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    I think when most talk about porn they are referring to hard core, which leaves nothing to the imagination. What you are doing is completely different. You are using it to activate your mind, not desensitize it.
  • I use porn to help get aroused too. I find something, an image, a face, a vocalization, a situation, etc. that triggers an erotic fantasy. I don't always know in advance what the trigger will be but I'm learning. Sometimes the porn just gets in the way of feeling what's going on in my body. Then it's counter-productive and I put my attention on something else. What's the difference between a remembered fantasy, say a wet dream, and hard core porn if they get one to where one needs to go. Unfortunately porn is very ejaculation and penis centered which can get me going in the wrong direction. Of course this is coming from someone who hasn't had a dry orgasm yet so maybe I'm wrong.

    As for addiction, there's all kinds of addictions. Couldn't frequent use of the device be classified as an addiction for some? Sometimes, when I'm getting really intense p-waves, I'm reminded of "the game", a Star Trek Next Generation episode where aliens get the crew hooked on this video game that is directly connected to their nervous systems and gives them a jolt of pleasure whenever they they reach a new level of the game. Pretty soon the whole crew is playing except Data. The jolts of p-waves going directly to my pleasure centers remind me of "the game."

    Can one be said to be addicted to a new kind of pleasure with prostate massage? Of course it is part of our body's potential but it does seem to take up a lot of my time. Just asking.

  • I generally avoid porn while trying to get aroused. I used to be addicted until it became a problem for me performance wise with real people. Once I was off of it for several months, it became a lot easier, but there are still issues. 

    It's different for everyone, but for me, I stay away from porn before a session or before sex.