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The Key to sexual stimulation freedom (ie. no risk of ejaculation and still get the cookie)
  • Pommie:
    I am 58, and Rosemary Clooney was at the height of her popularity when I was in cloth diapers, I think.  Mid fifties.  I discovered her just last year.  I love to listen to a type of musical singing called "crooning", people like Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and others did a lot of it.  Bing Crosby was good.  Today, Michael Buble" and Queen Latifah sing crooner style at times.  I have found people as disparate as Simon and Garfunkel, Phoebe Snow, Barbara Streisand, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and so many more (Sarah Vaughan) who sing this wonder soothing style.  I would say that the style is conducive to aneros use, because it is very relaxing to listen to.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I guess what you are saying is that your list of music makers all contributed to popular "Classics"!

    I love the way you have neatly made the connection with Aneros use!!
  • Aneros, along with Mantak Chia's Multi Orgasmic Man, have changed my life.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I think I've got it!

    @JMay said:
    "When you've done it right, if you touch your penis it will be extra sensitive, but not in an uncomfortable way, you can actually feel a clear difference between what your skin feels, how pressure feels, how its shape feels, etc. It's kind of like... much more awake, and it's not "stressed" with pleasure."

    Not only is my penis extra sensitive, my whole body is. But not like I'm approaching a threshold of pleasure, but I'm riding waves of pleasure for as long as I want. I have complete control. What confused me was the kundalini metaphor (mine) with the energy ascending my spine and exploding in fireworks. It's more like following my bliss from my midsection down to my toes, and up to my head. When it reaches my head my perceptions are charged, my entire body feels different, like every thing I touch and every movement I make is pleasurable. This is what I've imagined it is like taking ecstasy at a rave. I can do anything with my body and it feels good. In fact, my skin feels just like my penis. As long as I generally avoid those BC muscle on the way to this state.

    The way I got to this state was generally the way @JMay suggested. I use the breathing technique contracting my peritoneal muscles on inhalation and relaxing on exhalation. I found that after reaching a plateau of pleasure, I could start contracting my abdominals along with my anus, and that this amplifies the pleasure more. Like doing a hip thrust or mimicking humping but without using the BC muscles. When I've got all my skin charged up, I let myself go, squirming every which way that brings pleasure. This raises it up a notch further. I like to put pillows under my knees and behind my back like I'm sitting in a reclining chair (I'm in bed) because that gives me the most range of motion for my pelvis.

    I feel like I can relax now and not have to force pleasure. What luxury!
    Now I can play with my BC muscles as suggested if I want to. I find myself tearing up during these sessions but not crying (I do enough of that outside of these sessions). I also laugh a lot when I've reached full body sensitization. It's wonderful.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Good read, thanks JMay.
    This probably explains why people find 'do nothing' so effective since it's not blocking the PC muscle. I'll have to give this a try - so basically, if I'm in a session I shouldn't tense the front end of the PC muscle? I can see what you mean, since most of my (apparent) p-waves feel like surges running up to my head - but I wasn't aware that it was strictily the PC muscles contraction prohibiting this.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @euphemestic My Girlfriend has explained if I am kissing her on the neck and she gets sufficiently aroused, it feels like I am sucking on her clit. This is entirely consistent with what you are saying. She said that the feelings start there and then travel to her entire body. She says she gets that intense but non pleasurable electric current all over her body before she cums. All this leads me to believe that men and women are even more alike than we had previously suspected. I feel all the same as she does, just not as developed yet! Woohoo!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I tried this method last night, its been a while since ive tried.  No aneros device in, just laid back in my recliner and held a slight contraction.  Things took off and were feeling amazing yet very different, my whole body felt like it was buzzing and electric, then my pc muscles started flexing slowly yet steadily.  Started to get a hard on and played lightly with it, though i wasnt sure or couldnt remember what to do next.  Eventually I was startled by the ice maker and kind of lost everything, ran out of time to go any longer.  Does this sound like im heading in the right direction with this?  It was definately different from a normal aneroless session, thats for sure!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    This is actually a grat way to stop a traditional orgams, or last longer in bed. Keep flexing those back PC muscles:p
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 36
    This "unconfortable" feeling is exactly what I feel sometimes in my sessions. It's an intense but not pleasurable feeling. Unfortunately it always makes me ejaculate after some time, so it never evolves into full blown intense pleasure.

