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First time, am I too tall?
  • Hello all,

    I am new to any sort of anal play. I became curious about the health benefits/pleasure that is possible with prostate massages. I read that Aneros was the the place to start, so I bought a new Helix Syn after quite a bit of reading. I have since used it twice. It was much easier to insert than I thought it was going to be. Both times it went right in without much fuss. Taking it out has been a little odd and on the first time was borderline uncomfortable, but it also seems like some of the lube had dried off. I used a thin layer of Vaseline with water based lube the second time around and it came out much easier albeit with some odd feelings.

    Anyways that's all backstory, I am about 6'9" tall and was wondering if I were too tall for the Helix Syn to hit where it needs to? Once it is in, I can contract and get it to pull inside me but it doesn't seem to be hitting anything that I would consider pleasurable. It's more just... there. When I use my hand to manually move it in and out I can push it in deeper than I can contract it. When I do that I can feel me massage an area that gives me the "I need to pee" sensation. I try to focus on that spot, but I can't keep it on there before my hand cramps up. Am I too tall and need a longer stimulator? I know from everything I have read that it all takes time, but if I'm not hitting the right spot how will I ever know?

    On a side note, is it safe to use a big Hitachi type massager and lightly place on the Helix? Would the vibrations help stimulate the prostate, or would those vibrations be too intense and possibly cause more harm than good?

    Thanks for any advice that is given.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    In the beginning it feels like you just have a piece of plastic up your bottom. This leads to all the questions. Is my body different? Do I need another model? etc?

    My advice is just relax and give yourself some time. The Helix is a great model. Sort of middle of the road but very fine. Actually my favorite. Peridise beginner also one I love.

    Once you find you are responding you'll be able to use even the smallest model Peridise and you will likely get results when you don't even have an Aneros in.

    Learn to just relax and feel the subtleties of your Helix. It really is more about what's between your ears than what's between your cheeks. :-)
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    I'm only 5"8 and initially thought my pro Jr. wasn't hitting my prostate because I wasn't feeling anything pleasurable. I thought I was different or incompatible and this was just a month and a half ago. With consistent use and mental concentration on subtle sensations I now get extremely pleasurable feelings and have had a couple of amazing dry orgasms. The first couple weeks were benign and I was using a lot of contractions and movement to really pulverize my prostate, and even manually manipulating it out of frustration. Once I relaxed and focused on subtle sensations things started to wake up. Now I just insert, do slow deep breathing and relax and within 5-10 minutes my prostate starts to tingle. I would suggest inserting and doing some deep belly breathing for 20 minutes before any contractions to see if your body will start to recognize it on it's own.

    The prostate wants to be treated like a woman. It wants to be nurtured, caressed, teased and fully aroused before a hard pounding. If you are in doubt about size you can step up to the progasm. But I doubt that's the issue.

    I also notice I am more sensative if I haven't ejaculated in a couple to few days. Regarding the vibrator, I have tried them both on the aneros and a Gspot vibe directly to the prostate. All this seems to do is numb it and make it unresponsive. At this point I'm sure it is hard for you to believe as it was for me, but gentle and subtle is the key not a vigorous approach like jacking off.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    "The prostate wants to be treated like a woman. It wants to be nurtured, caressed, teased and fully aroused before a hard pounding."  @ctusser - Well put! lol
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    You've got a great first model to start with, FirstTimer987.  I'm 6'2" and that one is a consistent performer for me.  In general, unless you are a very small male, the internal spatial relationships fall basically within a very similar range for most guys, and most likely your Helix Syn is already hitting the spot satisfactorily and it will just take you a while (it took me months at first) to "feel" it.  Don't rush off and buy another model as you probably won't feel anything different until you get used to this.  Practice for at least about 30 minutes 3 times a week.  Relax and don't hold any particular expectations with any one session.  Just learn how to pick up on and enjoy the subtle sensations when they first start to come.

    I experienced the most progress by lying perfectly still for about 10 minutes after insertion, then doing gentle PC contractions--the gentle pulling in contractions like you were holding back urine, not puckering in your anus--all the while lightly tickling your nipples.  After a while, doing this should bring on some little quivering feelings at your anus and then with continued practice a funny feeling involuntary (that is, you don't voluntarily do anything to start it) contraction in your rectum that sucks in the massager.  Usually this response will be associated with a pleasant buildup of warm feelings inside, kind of behind your pubic bone area deep in your pelvis that with continued time and practice will come to the point you'll feel like you're ejaculating, but you're dry.  That is a prostate or "super" orgasm and with time and practice this can become so intense and prolonged in sessions it will almost make your body convulse with pleasurable orgasmic feelings and then become filled with a flooded, warm, relaxed feeling afterward that's really enjoyable and very relaxing.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I believe the above posts are spot-on.  I can only add:

    -- The "urge to pee" feeling is most likely the result of your forcing the tip of the Helix against your bladder neck, (sending a false sensation of a full bladder).  That observation leads to a conclusion that the Helix is OK for your height/canal length.

    -- For most men the prostate contact sensations are well buried under a blanket of discomfort since the Aneros is a 'foreign object'   In time and perhaps after several dozen sessions they will start to emerge and you'll savor them.