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GF wants to go dirty
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    She told me she wanted to give me as much pleasure as she could which imply stimulating prostate.

    Well, great I said to myself, she seems quite open. My reaction was "that's gross". Hard to say Ive been doing that for a while to some one I just met.
    I tried to imagine how it would be... I don't feel specially aroused by the idea of some one putting a finger in my anus. After I fear it would just be awkward between us. I doubt anybody could ever be excited to put a finger there.

    Anyway, just looking for some comments... Is it worth doing? What was the reaction of your girl friend after?

    I was also thinking at using my aneros while we do it but then I will have to explain the fact I have one.
  • I can't speak on the GF issue, but my wife had her finger massaging my prostate while giving me a BJ the other night and it was phenomenal!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @diem  suggest chat with your g/f about this.   ask her if she would like you to clean up or douche a bit before going to bed.   if she says, "yes" you know where she stands on the mess issue.  if she says no, you haven't lost anything.  .... just consider finding another woman who has the same anal cleanliness standards as you do.

    Most modern societies, save the U.S. take a spritz in the Bidet before serious sex. 
  • My wife's been doing me for years. It's awesome and she loves getting me all hot and bothered.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @diem - hell yes you lucky guy. First, be squeaky clean, it's mandatory. Second, tell her about the Aneros, she doesn't sound squeamish. When she learns that you are very sensitive, p-spot, nipples, etc., she may have a lot of fun at your expense. What is new and special, is SHE is providing the pleasure, taking you to new experiences. Embrace this new relationship. You may go places you have not planned on.

    How will you reciprocate?

  • Tell her that you're a little shy about anal pleasure and want to talk about it first. This will give you some time to notice her reaction to your shyness, and you can also think about whether she is turning you on or turning you off with this talk. Take your time. If shes interested in you, she'll understand. Maybe you can tell her about the aneros later depending on how your relationship develops. One thing at a time.

    Did you already say "that's gross"? If you did, has she mentioned prostate massage again? You may have to explain why you said that if you want her to give you "as much pleasure as she could".

    If you decide that what she's suggesting sounds sexy, definitely go for it. If you like the aneros, you'll probably like having a live woman giving you pleasure. And yes, people do get aroused by pleasuring you in this way. And definitely clean up before you start. Many years ago I had a boyfriend try to tell me that taking an enema before anal sex was sexy. The thought of taking an enema when I wasn't constipated sounded weird and kinky in a bad way to me then. Now I know it's a safety thing. Too bad I didn't know that then because I lost my boyfriend and the sex was good.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @diem, I agree, the thought of a woman putting a finger in my butt is so gross yet such a turn on.  I think it all comes down to making sure your clean like the others have said, do a quick rinse before hand and i'm sure everything will be fine.  Maybe explain your kinda nervous about it, and that maybe a blowjob to start would go a long way to getting you in the mood.  I'm an old married guy, I'll pretty much do anything for a blowjob! LOL
  • Best ice breaker, insert the Aneros prior to intercourse.  My girlfriend would always love it when I did, saying it turned my performance super human
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Sometime in my mid-20s I started the practice of taking an enema along with my shave and shower before going out on a date.  Or, if I'd managed a pickup after work and she accepted my pad as a choice to have a second drink,  I'd excuse myself to hit the bathroom and take a quick enema and shower before moving the show to the bedroom.

    The payoff was frequently the gal complimenting me by saying, "you are a very clean person."

    It used to work in the 1950s and it just might today.   OTOH some people are really into scat.