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AneRico Blog - New Guy
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    I'm 58, straight, own *MANY* sex toys including the Venus 2000 which I love dearly.  

    The Aneros is completely winning me over.

    My "Aneros" is actually the (very old) Pro-State PS-New.  To keep things simple I'll refer to it as an Aneros.

    I've had it for years, just now getting serious this past week.  I've been reading many posts.  Thank you to Rumel for the private group note with all the links…I've gone thru many of them.

    Following is my first post.  I'm going to ramble a lot, sorry about that.

    Today was Session #5:  The "No Expectations, Don't Try Hard" session.  I'll just jump in and write about this session, though the others were fun too.
    Session Length:  2 1/2 hours. Morning.  No food, just coffee.
    Aneros: PS-New
    Lube: ID Glide, only lubed outside of anus and all over Aneros
    Positions: mostly on back, knees bent or occasionally straight; some time spent on left side.

    So much of what went on today is very hard to describe.  Thoughts, feelings, muscle sensations….it is just very difficult to put into words.  If I falter, I'm not being shy, I'm just not able to say it.

    After each session I re-read many of the info posts I have bookmarked.  I realized I was squeezing too hard.  My abdominals, hips, bum muscles (gluteus?), thighs, …everything….hurts.

    Had MANY discoveries today:

    I've been doing sessions after eating lunch.  Not a good idea.  I get 'voiding urgency' about an hour into the session.  This morning session was much more comfortable.
    my nipples were responsive today (first time…probably because I was being so much more gentle with my whole lower body)
    I found that my bum/back of legs is very responsive to touch.
    My testicles like being massaged.
    Scrotum likes being touched.
    Critical:  This is a freaking deep psyche thing….I'll have to write more on this later.  There is SO MUCH going on in a session for me, as a noob.  It is a flood of rich but very subtle little stuff, mostly having to do with the mundane aspect of 'what muscle just did that?' , as well as feelings of acceptance, warmth, pleasure, fulfillment, and thoughts about the person I am during sex vs. this experience.

    The weirdest thing happens when the Aneros goes in; my perspective on porn intensifies markedly.  It's almost like the girls become more real; pop from the pages; I feel or sense them, almost like they're 3D, hard to describe.  Also, unlike my traditional masturbation to porn with rapid page changes, I will linger on one girl for a very long time, often lingering on one image of her for a very long time.

    I tried the 'meditative breathing' feeling the breath (and the attached eroticism) go down to my feet and out to my hands.  Very impressive.
    I tried the "ratchet inhale" that a guy posted about.  Basically its jerky short rapid inhales.  It's pretty cool.
    I did no hard muscle contractions.  I tried very hard to stay very relaxed especially trying to keep my bum (sitting muscles…glutes?) loose and relaxed.

    I imagined that I 'held' a container that had the aneros in it…and that I could expand the top of the container to open a space for just the head of the aneros, and that I could close that opening and then flick the top of the aneros with a sort of a tongue (I know…..weird to describe…).  This was VERY hard to relax into and do.  but it got some very nice sensations, made me feel very good, and led to some minor rhythmic spasms.

    At all times I tried to back off the pressure a half notch if something felt good….as opposed to the 'grind harder if it works' method.

    I noticed that about 1 1/2 hours in I became aware of the time and that I had things to do.  This effectively killed the session…yes I relaxed out of that thought and continued , but I never got the intensity back.

    Due to the coffee, I had to take a pee break.  That was one of the longer harder streams I've had in a long time.  I grabbed the handle of the Aneros and pulled back a bit like a stopper to let things flow.  heheheh.  works.

    I was so horny afterwards that I did a few things to put distance between me and the Aneros session and then I masturbated to orgasm.  Second time I've done that after a session.  Bad idea.  It doesn't feel nearly as good as a regular old masturbation session and I think it is just a poor compensation for all the erotic feelings that I had just been through.

    This time around it hit me that the breathing, the meditative quality of the session, and relaxation were very key to the fun time I had.  God I love this thing.  The meditative quality is somehow related to what I learned and experienced in some Tantra classes I took a million years ago.  This really accelerates the mind state and the tingly feelings.

    Also, as has been mentioned in a discussion on female multiple orgasms, there is a feminine quality to this.  I feel more in touch with everything about the session and the girl I'm looking at.  But I'm also "not male" with myself as I experiment and listen to my sensations and feelings and thoughts…I found today that I can brush against my penis while doing other things and it's just sort of in the way (I don't get an erection from sessions); I am totally focused on the inside of me and my penis feels about as involved in the process as my ankle.  Now I said ankle, yes….but when I concentrate on the breaths going thru me…the bottoms of my feet feel electric.  It's not new to me from other forms of meditation, but it is wild for this.

    Guys, I'm totally enjoying the journey.  Forgive the disjointed rambling, and the spelling/grammar errors.  
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 569
    I have PS-New too. It's one of my favourites.

