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Body Electricity and the Nuclear Prostate.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    After dissecting the effect emotions have on the path to the Super-O, I decided to investigate the more physiological aspects of this journey. Being a huge fan of inductive reasoning and speculation, I decided to see what I could learn about the body electricitys role in the Super Orgasm, based off of simple little premise:

    What we do with the Aneros is sort of like nuclear fission. This realization set off by the fact that for the first time last night, I started feeling my progasm auto-f*ck me. These were not little twitches. Theses were long powerful strokes, and they were completely involuntary. They were self sustaining, and each one set off another.

    Now, I decided to investigate this premise based on three innocent enough facts.

    A fission reaction (Involuntary contraction) creates more energy than it consumes.

    The energy that a fission (involuntary contraction) releases can directly cause one or more other fissions.

    For the reaction (involuntaries) to remain stable, the output needs to be strong enough to cause more reactions, but regulated enough to not burn its self out. (For a nuclear reaction burning out means having a melt down, but as far as orgasms go, I am referring to having a feeling get too strong too quickly, which makes you loose control of it and loose the P-wave)

    Now, I hope that I didn't bore anyone too badly with that, but I am laying a bit of groundwork here in describing their similarities...

    Now, let's take this to an imaginary aneros session taking place in our minds:

    "Laying on your back in bed you slip in your aneros of choice, and quickly begin to notice a buzzing in your prostate and a P-Wave begins. This feels good, so you begin strongly focusing on the feelings, and lightly contracting your PC muscles. This causes the P-wave to reach a plateau for a moment, and then it quickly dies back down."

    We have probably all seen something like this scenario in the past. Now let's briefly consider some physics:

    The energy released from a reaction is in the form of thermal (heat) energy, but that is NOT what fuels the reaction. What fuels it is a distinct form of radiation.

    Let's view the body electricity as the radiation, and the orgasm as the heat. What happens if we try and manage the buzzing instead of the orgasmic feelings. Alright, lets try another session with the assumption that orgasmic feelings are a byproduct of this body electricity:

    "Laying on your back in bed you slip in your aneros of choice, and quickly begin to notice a buzzing in your prostate and a P-Wave begins. You pay no attention to the P-Waves, and try and control the buzzing. You draw the buzzing up your spine and into your head, and begin learning how to manipulate it. You manage to get your entire body buzzing, and you feel extremely charged, but it never gets much more pleasurable than P-Waves. You direct the energy in your head down to your naval, and then end your session."

    What happened? I thought that the orgasmic feelings were a byproduct of buzzing?! Well, think of any sensory input: by focusing on it, we can magnify its apparent intensity. I have tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, if I focus on it, it sounds deafeningly loud, even though most of the day I forget that its there!


    In order to get any reaction going, there is an amount of energy required to set it off. For many modern nuclear reactors, the process or starting the reaction requires bombarding the fuel with that special form of radiation.

    Back to the body:
    Well what on earth is the prostate equivalent of bombarding nuclear fuel with neutron radiation??

    Well, to understand how to do this, we must first examine what exactly this buzzing really is.
    What's it feel like? Well, I mean, its buzzy... It feels like your skin gets electrically charged up, and then discharges, and this repeats very quickly. It can be almost a hypnotic sensation. But fundamentally, I am developing the opinion that the main purpose of it is just your prostate know, "Just to let you know, anything I feel in this buzzing area is going be sent directly to your prostate."

    Let's try and apply this in our next session:

    "Laying on your back in bed you slip in your aneros of choice, and quickly begin to notice a buzzing in your prostate and a P-Wave begins.
    You ignore the pleasurable feelings, and focus on regulating the buzzing that is still be. The buzzing grows and expands to other areas of your body. The P-Wave grows along with it. You gently run your fingers across your chest, and notice a shiver run down your spine, and the buzzing begins to resonate in your entire body and pleasure shoots into your prostate. You have a dry orgasm! Eventually, your mindset changes, so you end your session."

