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Have you had an Super-O with e-stim and a modified Aneros Model?
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    The reason why I`m posting this is because I`ve been combining estim and my aneros method with an old anal electrode I had laying around.

    And I almost had an super-O the first time! The second time was a dud. And this wasn`t even with a modified aneros model. I used this:

    Now, the process involves almost the same method as regular aneros model usage, especially you need to focus like you do when you regularly use the aneros.
    But here`s the thing I like the most about it:      I don`t have to move the aneros model myself!

    It moves by itself by stimulating the muscles to contract by themselves. In the stimming community this is what we call a ghostfuck.

    1. So I`m now in the process of making my very own modified aneros model and my question to you all is, has anyone had a super-o with this method?
    2. If so, have you tried it with no results while you usually super-o with the regular method?

    Hope to get some good feedback here!

    PS. I found a thread about this on but that was the old forum and is not listed in the search. I had to google it. It was one guy that got super-Os with this method while he didn`t with the regular method. Anywayz, due to the nature of that thread, I concluded that a new one was in order.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I believe the thread you were referring to was Super-O's that's FORCED which had some rather arrogant acrimonious statements made by a couple of members.

    E-stimming in association with Aneros use has been discussed in numerous threads over the years. I believe it was originally discussed in relationship to The Slightest Touch product, an E-stim device originally designed for women but has also been used by men. There is a thread called The Slightest Touch on this Forum as well. The original makers of that product produced a short user manual for men's usage/guidance with 'B Mayfield' as a contributing author, (here’s a link to a copy of that manual), 'B Mayfield' also wrote a post "I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC..." regarding its use but has subsequently removed it, so don’t look for it. (Apparently the company was sold a few years ago and since then their service and customer relations has significantly deteriorated. At this time one may be much better off purchasing an alternative product from another manufacturer. Two well known alternative manufacturers are Paradise Electro Stimulations & Erostek.)

    There is a large group of E-Stim aficionados at, with a wealth of information surrounding E-Stim usage, however, you do have to join the membership (it's free) in order to access the website information. There have been numerous discussions there about electrifying Aneros massagers. Most of those discussions revolve around homemade devices. E-Stim equipment is mentioned in the Aneros WIKI and in several threads in the Forum such as Electrosex and Aneros, electrostimulation...., Hesitating to post this but… & electro-stim + aneros / ‘sterostimming’. In an older thread this commercially available item - The Electrify It Kit shows the use of the Aneros Maximus in an electrified condition. However, I don't know if that kit is still available.

    Please take proper safety precautions when utilizing E-Stim equipment! & Please read this short Guide to Erotic Electrostimulation

    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    That is correct, and like I said, I started a new thread due to the "nature" of that thread.

    I`ve read about the slightest touch and the manual from B-mayfield. I have also read a lot of the threads you refer to about the subject. But no thread really answers the question I pose in this thread, so I will try to keep it alive.

    I have been a member of for almost two years now and I really like the site. Almost everything I`ve learned about E-stim has come from countless of hours of reading and experimenting on information from that site and it`s members. E-stim really is a beautiful thing and insanely good, so is Aneros - and with all good things - we should find a good way to combine them.

    So like I said, I`ve set out on a mission to crack "the code". I`ll be using the ET312B and have ordered enough DIY equipment to mod all my aneros models over and over again. I will try the method TS of "Super O`s that`s forced" used.  Low frequency/no speed from low to high power, as well as High frequency/fast speed from low to high power.

    My first trode placements on my progasm and MGX aneros mods will be placed on the middle of the models facing the prostate. Second one will be on the pernium. If I go with a tri-phase hookup I will put the last one around my testicles or lower abdomen. Ensuring that current runs through the prostate and creates a pulling effect against the prostate along with the contractions.

    All the sessions will be auto-ramped, meaning that they will start off easy and gradually increase in power without me doing anything. This is actually what makes people cum with e-stim. The nerves aren`t able to adapt and subsequently you have an orgasm. This might be the way to go with the prostate super-O as well. If we focus on what we`re doing it fades away, so I will do absolutely nothing while accepting what`s coming my way.

    So I`m hoping that they will post to this thread. If there is someone out there that has combined Super-O`s with Estim with good results!