    You sound like you're doing well.
  • brine
    Posts: 220
    Amazing observations, AnnieRico. There are not the right words to express fully how fantastic this journey is!!!


  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Thanks, you guys. I appreciate the encouragement.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211

    I had some kind of LENGTHY orgasms today....I'm talking several lasting from a few moments to 5 or 10 minutes or maybe more.  Hard to say, I was sorta 'out of my mind' at the time.  *smiles*

    I doubt they were Super-O's, they didn't feel like an ejaculatory orgasm, but they were damn close.

    I'm pretty weak on the terminology here.  If I knew what a P-Wave and Super T were maybe they'd come into this report...but I'll look them up later.  Right now I have to GET THIS IN WRITING.


    Session Length: 3 1/2 hours. Afternoon
    Aneros:  PS-New
    Lube: Vaseline
    Position: on back, knees propped up with pillow.
    Porn:  magazines.

    I did about 1 1/2 hours and was having a nice time.  My balls and scrotum seemed to like a lot of attention this time.  

    I got up to take a pee and noticed a thing I own to help with neck soreness; it's a tube (like a sock in size and shape) filled with husks of some kind and it has rope handles sewn to each end.  The idea is that you microwave the thing and hang it around your neck for dry warmth.  I decided to use it for the session.

    I did not microwave the neck thingie (next time I will..just a little, to see how I like that)

    A picture would be better to describe this but here goes the description:  I placed the middle portion of the neck thingie at the base of my scrotum, nestling my balls upwards, snugged it up to me, and let the handles lay out over the sides of my hips.


    I started back in my session and I suddenly got that feeling you get...that emotional "panic" shot of adrenalin to the base of your abdomen that you're going to ejaculate.

    My head started reeling and it felt like the muscle at the perineum began 'chugging' a little...and I was off.  The orgasm started and simply kept going.  I did my best to "surrender" to it....and to relax (my legs and buttocks were quivering a moderate amount), and to breathe.  When I'd breathe it seemed like the breath would exit my feet and 'electrify' my soles.

    There were several times that I felt like if I could just figure out how to 'surrender' more that I would convulse (super O?), but it didn't seem to progress to that, and I didn't want to force anything.

    Not wanting to let go of a good thing...and to try to study what was going on inside me, I kept going with more Os for the next 2 hours (maybe less).  I stopped and restarted.  I got up twice to pee.  No matter what I was back to the O's in about a minute.

    On another note, I tried to project my 'heart energy' into the object of my fantasy.  This helped with the whole thing.  I felt like the orgasm was predicated on feeling the entire body of my fantasy girl, not just penile penetration, in fact I tried to avoid thoughts of actual coitus.  It was a lot more about 'being with her'.  Sort of a 'bonding' thing.  Works for me...what can I say?

    Towards the end the O's got weaker and a bit more stubborn to occur so I stopped.

    I cannot wait to session again.  I feel fine. Not stressed or tired.  No muscle soreness.  Bum and prostate feel great.  So I'm thinking later tonight, after bedtime, I'm gonna go again.

    This was awesome.  It was lovely.  God it's incredible how full body it feels.  I had NO DESIRE to finish the session with masturbation, and I wouldn't have anyway because I wouldn't want to interfere with re-wiring.

    This was, honestly, better than a masturbation orgasm anyway.

    I would *REALLY* appreciate any and all advice.  Thanks for listening.  (hope I got all the info typed in here...lemme know if you have questions)

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,253
    AnnieRico said:

    BREAKTHROUGH!!!I had some kind of LENGTHY orgasms today....I'm talking several lasting from a few moments to 5 or 10 minutes or maybe more. ...I was sorta 'out of my mind' at the time. ... I suddenly got that feeling you get...that emotional "panic" shot of adrenalin to the base of your abdomen that you're going to ejaculate. My head started reeling and it felt like the muscle at the perineum began 'chugging' a little...and I was off. The orgasm started and simply kept going. ... (my legs and buttocks were quivering a moderate amount), When I'd breathe it seemed like the breath would exit my feet and 'electrify' my soles. I kept going with more Os for the next 2 hours (maybe less). This was awesome. It was lovely. God it's incredible how full body it feels. This was, honestly, better than a masturbation orgasm anyway.

    "I doubt they were Super-O's, they didn't feel like an ejaculatory orgasm, but they were damn close."

    Whoa, Dude, you had Super-O's, you need to go back and re-read your own post. How far "out of the normal frame of reference." does your experience need to be to qualify as a Super-O ??? You really need to go re-read the definition for a Super-O.

    Congratulations on the Crossover!
    Joy2 Good Vibes to You ! Super-O-Joy
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Thanks rumel. I agree. Sorry I'm weak on the wiki info...I just need to read, read, read.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    This is insane. Freakin' insane.

