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  • View Poll Results: Pegging? Voters: 194

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    Never. No way. Forget it 5 2.58%

    Maybe, maybe not 14 7.22%

    I would if she asked me to 72 37.11%

    We did it - don't anymore 13 6.70%

    Yes, we do it regularly 37 19.07%

    I've asked, and she won't 20 10.31%

    I'm afraid to ask 33 17.01%

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Wow, what a great testament for open communication. I'll bet it took time and patience on your part. You have opened a new and mutually exciting chapter in your relationship.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Congrats, rook!

    I know you've been trying to get this going for some time. Years? Step by step, you'll get there.



  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    What a great post rook! And congratulations! Hope you two go the next step and she straps one on for you. :)
  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 148
    rook - this just warms my heart to hear about couples communicating about sex and the resulting pleasures and discoveries. The further down this path of pegging I go it becomes ever more apparent to me that communication is the key, sexually. I love hearing stories like yours.

    There are so many couples out there who never talk about fact they only talk about it when it's not working. That's just sad. Think of how much better sex could be if we all talked about it with our partners!

  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 148
    Hey everyone,
    I apologize for my absence. I've been a tad too busy, lately. Hope you are all well and either happily getting pegged or perhaps getting closer to that goal each and every day.

    1. News - This September I am honored to be on a panel with your very own CEO of Aneros, CT Schenk, at CatalystCon West in LA, CA. We will be joined by Charlie Glickman, co-author of "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" and Tom Stewart, CEO and owner of Sportsheets. We are all going to be talking about prostate pleasure, pegging and the persistent taboo connected with male anal play. Come to the convention and immerse yourself in a weekend of intelligent talk about sexuality!
    2. I am finishing up a book that is designed for men to give to their women to introduce them to pegging - written in my voice. It's not a very long book and can be read in one sitting. My goal is to dispel the myths and misconceptions, and give women accurate information about pegging so that they can make an informed decision about it. This will be available on Kindle download soon. I think this will fill a very real need in the pegging community.
    3. I just received notice that one of my erotic pegging stories was chosen for the Best Women's Erotica of 2014, edited by Violet Blue. Finally, I will be a bonafide published writer!
    Also - I bring news of a gorgeous new strap-on harness:
    They are made by Tantus and not quite on the shelves yet but hopefully....for Halloween?? This is their Connoisseur line and I can't wait to see what they will come up with next!

    Hope you are all well!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I cannot see the picture; is something wrong, or is it just me?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I can't see it either.
    I assumed this was because I'm using an Apple Mac!
  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 148
    Sorry guys - don't know what happened (maybe I broke the rules? And if I did someone please tell me!)

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Ruby.

    Posting a pic in a thread here is usually done by using the "Attach a file" feature. It seems to be working. (double click on the image and it runs as an animated gif.)



    250 x 225 - 744K
  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 148
  • I'd like to get pegged because frankly one of my biggest fantasies is to lay back (or forward or whatever) and experience nothing but the anal pleasure that comes from something big and firm moving back and forth. It's heartwarming to hear that people who were skeptical that their partners would ever agree to peg them have managed to get to "yes." 

    I still don't think I'd get my wife to say "yes," though.
  • Hello, deep.

    I never expected my wife would go for pegging either. But, after getting her involved in my Aneros sessions, she seemed more likely to agree, and she did. The process was discussed way up in this thread somewhere.

    The best approaches are explained by Ruby Ryder, here:

    Good luck,

  • Deep - The three main things to remember are communication, patience and information. I did write an article called "Convincing Her to Try It" with all the various approaches and when to use them. It will help you avoid the pitfalls. (Thanks for the shout out, Dave) That is the fantasy of many men is to lay back and receive pleasure through pegging....
  • I have absolutely no idea why a straight man would want a woman to f**k him with a plastic penis when there's lots of men willing and able to do that with the real thing. Seriously, would someone summarize how a woman acting like a man can give pleasure to men who would never think of having sex with a man. I get the submissive piece for the man I think and I can imagine how it might turn on a woman to make a man submissive. I have no clue what's going on with pegging and I want to understand because so many men here seem into pegging. But I don't want to wade through the 10 pages of this thread in the hope of finding an answer.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    There are ways for you to ask and receive answers to your questions without being judgmental. This thread has the highest posting count of any current thread and one of the highest viewing rates indicating the high interest level. Asking in a respectful manner will get you the answers you seek and supports the entire community.

    You might consider that rather than submission, or dominance, or role switching, some may be just enjoying the full erotic potential of both partners. It can be just that simple.