    Many of us have probably been in this boat too. This is the the interesting part! If we have paid attention, we have learned something fascinating! We have seen with our own eyes that the orgasmic feelings are not driven by other orgasmic feelings. In other words: The orgasm is byproduct of these internal energies, and it is these energies you must try to manage in order to keep the orgasm stable, not the orgasm its self!

    What's next to learn?? To my knowledge, nothing! The only thing to do is listen to your body and get better at controlling yourself and your desires. The more you can control them, the better position you'll be in to have hundreds of incredible orgasms per week if you wanted.

    After a while your sessions will go something more like this:

    "Laying on your back in bed you slip in your aneros of choice, and quickly begin to notice a buzzing in your prostate and a P-Wave begins. You run your fingers over your chest and pleasure shoots into your prostate. It grows bigger, and you lightly contract your PC muscles. You control the buzzing and keep it from getting too hot too quickly. The buzzing spreads all over your body, and you lightly tickle your nipple. This dry-o you have been riding is going on for way too long! Your breath gets heavy, and suddenly your anus contracts, brushing your toy against your prostate. You think to yourself, still shocked, 'I didn't do that!'. A few seconds later it happens again, only this time shooting a bolt of pleasure into your prostate. And then moments later again! But this time, the orgasmic pleasure is going up your spine! Your sweet spot is becoming increasingly sensitive, and every little twitch fro. The ptab causes another agonizingly pleasurable contracting. You realize that you are DEFINITELY cumming. After some more time in this state, you realize you are DEFINITELY cumming harder than you ever have before. Your body shakes, and you are moaning as the pleasure grows ever more intense. You feel like your insides are cumming!!! The pleasure and buzzing are just stupidly intense and continue on for a good amount of time longer. This process repeats until your body cannot physically handle the pleasure any longer and you go to bed."

    And that, my friends, is Body Electricity and the Nuclear Prostate!
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Genius!! Thank you for that, I've deffinitely noticed this but I had not looked at it that way, makes a lot of sense... A LOT of sense, when you delay pleasurable feelings they kind of build up, but you reach a point where you don't feel you are delaying pleasure, it kind of happens everywhere. The best sessions have been the ones where I still kept that "delaying pleasure" approach. Bravo.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Thanks! I knew reading up on nuclear energy as a kid would come in handy, but I never figured the thing it would help me with is giving me more orgasms! Lol

    But really, I want other peoples opinions on this. This is only from my limited experience. If something sounds off to anyone, point it out!
  • I'm confused with your terminology, MMO-rpglol. By electricity, are you refering to the"buzz-butt" sensation as buziing of the prostate? I know what the buzz-butt feels like, a tickling, not unpleasant irritation sensation in my anus during and after a session. But it's definitely originating around my anus and seems to involve the involuntaries and kegel-type exercises.

    The only sensation I get from my prostate is p-waves, some greater, some less intense. After my prostate has swollen with massaging, especially concentrating on the sweet spot, I can hold that sensation for as long as I want. But that's not what you're writing about, is it? You call it"electricity" but don't describe it or where it originates. I can follow your analogy in an abstract way and get Jmay's take about deferring pleasure on the way to more pleasure. But I just don't know what you mean by electricity. Is that a term used on this forum somewhere?
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Body Electricity, is the tingling "buzz-butt" as you say.

    For me, this is how it starts:
    It begins as a faint tickling in the prostate area. The tickle grows and expands. You can also passively direct where it goes by shifting your focus to a target area. Once it grows large enough, it can feel like your entire body has an electrical current going through it. Its neutral as far as pleasure goes. I'm sorry for being vague, but I am having troubled finding words to describe it. Perhaps a more experienced user such as @rumel could describe it a little better.

    The main point that I want people to get out of this: 

    There is the obvious pleasure we feel when we're having a dry Orgasm, but there is also an underlying buzzing which is what really controls the orgasm. You have probably learned that, when you get a dry o, focusing too intently on that dry - o generally dampens the sensations and leads to stifled orgasms. This is because at this point in your orgasm, you are focusing on the product of the body electricity (the orgasm), and not the electricity itsself.  The reaction has not stabilized itsself yet, and by focusing your attention away from it, it generally becomes unbalanced and dies for a number of reasons. 