    I can "force" this feeling in a much smaller scale and from this post finally I think I understood from where it comes from. It also seems to be the "Hot Draw" thing I read before.

    Like I said, for me it's pretty much impossible to steer it away from ejaculation when it starts to get intense in aneros or anerosless sessions.

    BTW I never had a super O nor intense dry-Os, I get nice dry-os but that's the most I can get. I think this intensity spikes will bring me to higher levels but my body can't handle it. I have premature ejaculation and I think this may be harder for me because of this, the line between pleasure and ejaculation is very thin.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I think that @jmay's ideas have given me a foundation of generalized whole body arousal to use as a springboard to pursue the next step. I'm using audio files now to get to this level of arousal which allows me to close my eyes and imagine anything that my mind takes me to. I can remember sexual fantasies or memories which is very powerful. Or I can concentrate on my image of my prostate and follow the sensations all over it. I've gotten the first sense of getting close to something truely awesome. it's like being in an unfamiliar room and feeling my way around to find a door. I think I've found that door and just need a little something more to open it. After a 4 hour session when I'm reaching for the door knob, I'm usually so pleasured out that I have to stop or I wouldn't be able to function. I'm having fun though picking through gay men's porn videos for audio stimulation. The quest is fun and fulfilling so I'll just keep open to new and maybe unexpected experiences. I even looked into getting a little weed to at least give me a memory of what I'm looking for even if I still have to find it on my own. I saw something called legal bud at, which is related to marijuana but is not the same. All my hippie frinds from the 70s are now respectable and claim they never smoked. But I can get a sympathetic high just from reading the word weed.

    What I mean by the door is a tickling sensation near my anus when it's completely relaxed. Does anyone else get this feeling? I feel like a hollow tube down to my anus just waiting for an orgasm to invade.
  • @RSilva, premature ejaculation as a chronic problem can be approached many ways.  Check out Mantak Chia's  MULTIORGASMIC MAN.  The book teaches semen retention, and in the course of learning how to retain semen, you also learn ejaculatory control.    It takes time, but the first step on a journey can begin today.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Edging is a great way to learn stamina and ejaculation control also!
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 36
    I'm pretty aware of where my ejaculation is, and my masturbations are basically edging sessions as I don't have interest to ejaculate right away, and in all these years I've seen no progress.

    I've read it (I think it's that book) but I don't think it works for me. I am anyway seeking help on this as this really affects me.

    In any case this is offtopic :).
  • I think I stumbled onto what you were writing about in the original message in this thread. I thought you were writing about edging but it's not quite that, is it. You wrote:

    "Another way to train I think, is trying to get as close to ejaculation as you can and then stop and enjoy the orgasmic feelings, learn how to recognize them as to separate them from ejaculation feelings. You'll end up with the ability to focus only on orgasmic feelings and not ejaculation, making things a bit slower in a way, but much more solid and potent pleasure wise. Orgasm has its own rythm, you have to figure the way to "hop in" the wagon and enjoy the groove. Also, you'll feel orgasmic pleasure through your penis in that numbish state, but no ejaculation feelings."

    I've mastered the slow build-up of sexual energy described elsewhere. When I was swimming in a sea of sexual energy, I tried edging, keeping the PC muscle relaxed, and contracting the anal muscle just before I would have ejaculated. The feeling of climaxing remained and was wonderful. I found that I could stay at this level of arousal,(I call it climaxing but you call it orgasmic) for as long as I wanted. I could play with it, increase or decrease the pleasure. I could go back to the point of ejaculation if I wanted, and feed more sexual energy into my body. So it's not edging per se but a particular technique of edging after the prolonged arousal and then the use of particular muscles to capture the energy of climax and ride it like a horse.

