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Think yourself to orgasm?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I found this youtube video which talks about this briefly.  Anyways thought it was interesting since I know some of us including myself can sometimes have a dry O thru an aneroless session.  So I thought this would be a good discussion to start to see what others think and how they think this actually happens and what process is used by others so that maybe we could figure out a path for us all.  Any thoughts?

  • My girlfriend can do this easily.
    I have literally talked her into cumming before. Like only stimulation was my voice.

    I am actually getting to that point too. I am learning so much from her. I love it!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    @ineverknew Yes! Thanks for the link too.

    @MMO_RPGlol Lucky man! Lucky lady! See Mantak Chia's MultiOrgasmic Couple.


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • @artform I never even heard of that one! Its going in my collection!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I wonder how many of us remember the scene in the film "A Fish Called Wanda" when the John Cleese character talks to the Jamie Lee Curtis character using a Russian accent? lol
  • @pommie I can't even tell you how before my time that is. :D as a fresh 20 year old, I have nooo clue what that means!:)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Suggest you seek out the DVD.
    It was a seriously funny movie and well worth the effort. It was also British!
  • This is absolutely true. I have not been on the forum much lately because for the last few months the no hands orgasms have addicted me and taking over my life lol. I would have to say I am rewired by now and I do not even use Aneros toys anymore. I had progressed with Aneros very quickly from the start and experienced all night dry o and super o within first month of using. i kept playing around with different ideas but someone posted links on here for erotic hypnosis by isabella valentine for no hands ejaculation. I kept playing with this and would have intense dry o's but never ejaculated. I went through all of jackpot series recordings and one would get more intense than the other and I would have super O's that were so amazing and oozing precum like crazy but no full ejaculation. Since then I have been looking into other erotic hypnosis sessions and found many that I like even better than Isabella. I do not touch down there at all and I do not use any toys etc and i experience Super O's that are so amazing it will make me so addicted that I spend all night in sessions. Now when I look at porn especially POV I can actually feel the blow job or feel pussy or even more intense probably cause I am an ass man is I can feel the womans ass so tight eventually after hours of orgasms my muscles right below the penis flutter for a long time with amazing feelings into euphoria that it ejaculates. So Yes your mind is your most powerful sexual organ and I will continue to watch how much more intense super O's can possibly get. The only issue is well besides being addictive is the constant energy flowing and pumping throughout my body and my prostate is always pumping almost so I have to take a few days rest or weeks to control it. Aneros gets our minds realizing different ways to orgasm and as you progress you can do it ALL with your mind and takes your Orgasms to levels you cannot even imagine and never knowing how much stronger they will get.

  • So clubhard, what other sources have you found? I will say that although I have never reached ejaculation with the Jackpot series myself, they have driven my arousal up to where I can mentally mini orgasm. So do share please.

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi clubhard,

    > you progress you can do it ALL with your mind and takes your Orgasms to levels you cannot even imagine and never knowing how much stronger they will get.<

    Over the years I've progressed with KSMO, Aneros and Peridise and have finally realised that, for me,
    the most intense, erotically-charged and long-lasting orgasms result with no assistance from any inserted device. My range of devices are now therefore unused and stay in a little cloth bag. But the KSMO will always be with me, locked into my mind. And the orgasms still get stronger with each session and there seems to be no limit yet. What a journey this is!

    Attempts at self-hypnosis have never worked for me.

    I think it likely that anyone who takes the MMO road and stays on it for long enough will eventually be able to think himself to orgasm - without even trying. 
  • I'm getting to the point where I can think myself to near orgasmic states. Sometimes I'll include some minor muscle contractions to try to intensify things.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I've heard all of the jackpot series hypnosis files also, I dont think I have ever been able to trance, so they didnt result in any hands free jackpots LOL.  Though they have given me mini O's.  Isabella valentine used to be so good, now her stuff is all crap, she has officially gone off the deep end.  I also agree that some of my aneroless sessions have been much better then sessions where I actually use an aneros device, but the results although great are never consistant.
  • Ok guys i will be happy to share my sites i use and experiences but my sessions are not for everyone by any means (multiple hours)and literally the pleasure is so amazing it has taken over my life and sometimes get sore from too many O's but no complaints here lol.

    My mind has been trained from the beginning with aneros. Then some night i progressed to anerosless sessions and at that time was my best o's of my life and first super O but have way surpassed that super o. My first super O was with an anerosless session, I used different methods than others possibly because I always used some type of erotic entertainment-porn, playboy channel whatever. So my mind was trained through erotic eye candy also which might be why my experiences are a bit different. I found for erotic hypnosis my favorites were ones where you could see tits/ass etc. Some of my favorites are: Mistress Candice(milf) and her girl Sindy)super hot). Trance (hot girls).... In these sessons i feel like the ladies are truly controlling my junk. I do not ejaculate from these sessions but always have O's but With these sessions they progressed me even further that my mind is trained that if I watch POV porn especially I
     can feel in my cock whatever is happening on the screen! Here are some of my favs and 2 of these are FREE. I came off the most mind blowing night of Orgasms last night with 10 ejaculations that I still can't believe it happened. 
    After initial induction of a few of the trance provider girls Misty and Angel then followed by my favorite girl for POV porn TARA TAINTON (extremely hot milf) Then followed by a free pov video on pornhub virtual nina(awesome pov) then under related I played around with cock hero. Cock hero is a mix of super hot porn designed to make you last longer before you cum while you stroke but of course I just touch my dick at all but the videos are hot and are designed to try to get you to come and if you can make it through the video without cumming while stroking you can move onto next level. Well I went through hours of this with wonderful O's insuing but at about 6 hours total into my session (yup 6 hours) I started to ejaculate like a fountain pouring down my leg, I  cummed WAS SATISFIED and then another ejaculation stop- then another ejaculation. etc etc total of 10 ejaculations and i was covered in liquid and completely satisfied like never before. I do not touch myself at all in my sessions I just pretend my cock is the cock in the videos and at this time is very easy for me. I hope this is what you were asking as i am not a PRO I am just a lucky user that has rewired in new ways. But in the end Aneros started the buzzing in my prostate which led me to where I am now. i agree with MOG sessions just seem to always get better but I would think at some point you would have to peak. My sessions have mind blowing super O;s and send me in violent shakes I want to scream but i am never alone so i can't imagine they get better with each session is crazy but it happens. For me my aneros and anerosless sessions usually were always atleast 3hours everytime but keeps getting onger because when it feels that good it is euprhoric and i don't want to stop. 

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been using sessions from for my hands-free orgasms. I am hooked and it trained me to have multiple orgasms and long sessions of wonderful automatic anal and rectal contractions. My favourite lady is Liv Wilde (my god how her voice drives me crazy) but I leave it to you to find the right voice for you. I started the journey on YouTube looking for hyno orgasm vids and found a few good practitioners. I also experimented with various binaural beats online, which also can work. You need to want to be hynotized and you need to listen to the induction files first so you get the triggers of your session leader. Another good girl is Kali Bliss. She is very effevtive and instructive. But for me the best success has been with Hypnofantasy. Have fun!