    I've been having somewhat of an 'Aneros Marathon' and the Super Os appear often, but not guaranteed.

    The 'marathon' started a few days ago with "Round Two".

    Round Two was a resounding flop as far as Super O's go. I was so frustrated I finished with Super T.

    After that things improved a lot.

    I'm learning a ton and I want to express some of it.

    1. I think I've stumbled on a technique that really works well...I'll describe it more later, but it has to do with putting pressure on my balls and perineum. Really seems to launch Super O's for me.

    2. I'm realizing now how porn actually *IS* a distraction. Great for starting out, but then I need to put it away and close my eyes.

    3. My fantasies revolve around the idea of 'relationship'. I realized that I focus on the hands of the porn models, later I visualize her caressing me and me caressing her. Any visualizations of my penis being in play or of penetration of her just seem out of place. It's about holding and caressing.

    4. Nipples are getting very responsive and much more linked to prostate. Balls are really into play now.

    I woke up this morning, put my laptop on my chest, started browsing the web (not porn) and started getting contractions and tingling! So I went with it. Had 30 minutes of P-Waves and mini-Os...maybe super O's. No aneros.

    I just finished a 2 hour aneros session. It was rolling Super-Os for the last hour. OMG. Incredible.

    Also, I feel , in general, like I'm on a natural high. Its as if this new discover has me feeling like I'm a kid in love for the first time. Things look more attractive, food tastes better, girls look incredibly get the idea.

    Whew. This is awesome.

  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Forgot to say:

    1. I am VERY grateful for the shared wisdom here and the helpful members. Thank you for showing the way. I will continue to read and learn here.

    2. There is a spiritual aspect to this practice. I hope to begin exploring that too. Just need to take beginner baby steps right now.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Having had several intense evenings with the PS-New I thought I'd give my new Helix Syn a try last night.

    I've had the Helix for a couple weeks or so, tried it once and it was dull, boring, and totally unimpressive.

    So my thought last night was, I'll just relax and do nothing and be happy if nothing happens because this intensity has been wearing me out a little bit.

    Ho boy was I ever wrong.

    I guess now that rewiring is taking place my body knew Just What To Do with the Helix.

    About 15 minutes after insertion the waves started coming on strong and I realized I was in for a ride.  It started with a lot of mini o's then escalated.

    Had the most amazing full body orgasms that radiated down my legs, out my feet, up my torso.  I tried to channel the feeling thru my arms, out my hands, out the top of my head....and had some success with that.


    Comparing the two Aneroses, The Helix Syn doesnt hit my prostate nearly as 'hard' as the PS-New does.  The Helix is more subtle.  So I feel the orgasms really radiating down my thighs very strongly.  That was a hit or miss sensation with the PS-New.

    The P-Tab is SO MUCH more comfortable on the Helix.  

    The Helix also just feels more comfortable inside me in general.

    Overall the Helix allowed me to relax into the O's more, and felt much easier on me to let go and surrender to the action.  It seemed to be doing more of the 'work'.

    I had a couple of hours of lengthy Super O's.

    It was getting late and I saw no end in sight so I finished with a Super T hoping that would put a cap on things and I could get some sleep.  It did.  I conked out pretty quickly after that.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    You give me so much hope @AnnieRico
    Like I'm happy to be a male again:)
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Thank you, MMO.

    What has been happening to me with Aneros is having an incredible impact on my own senusality and maleness.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    A few blog observations:

    On August 2 I did a post about a lengthy Aneros-LESS Super O session.  It should be noted in the blog too so here's the link:

    Since the August 2 post I have been having very long (3+ hour) Super-O sessions.  Sessions are typically after bedtime, but I have done a second afternoon session on some days too.  I've been on vacation and a light work schedule so the timing has simply worked out for me to do this.

    Do Nothing, Isn't Do Nothing...It's "Do Something(s) Subtly and Watchfully"

    I need to do a post on how 'do nothing' is actually very 'active' but in subtle ways.  I know I'm a noob, but I'm interested in sharing my thoughts on it.  I try to pay close attention to what I'm doing during a session.

    Which Muscles Are Doing What?

    To be honest, a lot of the movement down there ...I simply cannot define which muscle is doing what.  And it can interrupt the session if I think too much about it.  I can predictably tell what sensations are going to likely start the Super-O's going, and what subtle 'manipulations' will assist.  


    Mindset, feelings impact each Super-O.

    To Super-O, Let Go

    When it starts I get contractions, if I consciously attempt to 'ease off' the contraction just a tad, the result is lengthier feelings of bliss/orgasm, and often the intensity will increase, leading to further opportunities to 'ease off' the contractions

    Why Do Some Guys Get Success So Fast?