  • Here is a summarization for your edification:
    1. The area of you body that you enjoy having stimulated has no bearing on the gender you prefer to do the stimulating. Men who enjoy anal stimulation don't automatically enjoy having sex with men.
    2. Thinking that a man who enjoys anal stimulation must be gay makes about as much sense as thinking a lesbian who uses a strap-on on her lover must be straight.
    3. A recent study showed that only 33 - 35% of gay men even have anal sex.
    4. The prostate gland, which can be stimulated through the rectal wall, can provide many men with just as much pleasure as the G-Spot can provide many women.
    5. Combined Prostate and penile stimulation can provide many men with orgasms 10 times more powerful than an orgasm achieved through penile stimulation only.
    6. The best toys are silicone, not plastic.
    7. More information at
  • thank you Ruby Ryder and Xileh, for your responses but II really didn't mean to be disrespectful or judgmental in asking my questions and was just trying to be light in the way I asked them (quess it didn't work). I guess my question was poorly phrased.

    However, you really didn't answer my questions as I knew the information that you gave me already and was really asking something else. I'm gay and really don't understand straight men's attraction to women in general (well maybe a little), never mind what men see in pegging so I asked an honest question.Ruby, I looked at, and got an idea why women love pegging. I guess what I was really asking is why do men love pegging. Still looking for an answer to that question. I wanted to know more about the erotic fantasies that energize pegging for men rather than the mechanics. I know about prostate stimulation and the pleasure that gives but a big part of the pleasure, maybe especially with pegging, is the fantasy component. I'm clueless about that. And to my mind, pegging looks like being f**ked by a man which I can relate to, so my confusion is natural.

    Maybe it's one of those things where "you just had to be there", like asking a gay man why he's turned on by another man (which is a question I used to get before it became politically incorrect to ask it). It's such an intimate question and so basic to our nature that it's difficult to even understand why someone is asking it. I guess I'm interested in everything about men and what makes us tick. Thus, the question.

    If this response comes off as disrespectful too, just ignore it and I won't ask again. I'm sorry about any offense I caused.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @euphemistic - thank you for replying, misunderstandings happen. I apologize for reading your post incorrectly, I enjoy your other posts and look forward to them. I have learned so much from our gay members that I have changed my view on great many topics.

    I think you have a very good question. I think that for whatever the reason the individual male attraction to pegging is, men do have to allow themselves to become vulnerable so to speak. That's a complex situation that would make generalities difficult. I look forward to the responses.

    I need some time to reflect on my answer.


  • Hello, euphemistic.

    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Obviously, you know about anal pleasure. Intellectually, you understand that we straight guys are turned on by women. So, when engaged in sexual relations, it's natural to enjoy anal stim by itself or in conjunction with oral or vaginal sex. Whether it's a finger, a dildo, a vibe or Aneros, the effects are similar. I also like the idea that my wife is getting off while I'm getting off. Sometimes, the best way for that to happen is for her to wear a double dildo that hits her hot spots AND mine simultaneously. In other words, pegging makes the experience more about mutual pleasure and less about me, me, me.



  • Hi Dave, I was wondering about that, if the pegging device was pleasuring the woman too with the double dildo. That sounds sexy to me, both getting pleasure with the same motions, the same device and the same kind of deep pleasures at the same time, with each other. I think I'm beginning to get the picture of what pegging is about. thank you.

    So you mix it up sexually with your wife, sometimes f**king her and sometimes being f**ked? I guess I could have figured that out for myself if I thought about it. But my imagination doesn't usually go that way. I have been pretty limited sexually up to now. 

    I've sometimes thought that 2 men with aneros's inside and getting sexual, even going through dry orgasms or super Os at the same time or alternately, would be my ultimate fantasy. Maybe even sharing the same device, back and forth! Do any of the gay men here do that?

    I noticed that I prefer to be penetrated over being the penetrator in general, although I usually go back and forth (at least in fantasies) being either and sometimes being both at the same time. I also noticed that us bottoms seem to go into a kind of trance when penetrated while the top one doesn't exactly go to the same place. Maybe it's just the focus on what's going on deep inside and the luxury of NOT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING for a change. Just enjoy the pleasure that we're receiving from our partner. 

  • You're welcome, euphemistic. Sounds like you understand what's going on with pegging, now.

    As for top vs bottom experiences, my wife and I switch back and forth a lot. That is probably more common than most people think. Both roles are pleasurable, so why be limited?