    That being said, I've found the training/athlete metaphor for what we're doing here to have a limit of usefulness for me. I've flooded myself with sexual energy many times and keep learning new ways to enhance that energy. Still no orgasms. I know I have to be patient but I'm thinking that maybe I want the orgasms too much and my body/mind has its own wants and needs. l'm thinking I could use influences that my body/mind knows and responds to, namely moving pieces of music and emotional discharge. I cried through the first half of my session this morning, something that just came up while listening to music. I scanned my memories of sex and the influences on my sexuality, good and bad, since childhood. It was a liberating experience and paved the way to the special session described above. I know that I have some psychic blocks on my sexuality, fear of sex with women for instance, that I may need to process and resolve before I can proceed. I don't know for sure but what is certain? Journey indeed!
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Yes, climaxing is one thing and feels very good, But the actual orgasm is a full current that floods your whole body and can't be controlled... or maybe you have like 25% control, the rest is of that strong electric orgasmic current. It' hard to stop it, not only because you just don't want to stop at that moment, but because it's so strong. Think of opening a gate on some kind of cascade, similar to thermoelectric generators. 

    And yes, this also makes you suddenly find weird very familiar feelings deep inside you, sometimes they stick for some seconds, but sometimes they move past and dissolve.
    When you resolve those issues, energy flows freely.
    I'm a pretty happy guy, I'm ok with myself, with the world, rarely I have negative feelings, it's hard to make me mad, etc. Maybe that's key to success. A mind disciplined by spirit.
    I wish you good luck in your self reconciliation!
  • Thank you, Jmay, for your kind words.
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    I have been working with this for a while and my success rate is improving. I have had a couple of dry supers while having sex with the wife. One with my helix in and one without. This was the goal from the start for me as it allows me to combine my two favorite sexual pastimes.

    One thing I noticed is that when stroking the penis (during masturbation) is it feels like it is stimulating the prostate as much or more than than the penis itself. If I pause briefly, often I will get involuntaries which I take as a sign I am on the right track. The dry O's are pretty cool yet different from hands free ones.

    If there is a downside, sometimes when the prostate is partying during intercourse I might start to lose my erection. Its like the prostate takes and over and says I don't need the penis any more. Without the refractory period tho, I can start over again in about 10 minutes rather than my usual 8-10 hours. (I am 58 and no longer a young buck).
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Forgot to add that when stroking the penis I focus on the shaft and not the tip of the penis. For me tip stimulation brings me down the ejaculation road immediately and if I don't stop the party ends quickly. When I notice my balls have pulled up close it is an indication (warning) that I need to relax and by gently pushing them down it helps identify the muscle that should be relaxed and isn't.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    Go little by little. Eventually you'll be able to focus wherever you want, for as long as you want, doing whatever you please for as long as you want. 
    Try, again, in small increments, to link those sensations on the tip of your penis with another part of your body. I recommend Master Mantak Chia's Multi Orgasmic Man, read it. When those feelings are generated on the tip, if they are not linked to the microcosmic orbit for example, they won't have anywhere else to go, so you'll ejaculate. You can pull that energy up the spine, eventually it will flow up the spine easier every time. When you trap energy on your genitals you start having urges to release it, hence ejaculation. You should be giving that energy a better path to travel. You should also start separating that urge to ejaculate, from orgasmic pleasure, it's very different. Why?
    When you do so, it will feel less pleasurable sensations at first, because the energy moves through a bigger space. Instead of spending that energy on throwing it away, you spend it on warming up the right path, get the idea? Don't feel pleasure at first, but still be aware of both sensations and link them. When you do so, whatever you feel with your penis won't feel overwhelming, because you won't be trapping those sensations there, you'll let them flow freely elsewhere, making pleasure apparently disappear at first. What you are actually doing is teaching your body how to feel real pleasure again.

    So, be aware of what the tip is feeling, but be much more aware of making that energy circulate through the rest of your body throuh that orbit.