    A perplexing question.  Since I'm having such wonderful 'early' success, I'm wondering how to help others.  But I'm a noob.  I barely know all the 'ins and outs' of all this.  I have a feeling that my understanding of what is going on in me might help others.  It has to do with mental state, openness, erotic sense.  But what are the myriad other causes that I have no understanding of yet because I'm a freshman???  perplexing.

    A Super-O is NOT a Traditional O

    When I'm Super-O'ing it feels so similar to traditional O but it is most definitely different:

    -it is less intense, HOWEVER...
    -it goes on for a very long time..and if it stops, it comes back with a vengeance
    -it energizes me, it doesn't 'wipe me out'.  This part is, in a way, hard to come to terms with.  I'm so used to 'POPPING'...BOOM!!  Big O and then I'm breathless and trashed, game over.  With the Super-O one leads to the next and I just keep feeling more of them, wanting more of them, and feeling like I never have to stop, which is weird and totally foreign to my entire life's experience with the orgasm.
    -it rises and falls on subtle emotional, mental, erotic cues.  I'm discovering what those cues are and arent, making Super-O's more 'repeatable', and these cues aren't all that hard to duplicate and maintain; it's just that they are simple....and somewhat subtle.
    -Since it energizes me, my old way of thinking causes me to feel less than satisfied (no "BIG FINISH"hehehe)....but I'm learning that it is better than a POP and then done, no mo fun.
    -If I watch a video ("Beautiful Agony" comes to mind) of a woman orgasming, while I am full into Super-O (as opposed to early in my sessions when I'm just starting into early P-Waves) I 'get' what she's feeling.  I experience it *with* her, rather than being just an observer.  It's like, what is happening to me is "YES! THAT!  What she's doing....I understand!  I understand!  I get it!"   

    My Nipples, My Scrotum, My Bum

    ....have become my best friends.  I love them.  I want to touch them...a lot.  *smiles*
    They have become very responsive during a session but also are important to me during the prep for a session.  Testicles too, don't forget 'The Boys'...they want to be involved.

    The Pre-SuperO Portion of the Session

    I take pleasure in the first portion of the session (20 minutes to 1 1/2 hour) to enjoy the subtle little feelings, sensations, muscle twitches, etc.  Taking pleasure in this , I think, helps create the 'no expectations' mindset, but it is just nice to hang with the varied sensations and enjoy them for what they are because when the SuperO's start, the session transforms into something else requiring a bit more mental focus and intention...discipline may be the word?  So in the initial stages (and please, I'm trying not to sound like I'm forcing things) I can just mentally relax and 'goof off'.  You understand, of course, that I'm always trying to be fully relaxed, but also 'focusing'.  I hope this makes sense.

    I am conscious about not forcing the session to be any particular thing.  If the SuperO's are going to happen I'll likely know in the first 20 minutes...even though they man not actually start for another hour...or a lot less, depending on all the undefinables about each session.

    That ends today's random thoughts.  Oh, and last night was INCREDIBLY sexy, sensual, and intense LONG (4+ hour) session.  
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 305
    Congrats! You are on fire! Enjoy!
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Had another breakthrough this morning.  It is the beginning of a breakthrough really...but made some serious progress today.

    This has been coming for a week or two; my hips have wanted to let go to thrusting, and it has taken a while to just let the muscles do their thing.  This morning I got into some heavy breathing, thrusting, convulsing, and noise making.

    I haven't made that kind of sound since I had some exceptionally good sex (and I mean exceptional, not the 'usual').  (note to self: think back to the days with Pamela)

    I was reading something early this morning that artform had put me onto and it led me to be more free with hip movement and noise making.  Wow, what a difference.  I felt almost as if I had actually had sex...the post SuperO feelings were very similar to post coitus.

    The SuperOs were, of course, much more intense.  

    Muscles in bum were much more active during my bath following the session and even during lunch after the bath.

    Just wanted to get this into the timeline.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    I noticed something in this morning's session; when the heavier deeper 'spasms' begin (usually around 1 1/2 hours into a session), the ones that cause me to suspend breathing, I have found that if I breathe rapid shallow breaths it helps to 'not lose' the spasms, and also contributes to the eroticism.  Also, lifting my head off the pillow, while doing the rapid shallow breathing, adds to the intensity (likely due to some muscle exertion in the pelvis somewhere?).

    No thrusting today, more like 'spasming'.  Couldn't force the thrusting, either.  As with all else, it's time just has to arrive I guess, and I need to behave accordingly...rather than try to get it going.  So true of all Aneros experience so far; let it happen, but also...don't impede it if you possibly can manage.

    Same idea with the rapid, shallow has to be ready to happen, cannot be simply performed to help 'force' more intensity.  That actually feels stupid when I tried it...but when the rapid shallow breathing is called for, it feels right on the mark.

    A couple more things....

    -My nipples and my hips/thighs/bum are VERY responsive during a session.  Even light brushes produce erotic results.