    I don't know about sharing sex toys within a session, Aneros, vibes or whatever. Sanitation can become an issue even between partners. Best to each have a set for simultaneous use. Sharing a toy box of stuff isn't a problem as long as the toys are well cleaned between uses.



    PS. The counters on this thread are broken. 

  • Leave it to us to break the counters...sheesh!
  • So I got this cool tote bag at CatalystCon West that says "Aneros" on it in large print...and I delight in taking it into the grocery store to see who recognizes it. Who knows, maybe this is how I will meet my forever man...!

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Haha @RubyRyder! Thats awesome, and of course it took a good woman to trump the lot of us. Bet none of us fellas would have the guts to do that including me.
    Youdawoman! I am married but if I was single and saw you and the bag and knew of its pleasures, you sure would get my attention :x
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Ill second that @braveneworld, I would think man this chic is freaky, and me likes it!  LOL
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I am married but I doubt I could resist the temptation to introduce myself to any woman I saw carrying such a bag, if only to find out why she is doing so!
  • ;) Thanks Gentlemen. It's easier for me to carry it because a) I'm single and b) for me, a man who is not interested in pegging - that's a deal breaker for obvious reasons, so it pays for me to advertise it a bit, and c) I'm a woman.

    But I have to tell you - I would react the same way as @Pommie if I saw a man carrying one. I'd have to introduce myself just to do it and meet the man who is confident enough about his sexual preferences, or just that he's in touch with his ass (so to speak) that he would openly carry a bag like that.
  • Before I started using an Aneros I'd say HELL NO! But now...I would if she long as the thing wasn't too big. I don't want to feel like I'm getting raped by my GF lol.
  • Size of the toy is important - more so for the man than the woman, obviously. Funny how sometimes couples new to pegging will lean in one of two directions...the guy is so excited about pegging that his eyes are truly bigger than his ass and they purchase something too large. Or - he's so concerned that anal play will be painful that they purchase something the size of her finger (in which case she could have just used her finger). A nice medium size toy is best - like 6" in length and 1.25" in diameter.

    Can we leave out the word "raped"? No no no!!!!
  • @Ruby Ryder You have a good point. And I apologise for using the word "rape". That seemed like the most descriptive word for a toy that might be too big, and a woman who is too enthusiastic about using it. I'm sure that I would enjoy the experience if everything was right.
  • No apology necessary. Anal play takes a lot of trust. But the giver needs to know what the hell they are doing - and far too many don't (both genders). For women who are new to pegging, I wrote this article about male ass play as a precursor to pegging. I would love to see all couples do this instead of jumping into things too fast.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Theres a new game at Hogwarts that all the wizards are playing! 
    Hermione and her girlfriends love to watch and then peg the boys all night long

    640 x 496 - 556K
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Yikes! those benches look more like instruments of torture than pleasure. The non-BDSM pegging erotica easily found on the Web is sexier.



  • Hey Linda,
    Hope things worked out. I was nervous about bringing up the subject with my wife and asked her to visit the web sites like Aneros to look at the facts. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Anal goes both ways as does oral and hand jobs. Now she pegs me and sex is awesome.

    Good luck
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    From a chat session yesterday (mostly centered around pegging) :

