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An Amazing Night of Orgasms
  • I just had the most incredible night of continuous, cascading Super O's and I want to write it down to document my bliss and share with you. I fill full of energy and hyper-masculine this morning (I set the post aside for a bit and went to the gym for a massive leg workout). I feel like a raging boner will pop at any second. My prostate already feels like it's had a great workout. It's not sore at all, just relaxed and ready to go again tonight. It continues to throb pleasurably as I type this out. All this, even though my body wouldn't let me sleep much last night.

    Background and Set-up 

    I've had several waking sessions during the day this week with some excellent SuperOs on a regular basis and this is the second night in a row I'd slept with the Syn. I got some action the night before but nothing like occurred last night. I last ejaculated when my wife and I had sex a couple nights ago but other than that, I've been refraining from spilling my load of hot, creamy jizz to amp up my prostate arousal. 

    I put some Vaseline inside the rim of my asshole then coated my Helix Syn with a thin coat of Vaseline and slowly slide in the Syn. I got into bed and laid on my left side, drifting off to sleep while my wife watched TV. As I was falling asleep, I could feel the Syn start to activate my ass muscles, my asshole and prostate, as my hole would ever so slightly contract around the base of the Syn, giving it a gentle little squeeze every now and then. I wasn't contracting consciously. I was just relaxing and letting this happen. I'd occasionally brush my nipples, which I actively engage during a waking Aneros session and my cock began to swell into it's firm, nine-inch glory. But, I wasn't trying to make anything happen because I've been sleeping with the Syn on a sporadic basis and I know happens if you just let your body do it's thing. So, off to sleep I went. 

    Round One

    I awoke after some time asleep (not sure how long or what time it was) HIGHLY aroused. My cock was rock hard...I mean ROCK HARD and throbbing. I could feel the Syn gently yet ALMOST imperceptibly nestling up against my prostate and rubbing it. I was still laying on my left side. I took a pillow, folded it in half and stuck it between my legs. I then began to lightly stroke my nipples. Things took off like a rocket. I could feel my prostate immediately swell and as the Syn gently stroked it I entered what can only be described as an orgasmic trance. My asshole was rapidly grasping and then releasing the Syn. The P-tab was dug in snuggly against my perineum but it all felt so comfortable. I hardly felt like anything was stikcing in my ass at all. It was awesome. My pelvic floor muscles began to contract and release on their own...the auto-fuck sequence had begun. But, it didn't feel so much as I was being fucked (not that I ever have had a cock in my ass so how would I know) as the rapid but very slight in and out motion of the Syn was vibrating my prostate. This electric, pulsing sensation could be felt in both my prostate and the head of my steel-like cock. It's like it was connecting an electric circuit between two poles of my throbbing cock. The sensation came in rapid waves, one washing over the next and it just kept coming and coming. It was very similar to the sensation of shooting my cream but there was not cream cuming out...except for pre-cum, which began to freely flow and which I'd drip my fingers in to coat on my nipples. This ramped the excitement up yet again. My ass muscles were flexing in time with my pelvic muscles and my asshole was the center of this cascade. My knees were drawn up in a almost fetal position and my ab muscles were contracting in rhythm with my asshole and this was sending my dick into a pre-cum dripping faucet and my prostate into a mini-power generator. I lost track of time. I think this went on for an hour. It was a workout for sure but one of the most sexually charged workouts of my life. I stopped tickling my nipples, my cock started to calm down and I drifted back to sleep. 

    Round Two

    I woke up smack in the midsts of another orgasm after being asleep for what seemed like another hour. My cock was solid wood, my ass muscles, asshole, pelvic muscles and abs were doing their pumping/squeezing thing on their own and the electric throbbing at both ends of my cock was shooting through my pelvis area, creeping up my back, into the crown of my head, down through my thighs and down my arms. I could feel little electric currents waving over the hair on my legs and this an amazing sensation. During round two, there was a definite sense of energy/electricity cycling from my prostate throughout my entire body. I've seen others write this expression but I certainly can identify with it now: my entire body felt like it became a giant cock. If this makes sense, the areas of my cock seemed to be reflected in my body as a whole and all this emanated from the power core of my massively orgasming prostate. I was moaning under my breath and trying to keep from thrashing too wildly so as now to wake the wife. I found myself uttering "fuck me, fuck me" over and over and thanking God for the joy my body could experience. Hope that doesn't seem like blasphemy but I think God designed our bodies to do this and I'm not ashamed to enjoy and thank Him for it. This time I noted a distinct sensation that occurs right before you cum, almost a stinging kind of sensation in the tip of your cock. But, there was no release. This stinging became highly sexualized and there was a back and forth transfer of energy again from the tip of my cock to my prostate. I basked in this electrified, throbbing bliss for another hour (timed it this time, as best I could see the illuminated dial on my watch), again taking the silky smooth pre-cum dripping from my throbbing, turgid cock and coating my nipples with it. When I felt satiated and stopped stroking my nipples, I drifted off to sleep again.

    Round Three and Four...I think

    Honestly, I lost track of how many times this orgasm/sleep cycle repeated throughout the night. There were at least five cycles that I recall...maybe more. Each time I awoke, my cock would either be rearing to go our would spring to action within a minute of touching my nipples. I had no ramp up time. Each time, I entered immediately into an orgasmic phase and stayed there as long as I desired. It was kind of an experiment to see how many of these I could create in the night. When I finally woke up at 8am, my dick was so hard I could have driven nails with it. I felt along the top of the shaft and it literally felt like there was metal inside of it. I got up and went into our bathroom to admire my full glory standing at attention. They say that a man's erection begins to drop in it's angle as he ages. What I saw in the mirror was point at an 85-degree angle...nearly straight up. I'm not a teenager in my early 50's but what I was looking at would be the envy of any horny teen. It was so hard and felt so good to stroke my cock, which I did for a few minutes while admiring how big it was. But I had no desire to blow my man juice. I wanted to keep storing it up in my prostate where again tonight, my silicone black friend could slide gently into place, lock into it's position of pleasure and begin to literally rock my world one again. 

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 905
    Absolutely beautiful, @BigLoneStar!!! Worth reading again and again!!!

  • Thanks BigGlansDC. I enjoy reading your posts as well. 
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    I need to make time to read this! From what I've skimmed over, it sounds amazing!!
  • @BigLoneStar - Great read!  Those nights when it all cums together with hours and hours of bliss are just so amazing!
  • tarantaran
    Posts: 13
    Read this 3 times. Just simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this @BigLoneStar
  • Awesome.