    The reason I bothered to post this was because it provides another way to visualize the orgasm, and explain the "buzz-butt" phenomenon in terms of its impact towards the orgasm. Reading on the forums a number of times, people consistently described it happening, but there was never a reason why it happens. It was just viewed as a side effect of rewiring. The first time I felt the buzz in my whole body, I realized that this could not be just another curious oddity of the journey. It had to fit in somehow. It had to play an active role, or else, why would so many people describe the same thing? Did this number of people accidentally stumble upon the same niche little attraction?

    I dont think so:)  
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    Try just not paying attention to pleasure during your session, you should still feel something. It's very hard to keep that feeling because you tend to fall into pleasure, since it radiates from that very feeling you should focus on. So, much like turning on the water-heater to take a shower, you reach a self feeding orgasmic state, where you can go crazy because you will surely orgasm and not ejaculate.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I don't know if this helps but I get a strong butt-buzz, (almost whole-body buzzing) from my use of the smallest Peridise. 

    From Sunday to Thursday nights inclusive, I have taken to going to bed with this little chap in place for a couple of hours. I do this to maintain control over 'rrhoids, and very effective it is too. I am usually asleep within twenty minutes of going to bed but then wake up to a powerful buzzing in the wee small hours.

    I'm not really in the right frame of mind for dry Os at this time of night so I remove the tool and just enjoy the buzzing for half an hour or so before returning to sleep. It does however set me up nicely for the following morning.

    When I wake again at perhaps 6 or 7AM, I am really ready for either an Aneros session or an Anerosless session (whichever takes my fancy), because the buzzing is back with a vengeance but I am fully rested and may even have had a nice sexy dream during the night!

    @MMO, thank you for this thread. You have given me more fuel for the fire!
  • okay mmorpglol , that's very interesting ,


    but what about instead of a prostatemassager to do it with a peridise ?

    Will it work the same?


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    MMO_RPGlol,  Wonderful descriptions of your sensations and your choice of metaphors!!

    Taoists, in their 5000 years of sexual, into life-force, into spiritual, energies traditions have captured these phenomena you all and I experience as our Aneros journey progresses. I first began experimenting with Taoist techniques in 1990-91, before finding and starting with Aneros in early 2007.

    Your "electricity/nuclear-energy-electricity" is essentially chi or qi (same thing) as in Tai Chi, or Qigong, or Sexual Kung Fu. Aneros key actions begin with muscle/nerve retraining/rewiring for involuntaries to achieve hands-free prostate massage, and then the separation of one's orgasmic trigger/sensations/responses from one's ejaculatory trigger(PONR)/sensations/responses. Each step provides the possibility and opportunity to feel that difference you are identifying as "electricity" and "nuclear electricity". Another key distinction!!

    It is wonderful to see new users finding their unique Aneros journey's ways of forming and manifesting to each in their unique images and language for these glorious new-to-them phenomena!!!

    Many human males (and females) have been through these experiences before us, long before Aneros became available as such an effective mode of reaching these experiences, techniques, and energies.

    It has been said: "The East shall shake the West awake!"

    In ancient India, Tantra is the tradition of finding and achieving access/understanding of these body electric sensations and techniques: Prana being the name for these energies there. Yoga is closely associated and Yoga Sexual Techniques are a parallel line. So can Buddhist meditation be a parallel line.

    In ancient China, Taoist Chi/Qi traditions and practices are the tradition for of body electric and beyond; energies Taoist's term the energies of Universal Love. 

    When Buddhism met Tao; Zen Buddhism was born, and it too is a great path, and, like all of the above, a great complementary practice for Anerosians, should such other practices interest you...

    In Leaves of Grass, the great American Poet, Walt Whitman, sang for us all: "I Sing The Body Electric" within his great life's work. Read him and let him sing you, and your "...inward and outward round, man root, man balls..." and "...all the attitudes, all the shapeliness, all the belongings of my or your body or of any one's body, male or female,..." Reading Whitman all over, and particularly I Sing the Body Electric section of Children of Adam, the whole of which is great.... Aesthetics can be great orgasmic electric triggers and amplifiers too!!