    The whole idea behind this is that sperm has your essence, it has a huge amount of energy, but you have to transform it from it's grosser denser part, which is the physical semen, to a more spiritual reality which originated it. But sperm is cold at first, otherwise your testes wouldn't be hanging,right? So it's like trying to warm them up, little by little, so they can move free, like melting some butter. You preserve your fire (penis) by not letting it burn you out, or burn itself out, but to warm slowly the Yin (passive, inactive) state of the sperm, to its more Yang (dominating, active) state, so that it can eventually go Yin again but after getting charged with Yang energy. That's what creates orgasmic currents.
    Look for Mantak Chia's videos on youtube, learn the "boring" part, that work will provide slurplus rewards. Like massaging the kidneys, smiling at them, etc. All those things may seem like ineffective, but they work surprisingly well when done right, your attention and intention does much of the work**. After Yang always comes Yin right? After you work, then comes the calm resting soothing state.

    After Yang, always follows Yin. Yang (active, stroking for example, creating tension), always give place to Yin (after you stop all stimulation and just feel it, your prostate will most likely start pulsing and you'll get some involuntaries). It seems that the orgasm is when sexual energy takes over your body, and that's when you surrender to the experience completely, ie. take a passive attitude. Make sure to play with those motions too and be aware of them. Appreciate the active part, then stop and contemplate the Yin, feel it expanding everywhere, let it be*. Next time you try more Yang, when you stop Yin will be bigger, let all that tension that you created with a Yang approach find rest in your prostate and it will surely start twitching.

    Identify Yin stimulation (through erogenous zones for example, your prostate too), and identify Yang stimulation (forcing things, creating tension).
    We as men may find Yin stimulation a little uncomfortable because we are used to force things. Women actually surrender to those feelings we find uncomfortable. Find them and learn to do the same, you sure can.

    *As you start feeling Yin, you'll feel a different pleasure, but most likely as soon as you feel it you'll go all Yang again. Make sure to give those feelings time to be. You need both to create a potential difference, a positive and a negative, a place where it's more (Yang) so that when it stops, the place where it's less (Yin) can recieve that energy. Think of a battery, without that polarity it wouldn't work.

    **You got a cool car. If no one is driving it (attention and intention) it just won't move. Feel the energy, pay attention to it, by being aware of it.
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Thanks JMay always your knowledge and your ability to express it is what helps make this forum interesting. I only wish I had found this site much sooner, but as is said ...better late than never. Wonderful topic and thanks for getting it started.

    I am eager to learn more and will take your advice.
  • @JMay
    I took your advice and had a truly amazing session.  Hopefully I can recount it properly.  I often wondered if there was another level beyond the Super O, and this may be it. 

    I planned to have a session with my Vice before incorporating penis stimulation to insure my prostate was fully awake and ready to party.  I normally use my Helix Syn and occasionally switch over to my Vice (without vibe).  So before inserting the beast right off, I did my relaxation ritual and got my prostate awake and had a dry O. 

    Seeing that I was already well on my way, there was no need to insert the Vice and next I introduced penile stimulation, focusing on the tip. I quickly reached the point of making the decision and embraced the "uncomfortable" option.  With my back PC muscles slightly contracted, it felt like each stroke of the penis was massaging the prostate and it felt like beating on a drum on the back PC muscle. 

    As was suggested, I directed the energy created from my penis to my anus, and from there up my spine, back down again to the prostate, and from the prostate back to the tip of my penis. This created a positive feedback loop that began to pick up more energy from both the prostate and tip of the penis.  The faster I stroked my penis, the faster the energy loop traveled.  My head and back began to raise off the bed as the waves traveled up my spine. 

    Afraid to let up on the anus contraction for fear of ejaculating, I kept the slight contraction during this entire time resulting in an anal orgasm that was one of the biggest I have experienced in my 4 month Aneros journey. 

    I repeated the process several more times and had several dry O's.  Whenever I paused the penis stroking, the involuntaries immediately kicked in.  When the energy cycle I created reached the point where it was moving so fast, my entire pelvic area was buzzing, the Supers followed. 

    I learned that after arriving in the "uncomfortable" area, I could release the anal contraction and didn't need to hold that contraction.  Whenever I felt like the excitement was almost too intense, and quick anal contraction made sure I stayed in the "safe zone".  That muscle was overworked and a little sore the next day and served as a constant reminder of my memorable session.  My Vice never got used and this was a "less" session.

    I'm not sure if these were the most intense Supers I have enjoyed, but they will rank up near the top of chart.  Fucking amazing they were however.  I will follow up after I attempt to duplicate this (fingers crossed.)  The following day I had that song in my head....."I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day."

