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Pleasure Points
  • I consider myself to be a senior user.  Some of the newbies on the site look at us who have been at this a while with envy as if we know everything or as if there is nothing else left for us to learn so we can just wallow in ecstasy thoughtlessly and endlessly.  That is about as far from the truth as can be.  I have been having anal – prostate or male multiple orgasms for almost 8 years and each time I sail, I am still learning something new.

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    I should preface this post by saying I am describing a “less” MMO, as that is what

    99 percent of my sessions are. 


    Just this morning (my best sessions are between 4 AM and 5 AM) I had a profoundly pleasurable experience that was a first.  I have used my nipples many, many times to induce and amplify the pleasure in a session but this morning for the first time I used multiple pleasure points to amplify an orgasm.


    I had induced a very very nice session at approximately 3:30 AM.  For an hour and a half I glided from excruciating euphoric sensation to excruciating euphoric sensation.  After an hour and a half I rolled onto my back as the spasms in my anus were fluttering down and dying.  But as I laid there, the orgasmic desire in my anus would not be denied.  I could feel the early tingles of another pleasure wave building.


    I have no idea what made me do this  but I tried to relax as much as possible trying to still my anus and suppress the anal contractions that come with a heavy session.  Then using my large finger span (11 inches between the tip of my pinky and the tip of my thumb) I put my pinky in the cleft under my cock head (frenular cleft) and I put my thumb firmly inside my belly button.  Then taking my other hand I spanned my fingers again and put the tips of my thumb and pinky on my two nipples.  I then applied gentle steady – even pressure to all points and began to breathe deeply.


    With a rush the pleasure waves rose up inside my anal canal like a geyser.  I struggled to suppress the spasming of my anal opening and succeeded, forcing the ensuing orgasmic convulsions to seek my prostate out and squeeze it hard over and over again in a rhythmic pattern.  The effect was amazing.  The ecstasy was agonizing and seemingly relelntless.  With machine gun like determination the machine gun like contractions filled my entire pelvic region with shrill rapture and made my cock regurgitate a continuous stream of clear precum.


    The MMO lasted for nearly 40 minutes.  

  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
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    Amazing! We can all learn a great deal from all of your posts! Thanks for the experience!
  • What a strange way to claim to claim that you don't "just wallow in ecstasy thoughtlessly and endlessly" in a post where you describe the most intense ecstasy! LOL. I get your point though that you're still learning new things about your body and it's potential for pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a newby here and have benefited greatly from posts like yours. I'll try almost anything so I'll definitely explore your pleasure points, so to speak. I still haven't had any super O's yet but have just had a new experience that your post reminds me of. I've been generally following Jmay's advice to get myself sexually aroused to the point where my whole body feels eroticized, if that's a word. So my skin, nips, prostate, anus, balls, penis, etc are all equally aroused. When I reach this point, my prostate has swollen like a penis and my penis is erect but not throbbing or need, what I call" Jmay's' erection" (sorry Jmay). you know what I mean. It's sort of numbish like a morning wood. The new thing I discovered was that when I brushed against my penis' frenulum, I could feel the stem of the penis actually stroking my erect prostate at the same time, with the same intensity, and then stopped when I stopped stroking my penis. I should mention that I'm using a classic progasm which contacts my prostate directly and moved along with the stroking. And I had no urge to ejaculate with the stroking because I was indirectly stroking my prostate with my penis. I could have continued this for hours, exploring other possibilities but I pulled a groin muscle and decided to take a break and look at the forum.

    While not an orgasm, this was maybe the most fun I've had so far. I used the same pleasure points as you, nipples, and the frenulum, but not the naval. Maybe I'll add that next time. I could even sense the electric sparks mentioned in another post, travelling between my prostate and my penis. I like that we've rescued that old stand-by, our penis, for a new use!

    addendum: I tried the naval thing and liked it. Thanks.

    another addendum; I realized that I was actually massaging my prostate from three directions at once. The p-tab from the underside, the penis root from the inside and the aneros. all that without an orgasm! What does it take? Would someone with a knowledge of anatomy tell me if what I'm imagining about massaging the prostate from the inside with moving my penis and its root gently, is physically possible?
  • AneRicoAneRico
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