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Thrashing orgasms are they real or all in my head?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Ok so we have all see these videos of guys having epileptic fit like Aneros sessions.
    Are they BS or are they true, for those of us that have never experienced them we tend to er on the side of BS right.
    ME TOO but now I am not so sure.......
    I am sure that the Aneros jedi masters have mentioned that it is true but I can not put my finger on them saying it at this moment.

    I have had times when I get really into a session that I get to a point when I just have this massive jolt which makes me contract and because I lay on my side in session I move in a thrust motion. This has increased to having jolt after jolt some times which means contraction after contraction causing a full on humping motion like fucking a pussy in the doggy position while laying on your side.

    I have taken notice of these events but put them down to just getting carried away and subconsciously copying the videos.

    A week ago almost I decide to sleep with my largest Paridise massager after riding my helix classic and then my Maximums.
    The Peridise is nice if you are some what rewired as you lay there and it gives the prostate a ongoing massage like a auto fuck motion but you dont get sore because there is no pressure on your perineum . I dont get sore any more with the p tab but what can I say you have to try the peridise to understand what I mean.
    Anyway I inserted the largest Peridise and tried to go to sleep. About a hour later 2am I woke and it was bouncing away in my behind and feeling good so I concentrated and played with my nipples a little and orgasms would come and go and then JOLT!
    JOlT JOLT JOLT. I started contracting. Humping (like I was just near orgasm and about to blow into my wife pussy) You know really frantic.
    I started panting and warming up real fast, My dick was hard and the Peridise was doing this hard pumping motion which felt great not only on my prostate but around my sphincter and anal canal.
    I could not keep the same pace up and forced the contractions to stop but then another jolt came, so as soon as I let go of stopping the contractions the contraction movements started again however their speed varied.
    This seemed like it went on for at least a few minutes and then just stopped dead.

    After a number of minutes the prostate aneros feelings slowly started again and before I knew it JOLT off and humping again.
    Well I dont remember how many times but it stopped and I woke up in the morning with the peridise still in.

    A number of nights later and a few session later in the morning I had the urge for my Progasm Ice.
    I just lay there with it in to have a very relaxing massage with no extra stimulation.
    It started bouncing away and soon it got all warm down there and then JOLT off I go again. When I was panting like a hot dog it would stop and after a few minutes start again. In a few of these humping fits I not only started to hump but bouce sideways too, so because I was laying on my side I would bounce off the bed slightly. Airbourne!
    The last fit felt more intense on the lead up to the peak but the crescendo was less than the others?
    At one time I did feel weightlessness for a split second or two.Most likely just after I hit the ceiling. :) 

    Looking back I am in control, because I can stop the contractions but if I LET GO they come right back.
    So the question that haunts me is. Are these contraction really caused by these intense jolts or are they a learned reaction from seeing the Aneros videos of other people.

    I know I am the only one that can really know for sure, but the fact that I am unsure means something?????

    For all you others especially the long time gurus out there, is this your experience of how these thrashing sessions start? 
    Or am I just getting carried away and wishing it somehow. ie Its all in my head.

    If this is how it starts then I am assuming that the pleasure might increase during these fits because to tell the truth they are a little annoying 
    really as they are not as pleasurable as just laying there. Is that correct?

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I'm definitely a "thrasher," braveneworld! I go pretty crazy during my orgasms. It can look like a seizure! But, it feels FANTASTIC!!!

  • I'm a thrasher too.  I sometimes wonder during them if it's all in my head too, but honestly who would fake such a thing with themselves?
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    I get this same experience as well and the only times it's happened are when I sleep with the Helix Syn. It goes like this: I insert the Helix Syn then drift off to sleep. After falling asleep for who knows how long (an hour or so) I'll wake up with a stiffy and my anus rhythmically gripping the Aneros, just like your anus contracts when ejaculating but with no cum and no refractory period. It just keeps going in the auto f sequence. I'm not voluntarily contracting but I can somewhat control this. After a couple minutes of this, my hips start thrusting involuntarily as well. It feels a little out of control, like a seizure, but it's not scary. I really enjoy these sessions because they feel like I don't have to concentrate and it's just happening to me. I also notice that the gripping sensation and muscles seem to be deeper in my anus than contractions that I voluntarily make happen...inner sphincter contractions versus outer ones? The only time this ever happens is when I use it and fall asleep.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @braveneworld, i agree with most of what you say as during most of my sessions you would think i was sleeping lol, but lately I have had that jolt feeling also that made me thrash my hips in a humping motion, though I dont think mine were as strong as what you described and not as long lasting.  This also made me think of those videos also but I quickly disregarded it.  Now you got me thinking  :-? 
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @ineverknew Yes I have had the jolt and humping on and off in small doses for just short times but the last two times have me thinking I am getting over a hump in my rewiring, reaching new heights so to speak. 
    Would it of happened if I had never seen the videos? Hmm guess I will never know. :)
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    I wondered the same for a while but I noticed that it's when I let go that I somewhat instinctively thrust and shake my hips and pelvis. Pleasures move on from there, though it centres a lot of it on the penis.

    It may still be natural placebo, though it can't be a coincidence that there's a sort of humping motion in the mix.
  • @bravenewworld, I don't feel like I'm flying but recently I get the sensation of being weightless and levitating. It's wonderful.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I have found that by clenching my glutes or holding mild contractions will cause violent shakes that start in my legs and progress to a full-body affair. Nipple play helps set them off.

    The first time this happened was with the small Peridise. The only way I can control them is to relax as much as possible. Without relaxation, they will build in intensity and continue unabated. Untill I figured out how to relax through them, they got in the way of the Super O's. They are novel and kind of fun to play with. Once allowed to start, I've used them to have some pretty intense Super T's.

    I wondered if they were real or in my head too!

  •  Xileh,same thing happened yesterday with my syn.When I grabbed my cheeks and pulled,the tremors started and would not stop until I lost concentration to see if it was real.It was.I hope I can make it happen again next time.Nipple play really gets going .I was on my back with legs on a sofa,rolled towel under my back.It was Awesome!!