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Don't despair — it will come :)
  • tmtltmtl
    Posts: 1
    I am posting this discussion as I fell it might be helpful to people who have used the Aneros for a few years, had very pleasant feelings along the way, but none of the orgasm promised, and thus feel slightly (or completely) frustrated with the little thingy. I was one of them until Monday.
    I've had an Aneros (2, actually — an older version that I quickly discarded for the Helix) for a couple of years, and went through many sessions with it. It produced sometimes nothing, sometimes pleasant feelings, and a lot of precum, but nothing beyond that. However it did increase the strength of my erections and the intensity of 'regular' orgasms — quite a lot, I would say. It was both very nice and very frustrating, like watching a preview rather than the full feature.
    I think that I had a tendancy to overuse the instrument, too many sessions or too long ones, resulting in decreasing sensations, longer uses, and finally no sensations at all — a negative feedback loop that was mentioned somewhere in the forums here (thanks for that, it helped me understand the problem).
    On Monday I tried again, having not used it for 3 months, and having not come for 10 days (I usually j/o about once per day). So I was quite horny.
    I prepared myself carefully, watching porn, lubricating, and inserted the thing. Waves of pleasure came quickly. I found myself in some intermediate position between lying on my left side and lying on my back, with the right leg bent. The waves become more and more intense. i did not masturbate, but I held my foreskin towards the basis of my penis, as it increased the sensations greatly. I was totally flaccid. And after a series of wow waves of pleasures, a good amount of sperm came out. Not shooting, but dripping like the prostate orgasms that you see on xtube.
    So I had one!
    It was very good.
    Main differences w/ reg/ orgasm; it does not feel the same. It is much longer, and there is no contraction nor spasms. And I was still horny afterwards ;).
    So now that I have done this step, I'll continue and try to get to the rest. But I am already very happy with that!
    I hope that my experience will help others. The Aneros is a wonderful thing and should be compulsory!
    In a nutshell: be patient, be horny, and don't overuse.
  • This is exactly what I learned too.
    For me, ejaculatimg was the problem. Once I cut it out, I was having mini orgasms on the reg. I also almost had a super orgasm, but it was too crazy that my mind shut it down.

    I don't get too much precum though.

    Great post! Continue making progress and keep us informed!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,172
    yes i concur, great post!  Thanks!