widely accepted that an orgasm is mostly mental, it seems reasonable that Aneros use can lead us to previously unexplored experiences. Some have combined their Aneros use with complimentary practices such as the various forms of meditation, extending the possibilities of each. Our combined experiences seem to suggest that we are playing with more than just a toy.

    Your post brings up an interesting topic for the group - opinions?

  • exodus
    Posts: 8
    Honestly, the biggest problem here in my opinion is just plain anxiety. ineverknew already mentioned it. 
    Because I, too, have experienced forms of anxiety after a ride. When I'm done with a session my body seems to be loaded with some sort of energy or chakra (might be the kundalini energy) which prevents me from falling asleep. It's a weird feeling. My head feels light and floaty, like I'm kind of nauseous or high. And when I really become anxious during this state, I begin to lightly hallucinate and see scary stuff or feel like my body is floating away or I'm losing my mind, or whatever; which fuels my anxiety more! But when I realized that the real problem was the anxiety and not the energy, I felt really relieved. Now whenever I feel a lot of energy (regardless of being anxious) after a session, I just try to put my mind on something else or do a little exercise before I attempt to sleep. It really works for me. 
    Now, of course, this is my personal experience and I can't know for sure you have the same issue. Maybe you really do have some kundalini energy related problem which I'm certainly no expert in! So I might be very wrong. It's just my best guess.
    However I wish you luck in your journey and hope you will find peace! 
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    I think that that plays a major role in why I got so scared. Honestly, just the word kundilini scares me lol
  • exodus
    Posts: 8
    Well isn't this a coincidence. Last night I had a session without the aneros. As I was stimulating my nipples and promoting sexual energy through my body, I felt the p-waves and everything coming until I advanced to further stages of arousal. Suddenly when I thought I was about to have an orgasm, the kundalini energy hit me again. I felt my head spinning like I was on some sort of roller coaster or something (my eyes were moving from right to left very fast!). All the sexual feelings I had transformed and became non-sexual and more psychedelic-like. Very soon I felt a firm pressure on my skull and between my eyes (3e eye chakra?) and as I drifted away in this - out of body-like - trance, I saw the universe and lots of blue and white dots. After a minute or so I got a little bit scared so I discontinued to let the chakra take me over so I stood up and did something to distract me from it. 
    Since then I have been reading online about the kundalini chakra and I seem to have most of the symptoms. Also now I understand there can be more going on than just plain anxiety which I stated before. The kundalini awakening can be a very unpleasant process for some as you drag parts of your subconscious into your normal consciousness, which can be very confronting. At least, that's what I've read. I'm going to do more research.
    Anyway keep strong bro, I'm experiencing the same thing!
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 634
    Hi @MMO_RPGlol,

    I salute you for exercising caution in your coming back to Aneros sessions.

    Perhaps a Yoga regimen may be good for you at this time. It doesn't have to be Hatha Yoga or a strenuous yoga which focuses upon Yoga bodily poses or Asanas. I suggest that you find a Yoga teacher who can guide you in gentle breathing exercises.

    Also you need some grounding as you start your Aneros sessions again.

  • AneRico
    Posts: 214

    I would like to be very frank with you for a moment;

    You may never be able to reconcile your religious beliefs with your Aneros experience.

    You may have to choose to not use the Aneros.  It's that simple.

    I grew up as a VERY devout Southern Baptist.  I have a reasonable idea about what you are going through even though I left 'the church' a long time ago.

    Being 'frightened' of kundalini is a huge impediment.  Hell, just being distracted by something simple like time constraints can kill a session.  Something that impinges on your religious faith is likely gonna kill your chances of much success.

    I would like to suggest to you that you examine your beliefs and stay true to THEM.  Your faith is what sustains you.  I think it will always eat at you that you are somehow losing a little control to something you see as evil or negative.  That's bad.  Bad for you.

    I hope you find this encouraging.  It sucks being told to not do something.  

    Listen to your heart, and your faith.