    Guest1: I like the look of all models, but my eyes feast on the EVI. Does anyone know if this model would be of benefit to male anatomy?
    rook: ‹@Guest1› we have one or two guys who have played it anally... U might ask @artform
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› i have used the GSpot stimulator side of my ex-wife's strapless "the Share"... Loved it!... That was much bigger than a prostate stim though
    Guest1: ‹@Canacan› Hmmm ! That has piqued my curiosty.
    Guest1: ‹@Guest1› Well bigger is my objective, while I appreciate the smaller dimensions I believe men could accommodate a slightly larger, girthie model. Does anyone else agree?
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› go for it, this thing is amazing... And when inserted that way you get two dicks (one of which permanently hard) imagine the countless possibilities... Yes I double penetrated my wife alone with my dick and prostate ... How does that sound ? (lol) (feels great for one)
    Guest1: ‹@Canacan› And you say it's called a "Share"
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› Share by Fun Factory... I'll give you a link
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› Aneros goal is to be subtle... This is a different game, different goal, different pleasure... The Aneros will teach you how to enjoy, but then you can enjoy so many things
    rook: ‹@Guest1› shape gets important when you are lubing up for something large. The EVI is a slippery toy when it's lubed and it's, "difficult to get a handle on" if there's any resistance ... my only experience is doing a Vaginal insertion when I can get a couple of fingers inside to guide it. Stretching out a sphincter without a speculum wud be more challenging.
    Guest1: ‹@Canacan› You are right, I do enjoy John Dory wrapper in filo and also Haute Brion 57
    rook: ‹@Guest1› ‹@rook› Share carries excellent scores from a couple of our pegging enthusiasts (smile)
    Canacan: isnt it beautiful ?
    Guest1: ‹@Canacan› Thank you very much.
    varmint: Hello riders!
    Canacan: ‹@rook› oh there are reports of share using here ?
    Canacan: ‹@rook› definitely would like to read them
    rook: ‹@Canacan› iirc, in the Pegging thread (gigantic)... check for Share posts by Ten_s_Nut and Love_is
    cj187: hi guys
    rook: ‹@Canacan› our 'regular' pegging cadre is limited ... only a couple of dozen guys.
    Canacan: ‹@Guest1› ‹@rook› I'll buy a new one only when I am sure I am in a couple were both of us can orgasm from it... Meaning I for one am not fully ready yet
    Canacan: ‹@rook› strapless pegging is AMAZING ! (You don't know what you are missing)
    rook: ‹@Canacan› might be good to touch base with Ten_s_nut. He has had to modify more than one and has posted some specific design deficiencies in a couple of tools
    AneRico: I recently purchased a strap on dildo. Haven't been able to use it yet. (sad)
    Guest1: Pegging, just the name and what springs to mind when thinking about it, is relaxing in and of itself. The action, the submission of man upon the sheets, reversed and do-able, the forbidden secret of it all and the smile it must bring. Oh Peggy Sue where are you?
    rook: ‹@Canacan› Wife is totally a missionary position gal. No pegging (yet) here. She gloves to 'saw' me with a dildo. Am consideriing adding a handle to an Aneros... perhaps Maximus.
    rook: think pegging would offer more personal interaction/intercommunicaition and less 'overthrusting' than does this elementary "sawing"
    Canacan: ‹@rook› let her do you missionary then (lol) it's the best position anyway (well knees up and clenching her bottom with crossed feet even better)
    varmint: Woah! The imagery!
    Canacan: ‹@rook› strapless will stimulate her g spot ... If she is any good at it she will enjoy a lot
    rook: ‹@Canacan› woman really hates topping. We haven't done cowgirl in years (many years).
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› see why I don't care for porn... What they do is a joke compared to real life
    Canacan: ‹@rook› then you do cowboy (lol)
    rook: verily (lol)
    varmint: Oh man!
    varmint: Ohh! Reminds me of those few times where wife is so horny she ***s me
    Guest1: ‹@Canacan› Ever since I first laid loin on a woman, nude and in missionary, legs raised to expand the Volvo, I would always end each coitus with a wet finger lube in Vagie-oil deep into her anus, this would always, always bring her to ecstatic orgasm that went on forever. I was envious of her capacity to extend her feeling of delight, and I have been led to believe that Aneros, when mastered can bring the same extended orgasms to men. Is there any truth to this?
    varmint: ‹@Guest1› Yes there is. Ability to revel in the great pleasure your body has to offer!
    varmint: Wouldn't you know I pop into chat when my #1 fantasy is being discussed!
    rook: ‹@Guest1› I think so. We've been using an Aneros during sex for over 5 years. Started with a Helix then 'standardizd' on an SGX for me.
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› isn't the world perfect ? (lol)
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› and erotic!
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› damn right it is ! (big smile)
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› let me see if I can find you some videos ... They are of girl on girl action but you can easily transpose (wink)
    varmint: No needs, bit of a pegging connoisseur from my 'research' You're right about the strapless ones like Feeldoe, so damn sexy to think of wife ***ing me with her own cock
    Canacan: The feeldoe is much less sexy than the Share (and also focuses on clitoris instead of Gspot)
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› Good to know! Been going on aesthetics alone
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› aesthetics are damn important... They are the big turn on for me here 
    varmint: All hot and bothered here!
    Canacan: now tell me the money shots in the end aren't a big turn on.... I can tell you seeing this pink thing (ours was pink) like it was grown from my girls vagina WOW... Balls are so unaesthetic in comparison... The share in a girl is gorgeous
    varmint: So hard, leaking and ass burning from these vids
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› next time... Do yourself a favor : ... Get pegged (lol)
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› Working on it. Wife fingers and sometimes licks a little bit, but taking sometime to get here comfortable with the idea
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› you can also reverse the roles (a second time) insert the vaginal part in your ass (with lube and stretching) and do her the way she did you
    varmint: Wow! Picture having two cocks...
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› it is amazing... And even stroking the second one massages your p-spot
    Canacan: i have someday to do a threesome where I *** a girl with the ass dick while an other one is riding my real cock... Oh oh so many possibilities... Too bad I am of the sentimental monogamous type
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› Mmm.....
    Canacan: ‹@varmint› this Share thing is not perfect it has its flaws... But if I was in couple again I'd buy a new one right away... So erotic... I guess I miss my second cock
    varmint: OMG! Autos
    Canacan: Man do porn filmmakers lack both imagination and taste !
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› yes
    euphemistic: ‹@varmint› I'm picturing that right now
    varmint: One Super down!! Soaked in sweat and precum
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› yeah I know... And talk about gay. Gay videos are so poorly directed... Bah
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› yes. 99.9 percent are
    euphemistic: every once in a while I find one that is very intimate and rings true
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› yes I think straight and lesbian tend to be a little better...
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› well everyone can do good by mistake sometimes (lol)
    varmint: Monkeys and typewriters
    euphemistic: I wasn't impressed with straight porn. before I came out, I went to a lot of that
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› after all it is the same with straight porn... The best usually are unintentional
    euphemistic: I don't know about lesbian porn
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› and they never compare with real life (big smile)
    euphemistic: yes, sigh
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› hey lesbian porn can be good... Ask varmint (wink)
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› (big smile)
    Canacan: This is one of the best porn video I have seen (hey wait!... We don't even see a thing (lol)) :
    varmint: Oh! Still going
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› tell me what you think ...
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› that IS hot the way she describes it
    euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› did you see the actual video?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› yes I did... had to (lol)
    euphemistic: made me envious... of her... (lol)
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› made me envious too... It is part of what got me into the Share and Aneros... Not envious anymore now... More like complicit look exchange with her "yeah girl, totally know, but don't spread our secrets"
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› or course dp is all about the girls ... Who would want to be the guy ? (lol)
    euphemistic: IDK but I imagine a lot of guys... no?
    Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› guys fantasize about the pleasure they give girls... Or that is my guess
    varmint: ‹@Canacan› Calmed down enough to watch the video. Asa is one of my favs, smart and so erotic
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Canacan   -  Thank you for posting this chat log. I'd like to clear up some misconceptions though. Most women that want to peg with a "strapless" double dildo need a double dildo compatible harness to keep it in her during the act. Typically the anal muscles in the man are stronger than the vaginal muscles in a woman. There are some documented exceptions to this, but they are the extreme minority.