    As far as I`ve seen there has been very few, as the groups are pretty divided. Not many people have first gone to the lengths of grasping the Super-O in a traditional way, and then combined it with Estim.
    I have seen no one on the forum either.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @alex_xxx what power unit would you use with that classic 3 without getting the $500.00 one you have?
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    I'd build a davey box for 20 USD. Log into and search for the manual. Easy peasy... If you live in the US. True stereo stim.... Not even my 500usd unit has that.
  • tek_kaitek_kai
    Posts: 5
    Hey Alex,

    This is tek_kai from smartstim.

    I signed up here because I saw this thread.

    I've been combining estim with an MGX aneros clone made into a bipolar trode. I play various cockhero vids through my stim box, and that's been good for hours at a time of super O's.

    Very cool way to have fun.

    I've been able to super O from just estim alone. Later I learned to do that through erotic hypnosis. Shortly after that I learned to do it with my custom MGX, first as a regular insert, then as a bipolar trode.

    My latest adventures have been to combine all of those methods in different ways.

    Hope this helps.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    Nice to hear from you! I`m br0ker @ btw.

    I had no idea, you`ve really achieved alot! First super-O`s with Estim alone, that`s really a mindblowing achievement by itself. How did the rewiring process go without an Aneros model?

    Could you post a picture of your MGX bipolar mod? I`m really interested in seeing your setup.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @tek_kai Any idea why smartstim will not accept a gmail address?
  • tek_kaitek_kai
    Posts: 5

    Easy enough. I didn't realize I was getting rewired, actually.

    I was doing a lot of edging with my tek6.mp3 file. Ball strap trode and a urethal insert. An hour+ at a time.

    I have always been more about relaxing and enjoying the sensations rather than trying to force a cum.

    Anyway, I found myself having these spontaneous involuntary full body contractions that would start from deep inside my lower belly.

    Later on I found out that using a pad trode a few inches below my navel worked even better. The urethal trode felt too good in my cock and it didn't let the full body O spread as much as it could otherwise.

    My "MGX" actually is a diy from polymorph thermoplastic. Slightly bigger than a real MGX, but similar overall configuration.

    I used a couple aluminum foil tape strips to make it into a bipolar trode. Stimming with this is like any other edging stim. You don't want to blast your prostate or anything to force a cum. It's more about tuning in to subtle internal sensations and letting them amplify. Locate the strips so that you get good muscle contractions with the aneros inserted.

    I really like playing some of the Cockhero videos through that setup. Some favorites are "Fail" and "Sasha Grey Cock Heroine".

  • tek_kaitek_kai
    Posts: 5

    Supposedly if you have periods or possibly special characters in the name, the software can have a prob.

    Also could be that the address is too similar to a blocked spammer address.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @tek_kai I tried a different email address and never did get a confirmation. I tried doing the process again and it said my email was already registered, but I can't log in.

    @Alex_xxx and Tek .... I am curious about the estim thing.

    What does it feel like? I had a small electro thing from another company and it was rather interesting.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    On my wiener it feels like.. well.. smooth electricity flowing through my parts. It`s like a vibrator on the inside of the penis. It really is out of this world. And it can all be mixed up into an entirely new feeling by changing the file you`re playing.

    My classic 3 probe doesn`t really do THAT much for me anally, but i was refreshing. I can immagine my modded aneros will do ALOT more once it`s done :)
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I've been lurking at SmartStim for a while and placed an order with HappyStim last night following the SmartStim beginners recommendations. Being of a creative and inventive nature, should make this a fun compliment to Aneros!

    @rumel, thanks for reposting the link to B Mayfield's manual!

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Xileh I have been unable to get a smartstim activation email to go through. Can you PM me the SmartStim beginners recommendations? 
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    oh man oh man oh man! Just had a session with the normal MGX in me, but with a tri-phase e-stim hookup with electrodes: cock&balls, lower back and under the p-tab. It was freakin gooooood!

    No super-O, but I got the initial feelings of buildup far earlier than I usually would. After an hour or so I couldn`t take it anymore and put the lower back electrode over my glans instead and moved the P-tab electrode to just above the rectum. Well, the orgasm usually is insane with estim, but this was above and beyond (and not even an electrode inside me). Jeez.. I`m exhausted!!!!!! 12 out of 10... easy!
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Alex_xxx Sounds awesome man!