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Transfer orgasm
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    So I just found this article.

    And reading it, it reminded me a lot of what I've suspected this Aneros journey is. Now obviously there is a bit more to it since the Aneros is rubbing up against a part of our sexual anatomy, the prostate. But I've thought for quite some time now that part of this journey is just learning to mentally associate arousal, pleasure, and orgasmic feelings with stimulation on my anus and prostate.

    So I'm leaving this as an open discussion to see what people have to say about this and believe. No expectations, no judgments on my part. I like to hear what people think.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Thank you for providing the link to that article. Of particular note to me was one word which was repeatedly used in that article - neuroplasticity - which is exactly the ability we Aneros users exploit to accomplish the "rewiring" so frequently spoken of in this Forum. This is also a quality of the training Aneros users must undertake to reach what @rikaaim called the The Essential Mind State. Mr. Biggs ability to accomplish in re-training ("rewiring") his brain to experience orgasm from a different source of stimulation is remarkable but is certainly not miraculous. His ability demonstrates the awesome power of the mind to alter ones perceived reality, in particular our association of arousal and particular sensations.

    Member 'MMO_RPGlol' has remarked how his girlfriend can be induced to orgasm via audio suggestion alone, no physical stimulation whatsoever. I have frequently stated that I believe orgasmic states are more than 90% a mental exercise / activity, I also believe you can train nearly any part of your body to become an erotic trigger point leading toward orgasm just as Mr. Biggs has done.

    "Sex can be so much more than what we think it can be if we open our minds." Rafe Biggs (a quadriplegic) and how right he is!
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  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Great article and an inspirational story that
    demonstrates what many of us have learned here over the years, that
    orgasms may be trigger by a wide variety of stimuli.  Virtually any area
    of the body that perceives sensation may be utilized in this way.  In
    addition, there are other, more internal sensory sources (non-tactile sources)
    that may used.  The "Key Sound"  provides one example.  This method uses
    the sensation of diaphragmatic expansion accompanying a specific form
    of breathing coupled with the vibratory sensation and the mental experience
    of sound to push arousal to an orgasmic level.  There other avenues
    involving the mind and senses directly that use visual and auditory stimulation channeled with mental focus to reach climax.  Finally, it's possible to use different types of mental focus to this end.  Amydala clicking
    and hypnosis are two examples, another is the use of the memory of an
    orgasm as a trigger.

    Powerful stuff! 

    BF Mayfield

                                                       All that is possible lies within you
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    I thought I might be on track with this! Thank you for the lovely responses you two.

    "another is the use of the memory of an orgasm as a trigger."

    This quote really resonated with me B Mayfield! I do this in a way where sometimes it's imagining my own orgasm, sometimes it is fantasizing a women orgasming. It hasn't sent me over the edge yet. But it has noticeably jumped up my arousal.  Good stuff! :D