    "Canacan: The feeldoe is much less sexy than the Share (and also focuses on clitoris instead of Gspot"

    While the much less sexy part is a matter of opinion and taste, it is incorrect to state that the Feeldoe does not focus on the G-spot. The bulb, or pony end of the Feeldoe/Realdoe, Fun Factory Share line, and Happy Valley Silicone Tango all target the woman's G-spot. Even ones like the Vixen Creations Nexus, Vamp Silicone Duetto, BS is Nice Olga, and Wet For Her Four may stimulate the G-Spot even though they don't seem to be specifically designed for that in the same way the former three are. It's just that the Feeldoe and Tango also have clitoral ridges and optional vibrator in case a the woman wants or needs that. I've actually played with a woman with her Feeldoe Classic (no vibrator) inside her with a harness holding it in. She orgasmed multiple times over and over just from the G-spot stimulation of the bulb. She specifically showed me how she liked me to move the shaft via my hand, to give her the stimulation she wanted. Which was to push and pull on the shaft perpendicular to her body with the clitoral ridges not touching her vulva or clitoris.

    That being said, which double dildo feels comfortable and pleasurable to a woman or man in pegging depends a lot on body geometry and sexual stimulation preferences. Which user Ten_s_nut discovered with his wife. This is not uncommon. Though the extent he went through to make it work for her via customizing the toys is. Many couples go through a few tries of different dildo and harness models until they find one that they both like.

    For myself, I own both the Feeldoe More and Fun Factory Share. They both look sexy on a woman, but the Share just doesn't work well for me. The silicone is too soft and floppy and doesn't stimulate my prostate very well. I don't like the shape of the shaft with how it gets larger towards the bulb end. And the matte finish of the silicone irritates my anus. Which the latter can be fixed with a condom over it, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that for a high quality toy. The Feeldoe More does a much better job with having firmer silicone, smooth finish, larger diameter shaft and more pronounced head, and a shaft that slightly tapers towards the bulb end. These all give me much better stimulation and a better experience. These are all sexual stimulation preferences that are specific to me. Each person and/or couple has to figure out what works for them.