    Another ancient, alchemical, shamanistic practice has been modernized by Jack Johnston as Key Sound Multiple Orgasms (KSMO) another complementary practice many Anerosians have found helpful in developing their Aneros response levels. It too lets you feel the differences and feel that "nuclear electricity" directly and to attain effective control of it throughout your body and mental life.

    Mine has been a mixed practice of Aneros/KSMO/Tao, and a couples practice too with my wife, who has also gradually attained from mine, full body circulating energies awareness, and full-on "nuclear electric energies" p-waves and orgasms. We have, either together or solo, both Active Body Super-Os and Beyond orgasmic events that are way beyond the "sex orgasms" feelings, as well as the fabulous Still Body Super-Os and Beyond that are even more unique and varied.

    Aneros/Peridise for full prostate awakening and rewiring, Key Sound for best feel and "gentle intent" sensing and directing of these "nuclear electric" energies for triggering and amplifying as desired, and Tao as a mapping and understanding of this "nuclear electricity" from one of the oldest traditions with knowledge and skill at working with it all.

    Taoist mapping of "nuclear electric" energies (and many other names from many traditions and individual imaginations and enlightenment) with three levels: 

    Jing (semen-based male energies, retained and "cooked")>>> 

    Chi/Qi (chi gathering techniques like chi-walking, tai chi et al; and life-force, vitality, martial arts)>>> 

    Shen (spiritual orgasms, calm seas, floating bliss, other forms of bliss, deep peace, profound contentment, universal union, encountering a presence, healing energies qigong and more....)

    See Mantak Chia's books, The MultiOrgasmic Man for your solo practice, and his The MultiOrgasmic Couple for sharing with your female partner. We use them for mapping and getting an integrating sense of all of this. Also Bio-Electric Sex, the technique of Dr. Rudolph von Urban, as set out in the great encyclopaedia of Sexual Energy Ecstasy by David and Ellen Ramsdale.

    For many, none of these is a linear process. Many waken to these energies in the sexless Chi state, or in overwhelming awe in the Shen levels. That is why mapping can matter and its sharing be worthwhile...

    All of these may lead us into "less" sessions and into dry-Os of any kind, all kinds, anytime, anywhere spontaneously or "at will", at which point we no longer need what BF Mayfield long ago named our "Tantric Training Wheels", and where we can call upon these powers at will anytime, anywhere. We used to say that at that point one has become an Aneros Adept. 

    Some still say that celebrating a definitive transformation threshold crossed for the rest of one's life and the wholeness of one's being...

    all our individual metaphors and imaginations inspired by these energies and its electricity are part of sharing all of the wonders of this journey all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242

    This post is referring to anything that can get a person to the dry orgasming state. Since people can have anerosless orgasms, this is not talking specifically about any one tool, but just about any dry orgasm. Including female orgasms. So yes, it should work the same for the peridise:)
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Very interesting to hear! Thanks for that reply!

    Tell me, I have always heard about these energies the way you describe, but does those sources ever describe WHY we feel those energies. That's the main thing I am curious about!

    Thanks, as always, you are an amazing source of knowledge!
  • Maybe I'm not making myself clear. My question is about the origin of the buzz-butt and it's relationship to the prostate. In several scenarios you describe the buzz coming from your prostate, not your butt. I've never noticed a buzz coming from the area around my prostate, should I? Are you saying that you can direct the buzz sensation from your butt to your prostate with your attention? Or to concentrate on the buzz-butt feeling rather than the p-waves? Or both? If so, I'll pay more attention to the buzz-butt at the next session and try to guide it towards my prostate. That should keep my attention off any p-waves for sure lol.

    My focus in my sessions up to now is to amplify my arousal and my pleasure which I've done successfully up to but excluding any orgasm. I'm saturated with sexual energy at this point but at a deal end seemingly. it's a very enjoyable place but maybe I'll try to put my awareness on the buzzing sensation more than the p-waves and see what happens.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242

    Sorry, I didn't understand your question.
    Now that I recall, when I was first learning, the buzz was coming from my butt. After listening to it more, it moved to my prostate. Just listen to it and try and notice any tingling or buzzing from your prostate. Eventually you'll get to a point where the buzz can be centered around your prostate.

