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Today is the day
  • Hello guys. Just wanted all my brothers to know that today is the day I enjoy my beautiful sexy unopened big Progasm Ice. I have shaved the body and got everything planned for tonight. Dinner will be at 5 and parents will be gone for two whole days at 7. But i'm already getting waves and i'm not even doing anything. I'm having unannounced a-less sessions and there powerful. i will try to stay calm until its time but i'm already leaking pre cum. let me have the strength.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    You'll be moaning before their car is out of the driveway. Will read your report tomorrow.
  • Hi @BigOluver,

    You're going to LOVE big, powerful Progasm ICE. Knowing the little I know about you, you seem to be already an advanced Aneros user. Just take it easy on your maiden voyage with this model. You'll be amazed it how sleek and smooth it inserts into you! I am sure the Progasm ICE will give you lots of pleasure from the get go!

  • Ice is my favorite, it justn itches that itch so so good. 
  • Enjoy!  ICE is amazing piece of art!
  • I LOVE IT.