    -I feel sexier and I want to sleep naked.  I've always slept in briefs.  Now, once in a while, I sleep naked and it feels good. It might even help 'set up' the erotic mindset going into a morning session.
  • JMay
    Posts: 113
    This is very interesting, thanks @AnnieRico.

    I've noticed sometimes when things are good but just aren't progressing any further, I stop for a moment, feel my prostate again, and sometimes it actually hurts a little, I had been putting too much pressure but it still felt good during that time. I suggest stopping when things aren't working, just to check if you're applying too much pressure without noticing. The thing is that when its hurting and you don't notice, the part that's hurting isn't functioning properly, instead of giving pleasure, it gives pain. Stop, let it "catch its breath" and then keep going without 'hurting' it again. Pay attention to that area which was just hurting, treat it properly and then you can progress, once it catches up with what the rest of your body was doing.

    Try saying "uuuh" (U pronunced as in 'hug') and paying attention to your body. Just as you exhale, go softly "uuuuuh" make it last. Sends shivers all around your body. As you feel that, lightly touch your skin. Be receptive to those sensations.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    @JMay Thank you for the advice.  Excellent, I will keep the pain thing in mind and will also try the "uhhh" thing.


    Observation from this morning's session:

    I had what I would call 'A Very Loving Session'.  What I mean is that I had the feeling, the fantasy, of bonding with and loving the girls I was looking at (internet nude photos).  

    What really stirs me and moves me to higher levels of arousal is this sense of "the other".  My "beloved other".  In this mindset I am having a mini love relationship with the girl for the many minutes I am viewing her.  Tasteful nude erotic photos are necessary and eye contact.  Call me weird, just my thing...but it works.

    And we're all about what works here.

    What lovely long drawn out SuperO's.  I ended the session feeling very satisfied, very loved.  I was happy, content, and my skin was very responsive to the slightest touch for a while (getting dressed felt so good I went slow and 'felt myself up' during the process).

    On the flip side of the loving session...

    I've had a couple of sessions where I used no porn for the first hour.  Just lay there, eyes open, and feel everthing with little to no thought of women.  Simply thinking about my body.  I've done this twice now...for an hour.  I felt like the feelings only progressed so far then stayed at a level of pleasurable p-waves so I selected some nudes to look at and BAMMO!! off we went into SuperO land within about 10 or 20 minutes.

    Takeaways from that:  the first hour is a great way to start; no extra twiddling with magazines or laptop, just totally 'me time' where I can really focus on the sensations.  It is also a great way to honor the p-waves or whatever I do get from the session.  I think that helps breed patience.  Patience having to do with my expectations about when the SuperO's may start happening.
  • AnnieRico:  You're an inspiration: A "newbie" with a great deal of insight.  Just to add my two cents to some of your comments.  I've written this elsewhere, I have detached my aneros (Helix Syn) sessions with sex, per se, mostly. I don't use porn and have been very spare in imagining sexual encounters during my sessions.  I have also stayed away from "sexy" music (e.g., heavy breathing, etc).  I do have some "relaxation" music that I have used on occasion.  For me (10 months experience), my re-wiring has really been tied into my nipples:  Within 5 minutes of insertion, brushing, stroking or flicking them sends me over the edge consistently.  I can actually feel the slow circular motion of my fingers on the nipples (simultaneously) down "there", as if I am touching my perineum.  I am posting separately (not to interfere with this thread) about my first anerosless SuperO which ties into the nipple sensitivity.  My other "nether parts" haven't been particularly as dramatically sensitive.  Enjoy your posts!
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211
    Just some observations, not in any order:

    I crave sleeping naked

    I want to walk around the house naked at times.

    It is getting more regular that my sessions begin with about 45 minutes of no porn nor thoughts of women...I just enjoy 'me being sexy'.

    I feel that 'something' is on the horizon, that my body has been holding back some really explosive O's but i'm just not relaxing into them yet, or allowing them or.......something.  but it's there.

    I'm getting more full body O's.  I feel the energy spread as if it is a flat grid on top of my mid section...then if I direct my attention to producing energy at my heart (heart chakra) the two join and spread over my body

    Just for a second, the other day, the tip of my nose 'lit off' with energy.  too funny.  I love it.

    I'm beginning to wonder what I can do to get the SuperO's to arrive faster than the 1.5 hours it generally takes.

    They say to start a session aroused.  Baby, if I even THINK about the Aneros...I'm aroused.  Putting it in arouses me more!  Too funny.

    At times (not during a session) I think about getting a Progasm JR.  I'm unsure I need to add to the mix right now, so I'm holding that desire off.

    I haven't masturbated (traditional).  I'm a very regular masturbator...but I don't want to fuck up an Aneros session.  now for me...THAT is weird.  but I understand exactly why...the rewards are awesome.  it's no contest...well..ok....somewhat of a contest...I get impatient for that instant gratification until the SuperO's hit.