    Also, you don't direct it to your prostate. At least I didn't. It will just eventually start showing up there more and more often.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488

    Most Welcome! I am driven too by wide-ranging curiosity!! :D :D

    See Robert O. Becker's book; The Body Electric; Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
    Becker has paid the price of his leading work, and there are many scientific controversies around all of this.

    No one has a clear idea about consciousness and how it arises. Many have thoughts and fragments of facts as well as attempts at integrating into something more like a convincing story...

    We know we are biochemical mechanisms and bio-electricity is a functional fact of this system within cellular life particularly. Minute electro-magnetic fields are present as a result of this bio-electric activity and we have molecules of magnetite in our neurons, and a concentration of magnetite molecules five times more dense in the meninges, the triple membrane sack enclosing our skull brain and spinal chord. One theory suggests that the micro-fields generated by individual brain region's activities are sensed and create integrating interacting fields in the meninges, and that that is a route co consciousness formation/function.

    We also know that an independent life-form, that partnered with the original single cells that evolved into all plant and animal life, mitochondria, which have their own residual DNA and replicate in our cells, are the vital central bio-energy producers, upon which we are completely dependent for life.

    They are best known for the ATP cycle chemical reaction series that converts the gut bacteria poop (another group of independent life-forms who live co-operatively within us) delivered by the blood to our cells where the mitochondria then process it.

    Mitochondria can co-ordinate their activities and produce synchronized energies bursts in whole groups of cells all at once. Without the Coupled Oscillator function of co-ordinating mitochondria, our heart muscles could not endlessly beat as they do. They also produce sequenced series of energies blossoms in related tissues for other functional processes support.

    I have been very sensitive to activities within my body and its tissues and organs for much of my life. I started to feel a unique type of orgasmic sensations that I described in my blog:

    I have experienced Mitochondrial Orgasms now many times and seem to be able to call them up, like many other types too. They seem to be shareable too:

    Aesthetic responses to beauty and other interpretations can also trigger strong energies responses. Many can orgasm in response to Michaelangelo's David for example. Some feel it as a positive experience; others as a fearful overwhelming negative, and suffer health effects. This side is called Stendhal Effect, or Syndrome.

    I have a developing scientific hypothesis that our orgasmic energies, that core "nuclear electricity" are another mitochondrial co-ordinated synchronizing bio-electric energies burst system, with all the vast range of patterns possibilities; that mitochondria achieve these levels of co-ordination by quantum bio-physical techniques, and that those sum up in manner analogous to bee hives and other insects' Hive Minds, cumulative intelligence from many living numbers of a single species living collectively: the Mitochondrial Hive Mind.

    I also think that it (MHM) is also a layer in our own body/brains/mind consciousness system, which runs on a quantum effects system as a whole. Note we have at least three brains: Skull Brain, Gut Brain (which has as many neurons), and Heart Brain.

    See Sir Roger Penrose's books: The Emporer's New Mind, and Shadows of the Mind, as well as many numerous scientific papers and popular press articles.

    Keep that curiosity endlessly curious man!!!

    all the best orgasmic energies self-sensing seeking through curiosity all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Thanks for sharing. I like these theory posts. Keep them coming. :)

    I think what you're saying is that, as well as involuntaries and p-waves, there's a less visible third factor that needs to be focussed on. Some time ago I reached a personal milestone where I felt like I wasn't controlling either the orgasm or the contractions, but the thing behind them. Conducting the orchestra instead of playing the instruments. It was a weird kind of detachment. I can identify with what you're saying.

