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Is every night OK?
  • empiresempires
    Posts: 10
    I'm still experimenting and trying to discover the super-O. I'm anxious every night to give it a shot and see what new sensations I experience. But should I space out my sessions more? I've read contrary opinions on this matter and so I would just like to know what works for different people.

    Do you find that using the Aneros every night works against you? If so, how often do you recommend?
  • not received my aneros yet, but from past prostate play experiences, i'm apprehensive to poke around that area more than once per week.

    Really afraid it might do some permanent sphincter damage, anal prolapse etc.

    or is the aneros (used in the right manner) gentle enough to be used every night without any ill effects whatsoever ?

    really keen to hear from aneros users :D
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Empires,

    I have done daily, but I have found that it is more effective to let at least one day go between sessions. I hope that helps.

  • give it a couple of weeks per session and when yur body decovers the aneros is back, all i can say is WOW!!!!