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Peridise Help
  • EarlEarl
    Posts: 5
    Any suggestions on how to get the auto contractions & p-waves going with the Peridise?  It has been good for exercising in addition to what I'm getting with my MGX & others, but the pleasure element hasn't happened yet.  I plan to encourage my wife to give it a try but wanted first hand knowledge of the pleasure element before I do. There seem to be a lot of "how I did it" on the other Aneros items, but not so much on the Peridise.   Thanks!
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Earl I have found the largest peridise is best for pleasure where as some other have found the smallest is best.
    Are you sumwhat rewired it sounds like you are from what you have said if you can oroduse pwaves thats all you need i think.
    The peridise must be well lubed , i use vaseline with a little waterbase. lube the bulb all the way to the down the shaft to the small bulb near the handle.
    When inserting make sure you push the peridise in so the bulb next to the handle is resting against you butt hole.
     Lay there and relax You should feel it start to move by its self with you body movement but if it needs help do a contraction as if you were pumping up a hardon.
    The larger peridise will tap at your prostate, It intermittently gives me a hardon too. The pwaves can be large or ever so tiny as well. I am just laying here typing and I can feel my penis wiggling a little as my sphincter moves the  peridise in and out.
    I suspect if i had to sum it up its like having a aneros session without the ptab pressure.

    Now as for wifey I cant answer that sorry. Wife said yes she would give it a go but never has.

    If none of what i have said works then maybe try sleeping with it in all night.
    Shoot 5ml of waterbase lube up you and then coat the peridise the same as before.
    leave it in and your body might just workout what to do with it by itself.
    Sleeping with the peridise is not the same as the prostate massager in the fact it is much less intrusive and you may not even know it is there unless it starts its rythmic movement.
    You will find that you do not have to get up to pee in the middle of the night if you usually do and you dont really get sore.

    The first few times during the day after removing the peridise from a all night session i found that my muscles down there were fatigued from being used all night. That was fine that ment it was working.

    The peridise is very subtle compared with a prostate massager but very soothing and relaxing all the same. It can vary from high speed fluttering of movement to long slow strokes.
    The fluttering feels like it is not even moving but just sitting there vibrating. With a lot of use the thing just keeps moving all the time changing its tempo every now and then. Orgasms are usually in the first hour of use followed by constant pwaves all night. Orgasms can start again if you get horny.

    Leave the biggest one in while you have sex or masturebate it feels good!

    Hope all that helps.
    I have the Tempo on its way to me coz I liked the largest peridise so much , I reckon it is going to be so much fun!
  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    Just had a lovely little orgasm with a tempo. On back, knees bent, feet flat. Little alternating motions with thighs sets it in motion. Much more nimble than helix. I feel in on my prostrate better for some reason. Could not repeat, but nice anyway!
  • EarlEarl
    Posts: 5
     I've been focusing on the larger, but will give the smaller ones a try.  I usually use vaseline alone unlike the MGX, etc. For them I usually add a top coat of baby oil gel and inject 5 ml of silicone for the longer sessions.  I'll try adding a lighter lube next time as well as post MGX when thing are already warmed up and slick.  Will also try an all nighter as well as the krissive position.  I'm usually on my side with one or both knees up. 

    Have you used a peridise in addition to the tempo?  If so, how do they compare?

    Thanks braveneworld & krissive for the feedback.  I hope to make good use of our experience.

  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    I just have a tempo... no peridise....
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I really love the Peridise, the larger of the beginners set, and often enjoy a session with it. The tempo looks so nice and sleek and I am sure is hefty, too. Would love to know how the two compare.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I know this sounds counter-intuitive but, have any of you tried downsizing the Peridise you are currently using? Following the instructions given by HIH for their use, I started with the largest one and fairly soon, progressed to the next smaller one. After a couple of months, I settled on the 18mm (third largest) one for almost two years.

    For the past year I have been using the smallest one and find that on the rare occasions I have given a larger one a run, it is never quite as satisfying as the smallest one. The smallest is now by far the best one.

    BTW, the Tempo strikes me as being a different kettle of fish entirely and works quite differently from the Peridise models. This is probably because, being of SS, its weight causes it to act quite differently from the Peridise. For me, the Tempo really only works when lying on my front so that it can contact the anterior organs.
  • EarlEarl
    Posts: 5
    I'll spend some quality time with the smaller ones and see how that works.  I used the 2nd & 3rd largest some, but not enough to draw conclusions.  Thanks for sharing your experiences. 
  • I just got the Peridise complete set and have the biggest one in for the first time as I write this up. My experience with any of these "toys" is limited as I got the Eupho Syn about two months ago for my first massager. For my first session with the Peridise, I lubed up like usual, inserted according to the directions and then layed on the bed and relaxed for a few minutes. I tried to concentrate on my heartbeat and especially on the heartbeat feeling I was getting from my anus. After awhile I felt like I was oozing a lot of pre-cum, but when I reached down to wipe myself off there was nothing there. Right now as I type this I've had the thing in for about 40 minutes and have a constant fluttering feeling in my prostate area and at times it's a bit hard to concentrate. This is a more subtle feeling than when I have my Eupho inserted, but still pretty nice. If I would stimulate myself or be having sex, I think there would be a massive explosion!

    My wife has promised to give the 2nd largest one a try and the plan is to have these little gems inserted next time we have sex. I'll keep you posted.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i actually have had the 2 piece peridise set for a while.  Ive used them both on and off f but today decided to actually have a session with one.  Wow!  Amazing results to say the least.  I didnt know that this little guy could pack such a punch as far as orgasms.  I'm confused though, i usually get the best results with either my progasm or now the peridise.  Makes no sense, they are completely different sizes by a large margin.  My mgx, eupho's, and helix never seem to give me the O's.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @earl - It would help us if you could tell us a bit about your experiences and how long you have been practicing.

    The Peridise is not to be underestimated. This diminutive little unit can rock you. If you are just starting, it might be too subtle though to get your rewiring started. A little background can help us.

    I tend to be a real thrasher and the Peridise is the unit that causes the most violent reactions if I'm not paying attention. Wow.