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Definitely my first Super -O!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    I often wondered when I would have a Super -O. I imagined all kinds of things but never what I had today. I had resorted to using my classic Eupho instead of the Syn Eupho.. I had the afternoon to myself and decided to begin a session. After lubing up and inserting , I lay on my left side with my right leg raised about ninty degrees. The usual P-waves began and were very pleasant but nothing out of the ordinary. I must have dozed off to sleep and then came to, probably about ten minutes later. I became aware and realised that something unusual was going on don below and the P-Waves were getting much stronger. I then felt the Aneros begin to slide back and forth, up and down my prostate area. It got more and more lively. I was making no effort at all and then it happened! The Aneros seemed to draw in and squeeze the muscles. It tightened the contractions and the sensation was out of this world. I still did nothing and it went on and on giving me the most intense pleasure I have ever had in that region. I didn't shout or yell but I groaned in exquisite joy. It went on for five or six minutes all the time during which the Aneros was pushed in tighter and squeezed more and more and sliding around. Still I was doing nothing to push this along. I was aware of it moving about inside, as if rolling about, each shift of position increasing the pleasure to the point of being unbearable. This was an orgasm, the like I had never known. My first Super-O!
    I am still in a state of awe and wonderment and even wondering if maybe it was a dream. No it was real and I am looking to a repetition in the very near future. All that after four and a half years! It is worth the wait. Believe me!
  • Congratulations, sounds like a wonderful experience. Interesting that you got there following a nap. Almost as if you had a hypnopompic vision on awakening, a spontaneous deep body/mind movement following the loss of conscious control that is sleep.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Thank you Euphemistic. I forgot to mention that while all this was going on, my penis was rock the point of being painful. Every squeezing contraction, made it feel like squirting a long continuous flow !Never had that before .
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    That sounds awesome!!! I am so excited for you! The gate to an entire new world of pleasure has just been opened for you! more importantly, you are getting in toutch with your body! Which I think is the ultimate benefit of the aneros ! Keep up the great work!!
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    What a great post! It's really encouraging to hear you finally crossed over after so long and stuck with it the whole time. I'm about 2 years in and also haven't quite made it to a Super O yet although my sessions are great already. This is a good reminder to just relax and not overthink it. Perhaps I will try a classic Eupho 'do-nothing' session later :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You're enduring patience has finally paid its dividends!
    I hope this represents the breaching wave of Super-O tsunamis for you.

    Joy2 Good Vibes to You ! Super-O-Joy
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Thank you all so much. I'm not expecting it to happen every time but to know that it is real and possible makes a huge difference. It was nice to be caught off guard as well. Surprise Surprise!
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    That's just awesome, congrats!

    Just a month ago I was beginning to doubt the stories of others experiences. Then I had a dry "O" and realized the potential. Had a dry spell after that and became somewhat frustrated again, then had a super "O" and further realized the potential. Then read about the do nothing technique and poo poo'd it. But after another dry spell gave it a genuine try and am now getting much more sensitivity and consistency in my sessions without my prostate going numb, which happens if I take an aggressive approach. The do nothing sessions are rapidly getting more intense and I even got great results last night not long after an ejaculation. My preconceived notions are constantly getting proved wrong and the experienced members are getting proved correct. I am so grateful I found out about this, and that there is a supportive group of mature members to provide insight and advice.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    My preconceived notions are constantly getting proved wrong and the experienced members are getting correct. I am so grateful I found out about this, and that there is a supportive group of mature members to provide insight and advice.

    @ctusser - Very nicely stated.

    @tomasheen - Congratulations! You have been a role model of patience for many men. You earned this!

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @tomasheen, congratulations !!
  • Congratulations.
  • Big smiles for you buddy! It's a whole new world isn't it? Have fun!! Congratulations!