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  • Newbie here, Aneros user since April.  Since about last week, I noticed about 3 or 4 external hemmorhoids around my anus.  Never really had any problem with them before, and I recently started using a Progasm.  I wonder if I was too aggressive with contracting if it could have caused the hemmorhoids.  Anyone have any experience like this?  They are not really all that painful, just a minor nuisance.  The biggest problem is I think I have to lay off the Aneros until they clear up.  Anybody have any idea how long it might take for them to clear up, or any other advice dealing with this type of hemmorhoid?
  • pretty much the same here, never had any problem yet
  • I'm in my 50's and for the last few years I seem to have this problem about once every 12 to 15 months. When they're painful, I'll put some cotton balls in a small zip lock bag and soak them in aloe vera with lidocane and witch hazel. Just put the cotton ball on the hemmeroid and you'll be good for a few hours. If they're not painful, lube up the affected area and give it a gentle massage. Sometimes you can push the blood out of the swollen area. Good luck.
  • isvaraisvara
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    FWIW, I found that the large and medium neck Aneroses initially caused me problems. The narrow neck Aneroses seemed to clear up my 'rhoids. For some time I stuck with the SGX and PS-New. Now when I use the large neck ones I exercise the sphincters from time to time and especially after I withdraw the Aneros. This seems to keep everything 'tight'. I also occasionally hold the handle near the column and have a tug of war with the sphincters to test their strength, this seems to strengthen them, but I never actually pull it out as this would be damaging.
    Others on the forum have commented that lube makes a difference. Unrefined Shea Butter has been helpful, for me a mix of Sweet Almond Oil and Bees Wax has been good.

    Examples, not a complete list.
    Large necks: PROGASMs, VICE
    Medium: Euphos, Helixes,
    Narrow necks: SGX, MGX, PS-New

    Tempo is itsself, I find it goes in too far.
  • I don't know for sure because I haven't had that problem yet. But, in my research I have found that using a Peridise is good for both normal hemroids and the ones associated with Aneros use.
  • I too find that regular Aneros use tends to clear them up too, but I seldom ever get them.  I too agree that the Peridise is great when it comes to soothing the region.  I usually insert one as a way of cooling off after any type of anal play.

    Are you sure they actually are hemmorhoids, and not a reaction to your particular lubricant?
  • A couple of years ago I cleared up my hemorrhoids with a dildo. 
  • PommiePommie
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    High Island Health (HIH), the manufacturers of the Aneros range of massagers, have designed and produced a set of tools specifically to provide relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids. They were called "Peristal" and are marketed by the Aneros company as "Peridise".

    Some years ago, I obtained a set of "Peristals" from HIH and am able to report that by following their instructions, my 'rrhoids have all but disappeared. I must admit however, that I continue to use the smallest one on a regular basis to ensure that they remain that way. I have the added benefit that it is contributing to my rewiring.

    Several contributors to this forum have reported that they are able to achieve strong anal orgasms from the use a Peridise, and for some, one of these is their tool of choice.

    I would also strongly advise that a diet that has a high fibre content will greatly assist.
  • Thanks to all for the helpful comments. Bryeinabox, I am as sure as I can be based on comparing what I saw in a good magnified mirror to a Google image search.

    It just seemed odd that I haven't ever had this problem before, until about 2 weeks after getting my Progasm. I thought maybe I had been too aggressive with it. But based on everyone's comments and other research, it sounds like the hemmorhoids are the result of straining to "push out" too hard rather than "pull in". I would have to surmise that in my aneros sessions, there is really not any pushing out involved when doing anal contractions, if anything that generates a pulling in effect.

    As for fiber, I am fairly confident my intake is good, not only from diet, but I have been taking a daily psyllium husk (Metamucil) dose for cholesterol purposes. I am now going to increase that to 2 times daily.

    What I did not expect to learn is that use of a narrow neck aneros may actually help the situation. This is good news, and I may consider adding one of those models to my collection, as I currently use the Helix Syn, Maximus, and Progasm.

    For now, I guess I will hope they resolve naturally soon. I haven't found anything to indicate how long that may take, so I will just keep an eye on things and be patient.