    While I love to use lovely images of nude women to aid my session, I'm finding that manipulating the laptop browser, selecting a model, clicking through 'bad' pages...and even looking at a great model ... all can distract from my direct experience and my total participation in what I'm feeling.  Now, the girls ARE a part of my sessions...and I like them there...but I'm having to close my eyes more and more...and close the laptop at times; otherwise, I begin missing the lovely sensations.  This is worthy of a dedicated post; there are a LOT of dynamics going on in a session that I have my own way of balancing, as each of us must.

    I've had a lot of anger issues lately.  In general I tend to be an angry person.  At first I was surprised that the lovely bliss and joy the sessions bring did not help to 'calm me down'. My theory right now is that, with all this energy moving around VERY STRONGLY in me, I am opening chakras up more, and my emotions are stronger as issues are stirred up and released for examination.  I take heart in the idea that the loving energy that is so strong from the sessions, will help me deal with this stuff and I *AM* consciously examining the issues as well as consciously directing energy and intellect towards the issues.

    Friends, I know this is my blog, but it aint private, so I want you to take the next bit of 'sharing' with whatever grain of salt you wish to apply.  This one is worthy of a book.  

    Relationship With A Fantasy "Other"

    I don't just view porn.  I specifically seek images or videos of women that I feel I can relate to.  I need eye contact.  At the highest intensities of SuperO's...I am 'relating' to that person.  We trade thoughts.  We have conversations.  I am told thing about myself.

    This is part of the shamanic path, if any of you are familiar.

    It is intensely personal for me.  I come away from sessions feeling blessed for the short time I had with a number of girls who left impressions on me.  I bookmark and return to favorites.  I like to repeat with "friends".  In a fantasy setup the other day, I had girls asking me if I had heard about the beach party.  Yes, there was going to be a beach party.  Lotta fun, lotta sex.  OK, I'm in.  I set my mind for my evening session taking place at the beach party.  Several of the girls were there.  We had a ton of fun.  It was lovely.  It was erotic.  It was loving.  It was entertaining.  It was informative (yes, conversations...).

    It's all fantasy.  The sky's the limit.

    What are the limits of my sexuality?  Of my sexual confidence?  How am I different as a man because of all this?
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    @AneRico, for what it is worth, just picking up on your anger, it may be the result of unconscious cognitive dissonance. I think a lot of Aneros adventurers have to deal with this. Some don't succeed and fall by the wayside, temporarily I hope. It is discomfort coursed by conflicting ideas. The Aneros journey is full of them, as they resolve there is increasing contentment with what were are doing. I am in the middle of one now, ever so subtle, never the less restricting my freedom with myself. This discomfort can manifest as anger or frustration that results in anger.
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    @isvara, thank you.  I'll give it some thought.

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    Aneros-less Session This Morning

    I planned to do a session this morning.  What I didn't plan was that it started without me. LOL

    I got the bed all set up for my session but needed to check one thing on the internet before I started.  I laid down and logged onto my laptop and stuff started happening fast...contractions, mild p-waves.  So I just went for it.

    Started SuperO'in in under 5 minutes!  The session lasted 2 hours.  Very nice.

    Things I Noticed:

    -a lot less of the mild discomfort of having the Aneros in.  Especially no handle sticking out.  I may have to trim my handle as others have done.

    -the intensity was maybe a *shade* less than with the Aneros in.  that's pretty impressive.

    -everything 'down there' felt like it was just all moving "smoother".  No better way to explain that.

    -I COULD GET USED TO THIS!!!!!   damn is that nice; no lube, no prep, just go baby.


    It has been a while since my previous (and only other) -less session.  Now I'm wondering when the next one will be.  hmmm....  looking forward to that.
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    Took a 4 day break from Aneros.  Started back up 2 days ago.  Had some nice sessions.

    This morning's session was pretty intense, more than it's ever been.  Things started up fast.  I was SuperO'ing in perhaps 15 or 30 minutes....they tend to graduate from mild more intensity the 'cutoff line' for when it's gone SuperO isn't very clear.

    The SuperO's were pretty damn strong, lasted several minutes each, and came back to back.

    I had 3 separate times when I shuddered and twitched a lot (for me) all over my body.  Each of these lasted maybe...I dunno 20 minutes nonstop??  more maybe?  They were very gratifying.

    I think the body shudder/shake/twitch adds the physical component more of the feelings of actual sex.  Let me explain.  Having 'still water' SuperO's is great...but I feel such a longing for someone with me...the physical component.  With the shuddering/shaking/twitching I get more physical feedback and it feels more (to me) like there's actually some 'action' going in the sex act itself.  So I feel more gratified by this because I feel, in a very strange logic way, like its more like I'm fucking a girl.

    Also had some very long sustained SuperO's that were simply sustained bliss. No movement, not much if any anal movement...just my entire body "blissing out".