    I had an aneros session last night, with the intent that all involuntaries should be self sustaining, and that involuntaries that didn't trigger other involuntaries were a waste. Somehow I was able to identify which ones would or wouldn't. After a while, I started getting unusually strong (and awesome feeling) involuntaries.
    I still haven't gotten the long, in/out, auto-fuck strokes. I can get strong anal contractions, but one happens and it's gone.
    Still, your post has given me a lot to think about.
  • Interesting, Artform. I've never heard of or thought of the mitochondria as a separate lifeform. Are you saying that mitochondria at some time in the distant past invaded and lived within simple one-celled organisms in a symbiotic relationship? And they are connected somehow and can coordinate their responses? I wonder what they might have been before invading? A virus, a spore from space? Reminds me of the Borg with their hive mind.

    I've been following another thread that might account for the simultaneous communication between all the mitochondria, for example during an orgasm. I was involved in exploring exotic forms of the platinum group metals like gold, called variously white powder of gold, ORMUS, or ORMES. A motley group of amateur alchemists and physicists were working with a non-metallic form of these metals and trying to understand what they are and how they work. The connection with your theory is that these diatomic elements are found in our bodies, especially in the telemeres. They are capable of tunneling, superconductivity at body temperature, superfluidity and more. I don't pretend to understand the physics. You can find out more at

    I love this kind of speculation. I've ingested ORMUS from different sources, some that I collected myself and some that I bought. It's claimed to enhance intuition and the subtle energies. On the other hand I don't feel any advantage with my journey so far.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @artform man I have a lot of reading to do! And @Euphemistic that is quite a theory. I am interested to see how ball of this plays out.

    I would be very interested in seeing a new working theory of orgasm being made. I have not done much research current theories, but to my knowledge, they generally don't discuss much other than the female orgasm, and if they do discuss male orgasm its only about ejaculation.

    I would like to see a theory that describes why we feel what we feel before an orgasm. One that describes the interaction of chi and orgasmic feelings. Brain Wave readings during various types of orgasms. The works. This is almost positively a pipe dream, but it would still be cool. Eh
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    MMO_RPGlol  :D
    Not at all a "pipe dream". Working toward just such research at a university soon, if all goes well with the initial methodology and work planning. Let's keep in touch. We may need volunteers! ;)
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Hahaha. Out of curiosity, what state is this study going to take place in? I would love to be a guinea pig for this type of thing! As long as my real name stays off of the paper lol
  • I isolated the electric sensations from the p-waves last night. They were there all along of course. When I touch my nipples, I immediately feel electrical sparkling in my anal region, my prostate, and my nipples. It's as if I were wiping my ass by wiping my nipples, it's so immediate. It reminds me of the bilocation phenomenon that was associated with the mitochondria; I touch my nips and feel them and my anus and prostate simultaneously,and when I remove my hand the feelings depart.

    And I can distinguish the sparkling buzzing sensations from the pleasure, now that I know that they are separate but connected. However, it's easier to say I'll follow the sparkles and ignore the pleasure, than do it. I'm working on that. Good job, MMO-MPGlol and Jmay for identifying this phenomenon. I feel like I'm at the start of important discoveries for men and I volunteer for any studies that are planned.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Glad its helping people!! It seriously is as if gently touching a nipple directly stimulates a prostate!

    And yes! This is just the start! I have a lot to learn, but from what I can tell, its just a matter of time until the involuntary contractions decide to hit and take me to the stratosphere! I have already had some small previews of it, and it is freaking intense!!!

    Anyways, glad I can help! Keep us posted @euphemistic !!
  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Interesting thread. Since reading it I can feel a buzz in my prostate when relaxed, even without aneros. I will try to play with that when I have time on my hands.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Play with it! You'll get it!
  • Has anyone share their experiences with moving the energy around? 

    In a recent post on JMay's Keys to Sexual Stimulation, ( ) I described a session where I was able to send the energy in a feedback loop with intense results.

    I have noticed with a little MMJ, I become much more aware of the energy and can direct it easier.  Yesterday after a bowl, I was floating in the pool and sending the energy all over my body from head to toe. I had to omit my penis from this exercise however as I was not totally alone at the house (teenagers in and out of the yard). 
  • @heizen
    My best experience with moving energy around was when I was in a light sleep. It got to the point that I could feel precisely where my chi was and I was directing it around in that loop you described. it was amazing. Other than that, I haven't done too much with it yet. Hoping to expand on it in the coming months.