    Thanks again to everyone for your guidance. It is most appreciated.
  • I had the same problem with the progasm and must admit that i do occasionally get a roid from the progasm still, but use of a smaller aneros and or a peridise set will get it under control.
    Once you get the progasm to work for you it is worth the roid hastle. Progasm rubs me up the right way, what can i say! :)
  • rookrook
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    Having had both surgical banding and laser treatment for troublesome roids in the past I'm vulnerable to repeat attacks.  And a Progasm Classic session can trigger at attack.  (I don't have a Progasm ICE but suspect I'd have less difficulty with it.)  I seldom have any issues with the Vice though but I do generously lube the neck of the Vice.

    Most of the above suggestions have worked for me.  Here's what's important to me.

    1.  Diet:  I try to have a generous amount of fiber in at least two meals each day.  (usually a bran cereal at breakfast and a generous portion of a fibous vegetable at lunch.  If I sense the onset of difficult bowel movements I'll swallow a small capsule of stool softner and I never use a laxative and seldom take a large enema even though I enjoy a good cleanout several times a year.

    2.  Cleanliness:  Years ago my doc ordered a couple of daily Sitz baths.  I've found those time consuming and inconvenient.  I have a shower shot and when the hint of a roid develops, I shower morning and night and use the larger Cleanstream nozzle to direct a spray of warm water around the anus and adjoining perineal area then insert a lubed Peridise.

    3.  Pre-session Douching:  I think it important to ensure there's no lingering roughage in my rectum or anal canal before a session.  Early on I found that fecal grit (roughage like popcorn fragments) can work it's way onto the neck of an Aneros toy and act as an abrasive when I go into uncontrollable breathiing, major suck-ins or involuntary contractions.  During my pre-session shower I douche via a short piece of soft rubber rectal tube slid onto the smaller Cleanstream nozzle.  I pre-lube it with a water based lube before inserting it.

    4.  Lube:  I'm dryer than a lot of guys in the forum and don't produce any of the natural oils that others report.   I use a durable lube on both sphincters and in my anal canal before a session.  Vaseline, Crisco and expecially Shea Butter are favorites.   Then inject my rectal lube or shea butter pellets.

    5.  Treatment:  Find a hemorrhoid ointment or salve that is not marked, for "External Use Only" and one that does not contain an anesthetic or numbing agent that can hide abuse of an affected area during a session.  Generally, avoid the "soothing cream" products.  I've chosen the U.S. domestic version of Prep-H (ointment), which is approved by the FDA.  A good practical indicator is an ointment which is packed with a small nozzle so that it can be injected into the canal.  You can discard he nozzle but keep the knowledge that if you use it with a Peridise inside your canal it's an OK thing.  If in doubt, check with your Doc.

    6.  Peridise:  Like other guys in this thread, if I get sloppy and develop a 'roid,  I butter a Peridise with Prep-H and do an overnight with it or 'pack' it for several hours during my daily activities.

    7.  If there's a hint of a flare-up I'll move my sessions to the Helix-syn.  In addition to a thin coat or Vaseline or Crisco on the body of the toy, I'll smear some Prep-H onto the lower neck.

    Hope this helps.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Sorry to get in here late, HandsFree, but in all, more or less regular Aneros use has helped me with regard to hemorrhoid flare-ups, that is to say, I have far fewer flare-ups and they are milder when they do come as compared to pre-Aneros.  Can't add much obviously to all the excellent suggestions here already, but would say that for the day or so after using a Progasm (which I enjoy rarely and only for a brief amount of time when I do) I feel like my anus is sort of "loose feeling", that is like it doesn't feel closed as tightly as usual and some "pre-hemorrhoid" anal tissue swelling wants to mildly protrude.

    I think, as has been suggested here, that this is due to the large diameter neck of the Progasm stretching the external anal sphincter muscle more than what that muscle is used to for the duration of time it is inserted.  As I actually get the most intense orgasms the smaller the diameter of the model (the Eupho is still the best for me) I in fact rarely use the Progasm.  I also routinely lubricate the neck of any model I use with Preparation H cream which is very soothing and I think overall helps prevent hemorrhoid flare-ups.