    A lot of the time today the SuperO's felt 'full body'.  My entire body felt electrified and buzzing.  A couple of times I felt lighter than air.

    Session lasted 3 1/4 hours.  
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    I just posted the following to MMO_RPGlol in his thread about energy scaring him.

    I think that I need to get active here in describing methods for dealing with sudden (and sometimes frightening) awakenings of energy in Aneros users.

    Here's what I posted:

    "I'm glad to hear you're grounding energy more successfully now.

    Take heart, the more you ground and learn to handle the energy, the less you'll feel fearful.  However, I don't think we ever get to lose our respect for energy and what it can do to us if left unattended (I mean that specifically to the Kundalini energy that Aneros sessions can arouse as well as in the broader sense of energy awakened through any deep spiritual inquiry...).  I think this is a weak spot in the Aneros community;  we seem to not have much awareness nor a safety net for 'energy issues' (which can become quite disturbing to some) and we are most certainly stirring up kundalini, whether we know it or not.

    Also, just between you and me, I've had a number of 'energy issues' going on with this journey.  But I am familiar enough to know what is happening to me and how to deal with it.  Still, I realize it could get out of hand if I don't deal with it appropriately.  Most people who stumble into 'energy issues' while seeking to learn/practice prostate massage techniques have no idea what just hit them and it can be frightening."
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    Things have been going swimmingly lately; daily SuperO's and a "night before and morning after" set of sessions that were really lovely Anero-less, fun, romantic, erotic sessions.

    I've found a few Thought Keys for my sessions that seem to help.  I'll list them:

    1) Visualize the tops of my thighs as being weightless and feel that floating sensation there

         - this seems to help the orgasm energy spread down my legs and that keys me to will it up my torso

    2) Visualize some of the the orgasmic energy traveling from the base of my scrotum up through my penis and out then end.

         - this seems to help grow the overall orgasm because it is a very erotic feeling

    3) Visualize and will a very small gap opening up in my anus at the head of the Aneros.  As if a 1/8" gap is being created around it's head.

         -  this seems to intensify prostate stimulation

    4) When appropriate rotate hips downward slightly as if 'digging in' to the bed...but it is a very small move.

         - again, seems to intensify the feelings

    5) Try to remember to 'deflate and collapse' my lower abdomen.  I tend to fill it with air and tense it.

         - this helps with stopping some of the physical resistance to pleasure waves that get intense.

    6) If fantasizing about sex with a girl, think in total terms of "her doing me" , not "me doing her"

         - this is an aspect of "surrender".  It takes more of my will out of the session because now I'm in
           an 'expectant mode' rather than a 'controlling mode'.

    These though keys have really helped my sessions...but in the 'heat of battle' they are hard to keep juggled in my mind, so I thought I'd write them all down here.
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    Forgot one other technique that's new to me:

    Once into SuperO's...if I cause the aneros to move in/out/in/out with anal muscles...GENTLY...about 10 or 15 stops the superO's...while I'm doing it...but when I stop...they come back STRONGER and they come back immediately after I stop the cycling.

    This is a good way to increase intensity.
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    Have hit another 'transition'.

    I had 3 sessions yesterday (morning, noon, bedtime).  and just finished a morning session this morning.

    The 'transition' has to do with the 'in/out/in/out' cycling I mentioned above.

    There's more to it.  As I mentioned, the motion is very gentle and very slight...perhaps only a couple millimeters of movement?  That's how it feels.

    However, I'm feeling more like this is also involving motion that someone referred to as "polishing the knob" which is the intentional act of moving muscles against the head of the Aneros.

    Anyway...the point.....I'm getting a LOT of movement down there....involuntarily.  And I've begun doing it intentionally too....because it feels really really nice to me.  Yes it stops the SuperO but as soon as I quit doing it, the SuperO returns with a vengeance.

    Also....this feeling produces the idea of me being penetrated.  Therefore, it causes me to reframe my thinking more to the approach of being 'receptive' and 'surrendering'.  These are good results because I have been thinking that I'm still trying to control too much.

    In this morning's session I only relaxed for a few minutes after insertion before beginning the gentle cycling.  It felt really nice, and I enjoy it.  It also sped up the start of SuperO's.  Now, I know that has to do with mindset, horniness from last night's session and a million other variables...but I did get SuperO's after about 15 minutes.  Time will tell if that is repeatable.

    The point here is NOT to just accelerate the commencement of SuperO's.  The point is that it's a technique that feels very nice to me, and gets the involuntary movement down there going.  And I really like that.  I'm becoming VERY fond of the feelings of the Aneros movement.

    It is tricky to get the movement going because I'm learning which muscles cause it...but it's gentle and not a strain to do.  Very light and helps me to relax all my lower body muscles too.  And that's a good thing because I want to tense up a lot, especially when the SuperO's seem iminent...and when they are in full swing.