  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    I'm really glad :D, and you're just starting ;)
    Last night I edged soooo close (if I moved a couple of milimiters more I would have ejac.), I could actually dominate it very good and had another kind of experience. I kind of blacked out, dozed off, out of the intensity, but then I'd come back, let myself go in that relaxed state, and reached other states of consciousness. There are many kind of experiences you can go through that way. I'm glad I could help.
  • @JMay
    Now you are raising the bar. I'm up for the challenge.

    I am intrigued by my new found ability to channel the energy around in my body. I still have a way to go. I find it much easier to connect with a little MMJ. My overworked muscles need a little more time to recoup first. ;-)
  • Heizen, how do you direct the energy flow? Just by thinking about it? I've also noticed how stroking my penis the way you describe after getting the energy flowing, actually massages the top of my prostate, along with the aneros and the p-tab, thus messaging it from 3 directions. And I get the same electricity you describe. But I haven't tried to direct it the way you did. It just sits there. Did this happen when you smoked weed or not? If having done this with weed, were you able to duplicate it later without weed?
  • I have done it both ways, however I seem to get a better connection with a little MMJ. I kind of will it to move (or give my subconscious a command.) It is subtle at first but as I stroke more it seems more energy is created. By including the prostate as a destination, it creates additional energy too.

    I am still at the begining if this journey and not really qualified to provide instructions which is why I am searching out mentors in this area. Of course we can all continue to learn from each others experiences, which makes this forum so great.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    MMJ definitely helps.

    @euphemistic and other fellow anerosians

    I think this may be crucial, though I haven't looked any further into it.
    I think it's mentioned in many different sources, but when I said that about contracting the back portion of the PC muscles, may well be a way to open the Sacrum.
    I don't know if any of the terminology is correct, but we have a vestigial tail, which is the tailbone. When the tailbone is pulled (maybe millimetrically) towards the front, it opens that first part that allows energy to flow up the spine. I've noticed that when there's a lot of energy that hasn't rised up, when opening the sacrum, you get an intense tingling feeling on the tailbone. It has to be done with internal muscles, though.

    I remember too that after nights of great success, I did feel the sacrum and cranium working differently. Kind of like naturally opening up. Maybe there's a time in the month where energy flows better through those channels.
  • @jmay I have noticed that recently, I have had zero success with aneros. I also think it may be a time of the month thing too. Who knows, maybe us men have 'periods' so to speak, aswell. ;) well I guess we would call them windows instead:)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    @JMay & @MMO_RPGlol,

    See the thread Male cycles? for a related discussion. Unfortunately all the hyper-links are now outdated and/or non-functional, but there was a consensus that some form of male hormonal cycling is really occurring, hence periods where lackluster Anerosessions are likely.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Wow this is actually pretty crazy. The peak of my aneros activity was coincidentally on August 21... The most recent full moon... It was basically from a week before to a week after it that I was having very successful sessions.

    Looks like I'm gonna be cumming a lot around the 19th ;)
  • Jmay, can you actually feel the sacrum moving? Or do you infer that it does by the results?
  • @rumel
    Looking back at my post history, I published my post "holy freaking buildup", was about me narrowly missing a super-o, on the 21'st. The full moon...
    within that week, another person I was talking to said he "came harder than cyethra on a sybian".

    All of this correlates to the exact period around the full moon. granted, its not much data... But its my best bet as of now. I am going to keep track of this all now!:)
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    Have you ever hit your tailbone hard? Falling down wooden stairs for example while using socks, or any kind of accident where you hit your tailbone very hard?

    It hurts A LOT!! just look at this poor devil /watch?v=yvKvYpZU6Ug (youtube link) he can't breathe and can't stop screaming.
    It's an extremely sensitive area so any slight changes can be felt easily.

    I've read that it's the tailbone that is pulled towards the front to open a channel for energy to go through. The movement I make it feels as if I'm pulling the sacrum to the front (and not to the back).

