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A Chat discussion about Tantra and Aneros
  • AneRico
    Posts: 218
    A few days ago I got into a discussion about Tantra with a couple of fellow chatters.  I told them I'd do a little homework and report back in a post.

    I think the best thing I could do for now is to suggest that anyone who is interested do a google search on "tantra pineal gland" or "shaman pineal gland", or "pineal gland seat of soul".  Chase some of the links and see what you think.

    Here is my VERY early, premature impression:

    Tantra seeks enlightenment by moving Kundalini energy from the base chakra to the crown chakra.  Aneros allows us to generate massive amounts of energy which we can direct....including directing it up the spine to the third eye (pineal of the soul...etc), and onward (upward) to the crown chakra.  This all relates to awakening the third eye and the crown chakras allowing the individual to gain spiritual sight into the nature of reality.  Now that's a mouthful, and most likely a poor characterization of this stuff.

    Direct the energy out your hands and heart chakra and you have the basics of Reiki Healing, or "Healing Touch".  

    Open your third eye to the problems that confront you and 'see' solutions.

    Open your third eye to the shamanic realms and 'see' and 'talk to' spirit helpers who will offer knowledge and advice.

    do NONE OF THIS and be none the lesser for it.

    it's up to you and your comfort level.

    More on this's a lot to synthesize, but I'm on a personal quest to get it clear in my head...not the basics...I already understand the basics...I just need to get the language for this so that I can better follow my path, as well as be better able to describe it to others.

    Thanks for listening.  Again, I have put this down knowing I'm doing a lousy job of describing.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 218

    My Tantra book talks about "surrender" which is funny because it's a word I like to use about the Aneros experience.

    It also talks about the union (marriage) of our male and female aspects.  Shiva (male), Shakti (female).  or yin and yang.  Most of us notice the 'femaleness' aspects of ourselves that open to us as we gain experience with Aneros.

    Then again, who the fuck listens to a guy named Annie???    hehehehehheheheh....kidding.
  • isvara
    Posts: 587
    @AnnieRico, Interesting, I have worked with both Reiki and Healing Touch. Because of professional standards I have kept what I might call sexual energy well away from the flow of energy used in facilitating healing (at least in my mind and in my intent). Now as I am no longer doing energy work with people and am on the prostate journey I can give myself permission to join the energies. It is worth exploring.
  • isvara
    Posts: 587


    Not everyone on the Forum is happy with alternative energy ideas. There have been some pretty explosive comments on this topic from some forum members. 

    Some thoughts, please disregard if not helpful -  Same things but the different words may help in your quest:

    The energy centres are not in the various glands or organs but for our understanding they are located in the approximate areas. The key energy centre is the base chakra for this drives the rest.  Perhaps one of the reasons for the  life changing experience that most Aneros people have is because the process of prostate/G spot awakening indirectly energises this chakra.  Because of ‘current western genital phobia’ the base chakra is displaced and in many people does not work as it should. There is/has been a perception that we should focus more on the higher chakras to lift our consciousness  this was a ‘big’ mistake as the system is designed to be balanced.

    There is a flow of energy from the feet to the top of the head and this energy and is said to swirl though each energy centre.  This system is called the Chakra System, for want of a better name.  Personal Chakra Balancing can be very stabilising. There are ways to reveal the state of these energy centres and a 'facilitating' practitioner would use these to check these and respond accordingly and thus empower the client to affect their desire. 

    There is also superimposed a more rarified system that is accessed in martial arts, reference has been made to this in another thread, the lowed centre (located in the area between the first and second chakra) being the centre of intent.

    Surrender is essential for facilitating any energy work or healing of self or others. The ego has to be put to one side so the deeper intent may work unhindered. 

    Tantra Yoga is an expression of this but some folk are wary of the cultural or religious content or overtones. 

    Thank you for reminding me!

    The standard reference works:  Barbara Brennan's “Hand of light” and Rosalyn Bruyere’s “Wheels of Light” (a mastery work on the base Chakra includes some mythology as well).

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great beginnings in your exploration of all this AnnieRico and isvara!! Indeed Xilex!!

    Like you AR, I will fill this post out more soon. Late night/early morning here as I read your posts.

    I have read several books on Tantra and use a number of the techniques, as complementary practices to my Taoist sexual kung fu, and the full spectrum of Taoist energies including Shen level, spiritual and  healing qigong practices.

    My mixed practice, both solo and with my dear wife, is Aneros/KSMO/Tao with several complementary ones as well.

    KSMO is Key Sound Multiple Orgasms Key Sound is my Core Practice, much accelerated my Aneros practice in second year, and has a shamanic dimension too.

    It was another Anerosian who had experienced Tantra workshops, and I with my Taoist background who first experimented with remote energies exchanging at-a-distance here at Aneros. We started sharing and spreading this success experimentation with other interested Anerosians who asked to try too. It just keep spreading and building.

    Yet another Aenrosian and KSMOsian, Pan, and I shared our perspectives and practices related to Tantra and energies, again from my blog:

    I do not approach any of this as a doctrinaire religion. Taoist energies traditions are more alchemical and proto-scientific. I am exploring the possible scientific approaches to understanding the operations of these energies and phenomena such as energies sharing at-a-distance, which I have experienced many times, including in healing others.

    My earliest experiences that approach doors to enlightenment were my Intellectual Orgasms at about ages 14-15 after about a year of solo anal/prostate massage beginning at 13. Here is a post from my blog:

    Discussion with others with experience in all this, the consensus is that the Intellectual Orgasms of my youth were Crown-centred Orgasms. I practiced Touch for Health techniques occasionally in the 1970s.

    all the best exploring and applying the best of complementary practices in our journey to fully awakened prostate ecstatic energies, healing and enlightenment all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • AneRico
    Posts: 218
    Good replies, all.
  • Alex_xxx
    Posts: 408
    Just curious... after a few thousand years of teachings and books around theese chakras, has any of it/them been proven wholy or somewhat by science?
  • isvara
    Posts: 587
    Being very respectful. Perhaps science has become trapped in a box of its own making. Those who have grounded the chakra system and work with it feel that it is proven, but not to the satisfaction of all. Very much like the professor of anatomy who demonstrated to his students the process of evolution but on Sunday supported a seven day divine creation. I am not wishing to stir up trouble with this.
  • Gilman
    Posts: 56
    I once saw a chart that related the chakras to the various glands of our endocrine system. The prostate gland accounted for one of them. Clearly stimulated by an Aneros. Secretions from these glands effect our thoughts, feelings and energies.

    I do think you are on to something.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    My personal opinion, is that when something has persisted for thousands of years, and been practiced by many millions of people, world wide, science may need to pay attention.

    I learned from my father, a physics teacher, to look at things in a rational, connected way. He also taught me that science can't explain every thing. Too much of our understanding is missing, and that was his fascination.

    I'm willing to open myself to the wonders of what we are experiencing. I might need to explore some of the interesting practices that I am exposed to by the members of this forum. That, is my fascination.