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    Recently in chat, gdunn put me onto a technique of taking regular breaks at specific intervals during a session to help increase intensity.  It is working fabulously well.  Here's the post describing it (so I don't have to re-type here in the blog):
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    Simple update.

    Things have been going well.  I now own a Progasm Jr., Progasm Ice, and Vice.  

    I like the Ice and the Vice (with vibe removed) a lot.  I've really been favoring them over the others.

    I've had a few posts here where I discussed my latest techniques for sessions.

    I have times where I'll get a lot of involuntaries during my normal waking life…never during work or when driving.  Had one or two -less sessions where I moved into SuperO's.  That was great.

    Very thankful for this change to my life and grateful.  Very!
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    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Was in chat today telling the guys about my Sunday session with "Aneros Girl" (my new friend who is trained in Aneros use and prostate massage).  She had given me a vigorous prostate massage and it was a little sore Monday morning.

    I decided to try a 20 minute session with the PS-New (figured it would be least irritating) to check how my prostate felt.  Session went well and I got into SuperO's within minutes of starting.

    Came back down to the computer because I told the guys I'd check back in and tell them how my prostate felt.  

    THEN..... I started having -less SuperO's.  They (it) was pretty much non-stop.  I used some online nudes to help, but didn't really need much help.  I think this went on for about 30 minutes. maybe 40.

    I decided to fill the bathtub because I've never SuperO'd in the tub.  That was nice.  You're more weightless in the bathtub.  I enjoyed that for a while, then got out, inserted the PS-New, and got in bed for about 20 minutes more of sessioning.

    Man that was fun.  Not my first -less session but I never know when they're gonna hit me.
  • I think the site has a lot of pictures of the sort you like. There is a (almost) daily free picture on the site with a free archive for those of us who don't want to join. Such a generous site!
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    Today is Day 5 of having -less SuperO's.

    By that I simply mean that at various times during the day, if I get aroused, I will start having SuperO's.

    As I write this it is 8am and I've been having SuperO's for around 20 minutes....feels good so I wont' try to stop them.  Got up for coffee and they went away immediately, then they started right back up when I sat down and looked at a nude on the computer.
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    @WarrenGWonka is a Top Favorite of mine!!!!!    yesssssss!!!!!!!
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    26 March 2014

    Yesterday I wrote the following reply to a member here.  As I was typing it, I realized I was talking to myself about another situation I currently find myself in.  Odd how we see ourselves in others.

    In my case, it has to do with my reluctance to move forward with some spiritual training that has been offered to me.  Here's what I wrote:

    "@xxxxxx  to me, your posts transmit a lot of stress and anxiety.  Every time I read something from you I feel those things.

    You ask, then argue, then question, then doubt, then ask, then argue, then question, then doubt.

    I say this with loving kindness.

    I am merely observing.

    You seem to be caught in loops of anxiety.  Techniques of self-mastery will help you more than any "aneros techinque".

    I see a way where you can 'kill two birds with one stone'.  It is this:

    Stop the chatter inside.  Pick a course and simply be comfortable with it.

    1)with the aneros you currently own, begin doing 'do nothing' sessions for 20 minutes at a time and combine relaxation breathing and meditation with the aneros inside you.

    2)whatever you do or don't feel from the aneros, let it go, forget about it.  Your goal is to learn relaxation techniques while also accepting that the aneros is inside you and you are not paying much attention to it.

    3)you will have to go online and find the breathing and meditation techniques.  If you aren't willing to find out on your own, you're lost.  If you don't have time to do this, you're lost.  If you don't stop the constant worry, you're lost.  If you don't stop doubting you have the answer yet, you're lost.  Aneros success is about letting go.  You are ATTACKING with a vengeance your pursuit of aneros technique.

    4)surrender to the process.  stop the internal chatter about it, and let it be done 'to' you, not 'by' you.  

    5)no guarantees.  so be grateful for the experience.  nothing happens?  thank the deity you respect most for the chance to at least try.  at the very least, learning to relax will improve your life, and an aneros inside you actually *IS* improving your prostate health.

    6)STOP THE DAMN SELF-DOUBT and internal dialogue about what is/isn't working.  Believe in yourself.  Anxiety strikes right at your very soul and keeps you from being your fullest self.

    I suffer from Anxiety Disorder.  It can be a bitch.  I'm not saying anything about you that I'm not guilty of myself.

    Forget about the poo experience, that is merely a distraction for you right now.

    I think I once told you to walk away from Aneros.  Now I realize that you would likely simply obsess over it if you did.  I believe your path asks more of you.  I believe you need to learn relaxation, and learn to decrease self-doubt and anxiety.  Thank god for the internet, you can find techniques that will help.  I sure did.

    The ball is in your court.  Thankfully, you already know the truth of yourself, and you already know what you need to do."