    The difference I feel is that when I know I haven't made the energy go up the spine for a while, when I pull the tailbone towards the front, it feels very different, like when you vibrate a part of your body with a massager (minus the vibration, though sometimes it can vibrate a little on its own), it could be your feet for example, it tickles, it feels a little uncomfortable. That's similar to the sensation it creates. But right now that I'm not working with energy consciously for example, I get the feeling but it's much less.

    Thanks!! I know quite a bit of astrology, it makes sense now hahaha. It could be the Moon. Maybe there's a gathering of energy, and then a release through the super o.
  • @JMay i cant even look at that link. After seeing my cousin break his tailbone while snowbparding, i am cringing just thinking about it.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    There used to be a thread (or maybe it was a 'Special Interest group' on the forum called The Full Moon Club.
    I wonder whatever happened to that!
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 179
    How does one go about learning to feel and control energy? And if you can feel it, is it easy to control?
  • @jspad

    The books "the multiorgasmic male", and "taoist secretes for cultivating male sexual energy", by Mantak Chia are both amazing introductions to energies. Almost all of my progress with gaining control of my energies is due to those books. I, and @Jmay highly recommend them.

    They are also online for free if you just want to browse through them, but I bought mine to support the author :)
  • Oh, and you don't 'control' it exactly. Its more like lovingly persuading it to move by focusing on an area. You don't MOVE the energy. You ASK it to move. Guide it basically.

    But it can definitely take a bit of work to get the hang of it. Opening up the meridians can be very challenging if you don't have experience with it. It is all extremely important for having full body orgasms, and well worth the trouble! :)
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 179
    Such interesting things I keep learning about on this forum and on the internet! Lately I have been looking into things and terms such as Toaism, Qigong, energy, yin, yang, merideans, microcosmic orbit, etc. keep showing up. I'm learning so much about things that western society doesn't generally teach. Anyways, I hope to learn soon how to circulate energy. And thanks for the tip, I'll try asking it to move and guiding it. 
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    You can feel the energy by itself or its effects. It makes sudden changes in your body, such as a mini head rush, heat on certain areas, tingling sensation, etc.

    Rub your hands until you create a little bit of heat and separate them, feel them in the air. You will probably feel a ticklish sensation. Without trying to feel it, without trying to force it, just maintain that position and quiet your mind. The feeling can either be intensified or diminished. The more you practice, more sensitive you become to that energy.

    It's not that you control it, like MMO_RPGlol says, or that it becomes easier to control, it's just that at first you lose track of energy more frequently because you don't know how to feel it.
    You guide that energy with your attention. Whatever you put your attention on gets more real in your world. Chi follows the mind.

    Think of a slow computer. What happens when you give it lots of commands? It gets even slower and eventually freezes, right?
    When you practice energy work, at least in my case, I started becoming much more patient once I got it. It happened with many things, I started waiting for things to happen (after setting an initial intention of course), for example, whenever the computer slows down and doesn't respond, now I wait instead of trying to do something to fix it quickly. And I see other people, when their phones or whatever they are using gets a little slow, they get all desperate...
    You have to give yourself and your body time to do their thing, just like a slow computer.

    Now, eventually it's as though you conquer Chi (I don't think you conquer it though, but it seems that way), it gathers quicker and more for example, by doing it the right way, but you never force it anywhere.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I think it's important point this out. Apart from focusing on pleasure, also be receptive to any kind of sudden discomfort in your body. When you work with energy it's common for it to get stuck somewhere in your body, which may have been nice at first, but then it creates a sudden burning sensation, or cramp like reaction, pay attention to that part and heal it, do whatever to aleviate the sensation and get comfortable once again
  • Jmay said : "The difference I feel is that when I know I haven't made the energy go up the spine for a while, when I pull the tailbone towards the front, it feels very different, like when you vibrate a part of your body with a massager (minus the vibration, though sometimes it can vibrate a little on its own), it could be your feet for example, it tickles, it feels a little uncomfortable. That's similar to the sensation it creates."