    Edit:  Here's some links that people might find helpful.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    @Love_is thank you for the clarification !
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Love_is and Canacan for these posts!!

    Having great results for me with Realdoe Slim, and gently introducing with her verbally before getting action testing agreement.... 

    onward and upward all

  • Nice post on Pegging.  My wife uses the Share on me and it is wonderful!   I experienced multiple O's the last time we had fun with it.  She has no problem holding the share in without a harness.  It just took some practice.  She has some STRONG PC muscles.  Good for me!  ;)  It takes me a while to be able to fit the bulb end in to do DP with her though..  I have to work up to it.  Thanks to the aneros, I have been opened up to a new world!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Maybe 1 in 25 (I'm guessing) women can hold their end of the double dildo without a harness. I wish my wife could. The only way we can avoid the harness is if I ride cowboy and she keeps her legs together, tightly. Although that works for me, she doesn't like the position because the bulb doesn't hit the right spot.

    Peg on, dudes.

  • I'm a single straight male, never given much thought to the notion of pegging. I've always been mildly curious about anal play, more so in giving than in receiving. Since I started using the aneros devices my perspectives have changed quite a bit. Recently after some hugely successful anal orgasms i've decided that i'm very interested in the notion of pegging. I saw a video that was shared of a couple engaged in pegging and it looked extremely pleasurable, as I imagined myself in the guys position. 

    Its an exciting prospect, though perhaps a little off in the distance for me. I'm actually a virgin, saving myself for marriage. Some people may think otherwise, but personally I want to wait and share every sexual experience with my (future) one and only. I feel like my experiences with the aneros are preparing me in a  good way for those. 
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, musicmaker.

    Good luck finding a wife. You might want to discuss your sexual inclinations before you get hitched. Don't assume she'll go along with anything just because she loves you.



  • heh, thanks Dave. I'm sure stuff like that will be discussed in due time. Although those kind of sexual inclinations wouldn't ultimately be a deal breaker for me. If she was a good match for me in every way but felt differently about certain sexual practices I don't think i'd call it off just for that, haha. I think its important to be prepared for the notion that your spouse may not (or never) care to partake in your exploits and to accept that. A good marriage isn't just about sex. 

    All that being said, I feel like the kind of wife i'm looking for is an adventurous type in all facets of life. Which would lead me to believe that she may also be adventurous in the bedroom as well. Who knows. Time will tell. 

  • @musicmaker86
    If you are not sexually compatible with a woman DO NOT MARRY HER! A good marriage requires good sex.
  • CanacanCanacan
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    If you are not sexually compatible with a woman DO NOT MARRY HER! A good marriage requires good sex.

    Quoted for truth.

    Really @musicmaker86 what you said is backwards.
    This is the most important thing.
    Sure it is not only about sex... But if sex compatibility is bad then it is no use even asking about the rest.
  • I can't speak from experience, since I am neither married nor have I actually ever had sex. But I do believe in saving myself for marriage. Sure this might limit my knowledge on our sexual compatibility. Especially if, like me, she is also a virgin. But to this, I also believe that this is what makes for a good coupling. Discovering each others bodies and desires together. I also believe that if we are compatible in multiple ways before sex is involved, odds are (for the most part) we will likely be compatible sexually as well. Alternatively if we are incompatible sexually, it is probable that there will be other incompatibilities that would arise and nullify the relationship long before sex would even be brought up. This is just my personal philosophy. Its not for everybody, but its what I believe and what I adhere to. 

  • @musicmaker86
    Your idealism will ultimately be your demise.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @musicmaker86, i think i see what your saying.  Discovering each other is amazing!  Learning about each other.  Most women are level headed and will understand if you explain something clearly and in a way they can understand.  But communication is key.  Can't stress that enough.  Alot of people, myself included, bitch and moan about wives who will not participate in things they like, but I bet most have not even broached the subject, they are too chicken, again myself included LOL.  Me and my wife have lost our intimacy after having children, its both our faults, but we can get it back, it will just take time, effort, and communication.  I also wanted to say I think its cool your waiting for marriage, nothing wrong with, nothing at all.  Stick to your guns if its what you believe in.  Good Luck buddy!
  • brinebrine
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    Hey, I waited and next month is our 30th anniversary. So, I guess it worked for me! :)