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Struggling with Peridice
  • I currently have the Eupho Syn and the 4 piece Peridice set. The Eupho is great, but I'm really struggling with how to use Peridice. When I insert the Peridice I'll do some kegels and then recline in a chair for 30 to 45 minutes. There will be a bit of fluttering or butt buzz, but that's about the extent of it. Is the fluttering helping to tone the muscles down there? Should I leave it inserted for longer periods of time, perhaps sleep all night with it? My results from the Eupho were fast and apparent, the Peridice is so subtle, it seems like I'm doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated!
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I find the larger beginner Peridise to work great. Every bit as good as my helix. I initiate some contractions and it's off to the races - hang on.

    I don't do anything differently. Maybe you need to just be patient?
  • I recently got the 2nd smallest Peridise and it's my new fave.

    Feels like nothing is there but gives me great pleasure.

    Definitely for experienced Aneros users I feel.
  • I too have been a bit confused with Peridise.  It does feel good, but very subtle and never really intensifies for me.  I am rather experienced with Aneros.  I'm still using the larger two models, I haven't purchased the smaller advanced ones yet.  Perhaps I just need to move on to the smaller models, but not sure about making the purchase considering I haven't felt much effect from the larger ones.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    While I admit that my principal reason for buying the Peridise set was for the relief of haemorrhoids and that I followed the manufacturer's instructions for use of them as a set, I too have found that the smallest one is now one of my favourite tools.

    @OneEyedWillie, A couple of years ago I did try sleeping the night through with the second largest and second smallest models, it didn't happen often. The chief reason I don't do this any more is that my body has now become so responsive to the smallest model that any more than a couple of hours in one session is almost too much!

    To date I have accumulated a total of almost 1200 hours with Peridises, about 150 hours with the 22mm one, about 250 hours with the 20mm one, 450 hours with the 18mm one and 350 hours so far with the smallest!

    I really hope you have as much success with them as I have had!

    BTW, I am convinced that it has been mainly the use of Peridises that has led me to Anerosless dry Os.
  • Thanks for the responses! I only have approximately 25 - 30 hours with the largest one, so I'll try to be patient. ( It's just difficult being patient after my quick success with my other Aneros model ).

    A big reason I bought the Peridice set was I've had hemmoroids from time to time and also wanted to strengthen my pelvic floor. So, the fluttering I'm feeling after my kegel workout, is this helping to tone the anal canal to prevent future hemmoroids? Or is there anything else I can be doing to tone the muscles down there?

    On another note, I had some pretty amazing Aneros-less dry-o's this morning with just the slightest of stimulation! What a strange and wonderful journey this has become!!!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    My experience would indicate that regular use of the Peridise will help to keep your 'rrhoids under control and I would recommend that you continue using them. 
    Just accept that any orgasmic pleasure achieved is a bonus.
  • Well @OneEyedWillie I have the full set and now have the Tempo too!
    I have tried them all and found the largest to be the best. It was as good as a helix or eupho session and yet  different. I will sleep with it now and then and in the morning when i take it out I am very horny.
    I liked the large one so much that when the Tempo came my way i got real excited.
    The tempo is better yet still. Its not much bigger but it is so heavy! When you get it moving it is wonderful and the metal feel is divine! It moves in and out with more force which feels like more pressure.
    It is what i would expect a metal penis would feel like thrusting in and out. I am straight but that does not stop the way it feels.
    I have roids every now and then and both peridise,tempo and the helix keep them under control

  • Are you guys doing any kind of exercise with it inserted, or just relaxing and enjoying it? Also, curious how long your Peridice sessions typically last?
  • I just let it do its thing, relax. ! hour to all night long!
    I am sumwhat rewired so my butt just starts moving it like a prostate aneros
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    Nothing different than how I use a Helix. Minor contractions on my own and trying to relax. Usually things start up within minutes and will continue with intense O's over and over again until I decide I've had enough. Sessions can be as short as 20-30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • I read in some of the backlogs of this forum that to use the Peridise, you pretty much have work opposite the way you would a prostate massage by relax you interior completely against it, while  only occasionally contracting mildly.  Has anyone had success with this method?
  • I just got my peridise set a few days ago.  I started out with the big beginner without much luck.  Lost it into my anus twice.  Lots of grunting in the bathroom to hook it out.  Went to the small advanced to try it.  That shot out immediately. 

    The next day I tried the smaller beginner, and started to find out how to use it.  Next session, I passed out using the larger advanced, coming to in a faceful of drool.  Tried the small advanced on the chat, and had a lot of fun with cheers from the peanut gallery. 

    Had a session earlier today and what I do to get it right is ignore the stalk, and nibble at the knob with my PC muscles, and pushing it gently out and letting the stalk and muscles draw it back in.  ssslllooowwwlyyy.  Into the session, I can feel the knob sliding in there.  If the muscles catch it I either convulse or freeze with my belly hard as a rock and everything goes white and my orgasm expands to the whole room.  ooooo yeaahhh.

    My helix syn should be coming Monday and I was going to abstain for it, but my wife went to the Roller Derby with my daughter and I RREEALLLY want it tapdancing in my tochus. 
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76

    I read in some of the backlogs of this forum that to use the Peridise, you pretty much have work opposite the way you would a prostate massage by relax you interior completely against it, while  only occasionally contracting mildly.  Has anyone had success with this method?

    I think ill try that sounds good too!!!
  • Yes, I insert and relax completely.  Start getting pwaves in 10 or 15 minutes.  The third-largest seems to be most effective for me at this time.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Keep going!
    You will eventually find that the smallest Peridise will do the job beautifully.
  • I mean the next-to-smallest by that.  The bulb on the smallest does not give my pc muscles enough of a ball to toss around and rassel for.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Believe me, you will eventually.
    Size only matters if you make it so.
    I have found that smaller is almost always better.
    That makes the Eupho my favourite prostate massager.