    I think I stumbled upon this state this weekend. After a long build up of sexual energy, I decided to just stay there and see what happened without any expectations. I found my whole body vibrating with electrical energy after a while like I get usually in the peritoneal-nipples complex. I remember thinking about the tail bone move and how that reminded me of tantric breathing with its movement of the tail bone along with inhalation and exhalation: out with inhalation and in with exhalation. Anyway I don't know if I was doing tantric breathing without awareness but I was thinking of it and then the vibration started. It continued for a long time and, not knowing what to do with it, I practiced letting go, as in orgasm or in BM. They both feel similar to me. Anyway, I noticed that it seems to get easier to do each time I do it as if my body-mind has mastered it. Unless I rush things or am too goal-orientented. It just seems to be where I wind up if I'm relaxed and patient. That last thing is the most important for me. I was alone on an island with no responsibilities and with a relaxed weekend with my family planned. I don't always have that scenario!

    The other thing is the reference to the moon in connection with the most auspicious times to have successful sessions. I don't know if there was a full moon, but I was reading a book called The Neanderthal Legacy by Stan Gooch this weekend on the island, and it links Neanderthal culture and religion to moon worship and sex worship. He's a research psychologist and linguist who's studied Neanderthals for decades, and has created a pretty good picture of their culture. They did have their religious ceremonies during the full moon and they were orgiastic free-for-alls with everyone mating with everyone else, men, women and children. After several hundreds of thousands of years they interbred with cro-magnon humans , and we have inherited some of their genes. I'm just learning about this so I don't know if other people already know this but I found it fascinating.

    Then at my family event this weekend my niece announces that she's tested her DNA and she has 3percent Neanderthal DNA. What a coincidence! So now I'm getting my DNA tested to see if it's in the male genes too. Maybe that's why I took to aneros play and exploration so readily.

    I looked the moon phases up and it was a crescent moon this weekend so I'll be waiting for the next full moon to explore my Neanderthal blood.
  • JMayJMay
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    That's very interesting, I had heard about Moon cults before, the "lunatics"... Also, Moon and Mood are very similar. It may sound stupid but sometimes you find interesting connections.
    It's as though we really are bound to the Moon and her cycles. The 19 is the next full Moon. We'll see how it goes. If that was it... talk about in your face the whole time hahaha.
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    Ok, new discovery... or maybe it's the mood I'm in.
    I know that when one starts climaxing a little, the body tenses. So next time, keep doing whatever you want, whatever you want, as long as you don't tense your body, let it build up, but never tense your body, just feel it. Once the super o starts, you can let go, but the build up is with a completely relaxed body.
    Lie down on a pillow, with your belly towads it, and rock your pelvis, lift it, or push it, but your limbs, and the rest of your body must remain relaxed, no tension. Once you recognise the sensation it creates on your body and can handle it, you'll find ways in which you can move (mostly like a snake) without creating tension.
    In men creating tension activates the parasympathetic system, which is linked to ejaculation. As long as you are relaxed it won't activate.
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    Very interesting technique. I've tried it a bit, but no "uncomfortable" pleasure as of yet. I've had a bit of pleasurable feelings around the anus, though not really "uncomfortable". :)

    Anyway, this technique seems to have a lot of similarities with a technique called "anal breathing" (which also is quite similar to Mantak Chia's techniques from "The Multi-orgasmic man").
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    Anal breathing helps a lot! I didn't know about it.
  • this has a name... hes explaining edging,  and edging is awesome.. but its dangerous,  always make sure to clean the pipes after your done. IE ejaculate after your done playing with your orgasm
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    Wow, that's a thought-provoking post. Thanks! I just got my Progasm and am wanting to try it tonight, but your post has me experimenting with different PC muscles as I sit at my desk. :)
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    Just want to add that I tried to isolate those muscles that help lead to erection and ejaculation, and standing at the urinal I was able to determine which muscles I could tighten without impeding flow. I THINK that will help me copy what you're doing...
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    Can you provide us with a citation for this assertion?
    I would dearly like to follow this up as I do edging regularly and had not heard before this, that the practice was dangerous. To me, the whole idea is to avoid ejaculation.
    Please provide more information.
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    yeah i've never heard edging is dangerous either, even if you go for weeks with no release though you may end up with blue balls, but thats not dangerous, just uncomfortable as your body is in semen production mode and it has nowhere to go.