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Pulsations and spasms
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Hi folks
    How strange it seems to communicate with other men with a propensity to put objects up there arse.
    Anyhow I've had a helix for about a year and for most of that time it has been in the drawer with only a couple of excursions up my back passage. About 5 weeks ago I started to read the forum and this led to many more trips into the void for my toy.
    Things are happening now and I am here seeking advice and encouragement from members of this community.
    The most helpful advice at the start was reading "quick and dirty path". This helped me develop an understanding of what I can do and within a week I was able to control my helix with a variety of contractions. I also spent time with the helix exercising my muscles. In fact I would grab every opportunity to do this while driving or relaxing.
    After a few weeks I started to be aware of pulses in my sphincter either with or with aneros initially I assumed this was linked to my heartbeat but I can now move it to my prostate and control the speed. Clearly a mental thing but nice nonetheless.
    In the last week I have been getting spasms when I practise my contractions both with and without the aneros. These are based in my abdomen and rectum (I bear down and without the toy I usually fart). Charming I know!
    I can persist with these spasms for a while but I can also control them by relaxing.
    Here is my question. Should I play with these spasms more and hope they lead to something else other than farting or control them and continue to concentrate on my pulsations and see where they go?
    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    I have a pro. Jr and it sits perfectly with constant pressure on my prostate, even when relaxed. Now that my prostate has some sensitivity I am getting great results by just inserting and doing deep belly breathing while remaining relaxed and not doing contractions. The breathing creates just enough movement for a gentle massage and gets my prostate to respond quickly and continuously with mini "O's" occurring every 10-15 minutes. I haven't experienced a super O this way but it is making my prostate more responsive and sensitive. It's a kind of sweet torture that can take up long spans of time if I let it, as I never want it to end but am hoping to hit a point where I can experience a super O and a level of satisfaction to end on.
  • I don't have an answer to your question but did you say that you drive the car with the aneros in place? If so, I wonder if it's safe to do that. I've heard of chair orgasms coming out of nowhere but sitting. And other surprising spasms,contractions and uncontrollable body movements (not to mention the p-waves and orgasms) seemingly coming out of nowhere with the aneros in. Maybe the aneros company should put a warning on the box not to drive or operate heavy machinery while using the device. I'm not kidding.
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Thanks for your replies gentlemen.
    Ctusser I am glad you are making progress. I know the helix hits my prostate I can feel it slide up and come into contact when I do an anal contraction and then I can increase the pressure using the pc muscle. I am just hoping someone can tell me more about the spasms.
    Don't worry euphemistic I am not driving with the helix in just exercising the muscles.
    Thank you both for replying.
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Absolutely play with the spasms. When I'm relaxed and just breathing involuntary contractions and spams do occur along with increasing prostate sensitivity and pleasure. Sometimes letting the spasms continue on their own will lead to fireworks, and sometimes relaxing them away will.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    In my experience, those spasms eventually turn into the body electricity which I just wrote a big long post on titled Body Electricity and the Nuclear prostate. That is a very good sign, because it is that same pulsing I feel before having a nonejaculatory orgasm! Patient my friend!
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Thanks guys. I'm having a lot of fun on my journey and its helpful to have support from this community.
  • I try to keep my contractions minimal.  I feel the tiniest of movements have the best results.  Bearing down on every little twitch seems to lessen any involuntary reaction in my opinion
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Hi bryeinabox
    I agree finesse wins out over just clamping everything tight.
    The spasm I refer to is involuntary and occurs when im going for the "tug of war" discussed in the "quick and dirty path". I can tell when it is coming and relax it away before it takes over or go with it. It isn't unpleasant but I don't know if it will take me further on my journey.
  • I thought I was making progress but not much is happening when I use my aneros these days maybe I need to take a break for a week.
    Funnily enough the only signs if progress have come without the thing in. I can focus on my prostate and get pulsations and sometimes a buzz. The newest development came yesterday when my rolling contractions gave me pleasant sensations in the soles of my feet at the top of my squeeze.
    I got sole and I'm Superbad.
  • @jpscone

    I used to be the same way. I would feel so much pleasure, until the moment I put it in...
    I think that you are definitely on the right track. I wouldn't let myself worried too badly about being on the right track if I were you. Even the slowest of learners such as me seems to have gotten it eventually. :)
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    I had my first dry orgasm last night. Wahey!
    4 months in, and after quick initial progress where I was having anal spasms and being able to direct a pulse to various parts of my body nothing happened for ages.
    So what happened?
    I inserted my helix lubed with vaseline and went to bed.  I lay on my front and tucked my cock between my legs.  (thanks Evil Zombie) I find this puts extra pressure on my prostate similar to lying on my side with bottom leg straight and top leg tucked up tight. After a few gentle contractions and a few not so gentle I could feel a lot more prostate tingling than normal and much more sensation in my cock.
    I then went to sleep.  An hour later I awoke having an orgasm which had me seeing stars.  After it had stopped (30 seconds) I tried to induce another feeling really excited at this breakthrough.  Nothing happened however and I drifted off to sleep again and awoke having another orgasm an hour later.
    I felt extremely horny this morning and made love with my wife.  An hour later I masterbated still feeling horny.  During the day I have had lots of pleasant sensations in my prostate and some involuntary cock twitching.
    I hope this is the start of a new phase and the next step to a multiple!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    In my experience, those spasms eventually turn into the body electricity which I just wrote a big long post on titled Body Electricity and the Nuclear prostate. That is a very good sign, because it is that same pulsing I feel before having a nonejaculatory orgasm! Patient my friend!

    I agree.. and these nonejacs are a precursor to superOs.. at least to one kind of my superOs that is.. :)
  • Well the electricity was certainly the precursor to my first non-ejaculatory orgasms. Roll on the the super o's :)
    Getting quite a lot of tinglings during the course of everyday living which is very pleasant.