  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242

    I think you may be right.
    This sucks.

    Just the word Kundilini freaks me out. Agh
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    I don't think I experienced kundilini awakening. I didn't have any of the symptoms you described.

    The only thing that happened with me is awareness of chi. When I couldn't make it go away, I freaked out and obsessed on it. After time it just sort of went away.

    I never experienced anything close to psychedelic.
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 311


    I think you may be right.
    This sucks.

    Just the word Kundilini freaks me out. Agh

    @MMO_RPGlol --- Please, take my comment as constructive only...but, what exactly are you telling us you're afraid of in this experience? Reconciling your religion with your Aneros experience isn't that difficult IMHO. Again, this is my POV only, a child of God, you were created in his that a fair statement? If so, then for you and your body to experience these sensations, no matter how different they feel, is ALSO in Gods image for you! Who are you hurting by massaging your prostate? Whatever energy, or call it Kundalini if you want, which exists within you, is already, IN you, and YOU are as much a part of why it's there! Why would you want to disassociate yourself from something that exists as a part of YOU since the day you were born! As individuals, we are not taught, nor do we know enough about our own bodies and minds, and how we function, and we rely on the "wisdom" of doctors, who honestly, only know just so much about why the body does the things it does! We should be EXPLORERS, not just of our world, but of ourselves, and we should cherish each revelation we encounter, whether they are dreams, prostate energy, multiple orgasms, or Kundalini, because they exist! Why not understand them, rather than be fearful!

    I don't do illegal drugs, or smoke, or drink much alcohol, but I'm not a prude either! I'm a man who wants to understand, and experience, and be in amazement of the miracles of this world and of life! Be a child of this world, and of God, and learn...but try not to fear!

  • Turnrow
    Posts: 123



    Bravo to you Theme Gasm in what you said.  God alone made these male bodies.......not some Eastern mystic non God.  Inner rewiring is a blessing and not a curse to a man, the inner wiring being God given.

    Thanks for pointing this out.....

