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I found out about an easy way to stop ejaculation
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    A few weeks ago, I looked on Google and found a PDF file for the book "The Multi-Orgasmic Man." In this book, I learned something that I should have tried when I first learned about it!

    There's this place called the "million-dollar point" that's located between the anus and scrotum. I learned that if you take three fingers, index middle and ring fingers, and put them together in a triangle shape, and press on the point, you can stop ejaculation. This is called the finger lock.

    I tried it in the shower just now, and I didn't think it was going to work! I felt the muscles along the perineum, and since those muscles push on my fingers if I contract, I thought the wall of muscle would keep my from closing the passage of semen. I didn't know if I had the right location even. When I went over the point of no return, I did the finger lock. I was amazed at what happened! I had a traditional orgasm, but nothing came out! And it was easy!

    This is just what I wanted, because the last week I've been practicing masturbating without going over the edge, to preserve the energy, nutrients, and sexual appetite expelled through ejaculation. But I've been a little frustrated about not having orgasms. Now that I've learned this, I don't have to give up orgasms or my energy!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Happy to know that this works for you. I never could get it to work and found the procedure distracting from the pleasure of the imminent orgasm.

    I would still like to have @JMay's technique to work and it sounds like fun into the bargain!
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Be careful when you do that, though. The two fingers on the side hold the urethra in place so you can press it with the middle finger without it slipping to the sides. If done wrong you can cause yourself A LOT of harm, you'd be entering intense moments of pain. I never mastered the finger-lock because I stopped once that happened to me. I could do it a couple of times though. When you do it wrong (too far in or out) you can ejaculate but nothing comes out. It accumulates where you put your fingers and if you ejaculate to hard it stretchess the urethra, if it isn't the urethra it could be some kind of gland. It feels like suddenly a small spiked metal ball was forced into that part, It hurts like hell. Then it's a couple of days until you can pee normally without pain again.
    Anyway, I'm not trying to scare you out of it, hahah maybe I had bad luck, but a disciplined mind is far better when controlling ejaculation.

    After you do that, can you keep going and have another one?
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    I am about to test, and see if I can keep going afterward. I think it was a good sign last night that was able to get erections easily by thinking of what I am going to try this morning:). I still had plenty of sexual energy.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    Okay, I'm back with the results. I had an orgasm with the finger lock, and had to wait 30-45 minutes before I could maintain an erection again. But after that time I could think of something and rather easily get an erection again. Anyway, I decided the second time to ejaculate. I'm getting a little sore from masturbation, so I'm going to take a break. I masturbated twice yesterday, twice the day before, and twice today, so it's understandable that I'm a little sore.

    Good luck to anyone wanting to try this as well! :)
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    After trying this about 4 times, I think I'm going to stop using this method... It is rather easy to accidentally cause discomfort or pain. What I really want to learn is how to have an orgasm and not have to use this or another mechanical method, such as contracting PC muscles super hard (which I have done a couple of times half successfully.)
  • With practice, you will not need mechanical methods or contractions to stop ejaculation.  Your body listens to your mind and when you steer your arousal in a different direction the urge to ejaculate passes.  The choice will be all yours.  All it takes is a little mental conditioning.  Once mastered you will be able to j/o for as long as you wish, and not end up with a raging case of blue balls.  It just takes time, practice, and mental conditioning.  I go through periods where I like to ejaculate once/twice daily, and other times I like to wait several weeks between.  There is a certain euphoria that takes over when I abstain.  I usually feel happier, less stressed, and sexier.  And when it is time to traditionally orgasm again it's absolutely wonderful.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    Where does one start when it comes to learning to control ejaculation that way? Based on all I've learned so far, I guess that it has to do with learning to feel and guide energy in order to circulate it throughout the body. 
  • For me personally, the goal is to feel fully sexually charged and satisfied.  I try to find the satisfaction in long periods of pleasure, rather than huge build up and release. During those long periods of pleasure I try to relax in the sexual energy flowing through me on both a spiritual and cellular level.  Abstaining from ejaculation should not be a torturous ordeal.  What would be the point of building up all of this sexual energy and having nothing to do with it?  I try to focus on storing it in my being.  I suppose the whole idea of this work is to be a in a controlled walking orgasmic state of heightened bliss.  It can be a bit difficult at first, learning how to be constantly horny but also not looking to get off.  I kind of think of it similar to when using of Aneros, trying to contract and let go at the same time.

    One thing that is pertinent when practicing ejaculatory continence is enjoying it.  You should not let yourself feel like you are being denied something you enjoy.  That would be counteractive to the process itself.  If after a period of time, you feel your body telling you that it's time to ejaculate, do it!  This is a process of listening to the body, and getting more in tune with your own biofeedback, not strong-arming yourself into becoming a monk.

    In the first few week or so of abstaining from ejaculation, when I feel the urge I just have an Aneros session instead.  The yearning to cum is usually lifted, and I feel sexually satisfied.  After the first week, the horny feeling usually balances.
  • I read about that a few years ago. That method didn't work for me so I used a bicycle seat. It worked...kinda. Nothing came out as I orgasmed. I did it 5 times that day. First was uncomfortable. Next I really needed to release. After that was pleasurable torture...until the last time. That was just pain. Then I ejaculated after, out of fear. I haven't done it since, and it took months before ejaculation felt normal. I really hurt myself doing that.