  • isvara
    Posts: 578
    @MMO_RPGlol, I agree with you. There is a trigger in the word kundalini that I react to. I am happy with most other Sanskrit words etc. I am happy with spiritual awakening.
    I think there is more to language than we are aware of. Perhaps there is a power in sound that affects me and of course a word is a collection of agreed sounds. Kundalini is one of those sounds.
    The reaction may be triggered in the context we first hear it or a sound like it. Now if it was the name of a model of a Ferrari .....! Edit: I still don't like it!
  • Tickle
    Posts: 22
    Kundalini is just a name, a label if you will and it's just a form of energy thats all. Everything around us is energy, we are energy. Energy is in different shapes and forms and vibrates at different rates depending what form it takes. All you are experiencing is energy moving through your body. The energy in itself is not harmful, maybe overpowering to an extent and in your case I think you are having anxiety attacks over pre-conceptions you have acquired about Kundalini energy. Yes this is a powerful energy that makes us more aware of ourselves and can bring unresolved things from the past to the surface where you'll have to deal with it the best way you can but it is also away for us to grow in a more spiritual sense. People who have bad Kundalini awakening experiences (if this is indeed what you're experiencing) have often not been prepared for release of this energy and it's rise through the Chakras. So when it hits a chakra whatever issues are involved with that chakra will come to light. I would describe it as a form of clearing stagnant unwanted energy that needs to be expelled in order for the chakra to be cleansed and vibrate at it's optimim rate. The stagnant energy will come to the surface where it will take different forms, maybe anxiety, maybe past emotional issues will come to light again etc. It is just a sign that the Kundalini energy is doing it's thing, getting rid of all the negative energy and blocks that you've built up through your life. You can then ground that negative energy or mentally send it out into the universe.
  • isvara
    Posts: 578
    @Tickle, an excellent description. I think most 'tick tock' folk wander through life missing more than they find. I think there are multiple opportunities to be discovered for those who look, and more of them outside "the box". Behind the chakra system there is another system called the Hara "The Hearts Desire and the Power of Intent", limitless creative possibilities. There is, in truth, no limit to our ability. I wonder what we have in store for ourselves! Well as a first step I will encourage myself to like the sound "kundalini" for I like what it means.
  • nerve
    Posts: 3
    I know I am never gonna entirely banish such questions from my mind regarding whether God approves of me indulging myself with Aneros. I just have to hope he is more understanding than I give him credit for. Truth is when it comes to sin (as defined in the bible) I find that since everyone else is doing it and since if we break one law we break all of it. Also since Jesus paid the price for it past present and future..well regardless of what Paul says can't help but give myself license
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 311
    @nerve --- I feel betrayed, not by God, but by a society that puts money ahead of human suffering and health! When we invest as much into real health solutions without side-effects and promote real health, not pseudo-health that relies soley on artificial remedies, I'll feel guilty for taking a non-traditional route to better health. Until then, no guilty feelings here!
  • isvara
    Posts: 578
    @nerve, each must find their own peace with themselves. I feel God has blessed me by leading me to the Aneros experience. The consequence of that experience is, my prostate is in far better health than I could have possibly expected. I can urinate again without agonizing pain and I can release my bladder that many men of my age cannot do. My well being is streets ahead of many of my contemporaries. My PSA level is so low my GP only tests it once every two years and my Testosterone is above average. I do not suffer from a button mushroom and feel a man again most mornings! I can successful have sex often with my wife, which I could not do before. Our relationship has improved so much. My outlook on life is good. I feel that if God had not lead me to Aneros I would be chronically depressed, in constant pain, be minus a prostate and have little or no connection with my wife. I want to say this because it is my experience and I am so utterly grateful for it. I could go on and on, so many more blessings but I just want to share my joy.
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 311
    @isvara --- That's great to hear! It's also the most reaffirming news for anyone who doubts whether to take a chance with Aneros and move themselves beyond the stereotypes of using it! To have it provide real health benefits and pleasure at the same time is a blessing!
  • nerve
    Posts: 3
    @isvara, that really is great to hear, it certainly does sound like Aneros has bought great things into your life
    I am encouraged

  • jusaskin
    Posts: 5
    I may have had the same kind of issue as you have with the non-sleep. 
    in early Dec I suffered a pretty good back injury and had several RMT, Chiro, relax massage, Pressure Point release and a little reiki. All withing about a 3 week period. And to add to that my workplace was struggling etc etc... I was in a very bad place.
    Between all the treatments that i was getting, I seemed to bee getting more confused inside while I was healing on the outside.  The reiki treatment was what brought it all out. I was in a state that I have never been before euphoric and also scary. I lost my breath, my toes curled and was having tremors. Once it was done it took me 15 minutes or so to settle and even sit up. it was late in the afternoon and the street lights were on and the lights hurt my eyes. i was a little dazed and i don't think i should have drove home after. The next AM I felt like i was in a car accident, every part of my body was in agony and it felt like i had a nail through the center or my skull. My sleep was off and just was way out of myself. It took 3 days for this to settle down and my headache to go away.
    I did a pile of research and it seems like I had a spontaneous kundalini rising, that can be brought on by a "near death" experience. I don't know how close i was, but there are several variances that I have read about and I can relate to some.
    All that to say is that I have ran with it, embraced it and now I have gone back to Taiosit Tai Chi and am working with the energies that are flowing with and through me and others. I have had one more full reiki session and the master did performed it on me was out of energy when she was done from what i was channeling and releasing. I will be booking a Reiki Kundalini session just to see where that takes me.
    I have had some family members tell me that my ancestors had some "healing" powers with pain and headaches and minor stuff.
    My hands are sensitive to energy flow and I am loving it. I am taking it in and learning as I go.
    You may want to look into your ancestors just to see and  maybe you may find out some interesting things.
    Look at things with an open mind, believe what you want to believe,  and use the positives all around.