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Your thoughts on vibrating prostate massagers
  • I am going to order a progasm jr, and maybe a other vibrating prostate massagers from lovehoney.

    Im looking at those:

    But i read here often like it is like cutting butter with a chainsaw.

    But on lovehoney i see some great reviews
    So i wanted to know your thoughts on a vibrating prostate massager

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120

    I got the lelo elise 2 and the lelo liv.

    I'm very happy with these,excellent quality product.

    Differend mode and speed controls.

    For me it doesn't do much on my prostate but more for a throbbing but.


  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    I tried a vibrator and it doesn't do anything for me. I get a lot more sensation out of the subtle massaging of the non vibrating aneros products.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i dont feel these vibrators really do much for prostate pleasure, for me they just numb the area.
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95

    i dont feel these vibrators really do much for prostate pleasure, for me they just numb the area.

    I concur, I think that's what I noticed as well. My wife has similar results with vibrators being somewhat ineffective due to the numbing effect.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120

    For me the same,i love the lelo's for their pulsating mode.

    Great for the sphincter but not the prostate.

  • Okey thanks for the response!
    So you get no p-waves / super o's etc?
    And what do you feel?
  • I used a small vibrating butt plug a few times before I purchased the Aneros Eupho Syn. While the vibrating plug felt good I never thought it did much for my prostate. However, I think the vibrations must have helped awaken things down there because I experienced some P-waves the first time with the Aneros and had a super O on my third time using it.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Hmm.. Well maybe if it wasnt a constant vibration but a few short low.high.low bursts at random intervals spaced far apart.. Maybe at random between 2 to 10 minutes. And also incorporated into a traditional aneros model. Maybe it would be just enough to drive me extra crazy.

    But I dont care much for constant vibrating on my prostate. It sort of numbs it..
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I tend to use my Vice without the vibe more than with it. It's a different and interesting variation on prostate stim, but it does cause numbness. I will say that perhaps I haven't invested the time using it as I have the other models.

  • I have a rude boy, one of the larger versions.  It is a great toy, although very difficult to change the battery.  I have several other vibrating prostate toys.  I actually don't use them very often, mostly just with a partner.  While they feel pleasurable, I find they are nothing compared to an Aneros session.  Mostly they do just numb the area, which is great prep for other toys you may be inserting, but don't really lead to any type of prostate orgasm.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    My Vice, when used with any kind of vibration setting kills the aneros session feelings, yes it numbs the prostate but oh boy does it get me stirred up sexually! It always ends up with a super T.
    It is completely different to a true aneros session.
    Give me a aneros session any day.

    Now Peridise is different again! The largest one because of weight.
    It is a aneros session with a twist. On a good night while orgasming along the peridise also has the effect of true pumping my butt. Sort of like being pegged I suppose but I have never been pegged so can not say for sure. Peridise is great to sleep with too and wont make you sore like a prostate massager can do.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Whilst randomly searching for a new toy for the Mrs I happened upon a new idea that i think would be awesome to incorporate into the vice and the EVI.

    Its called the Vibease, its for women but basically hooks up to a smartphone and stimulates in accordance to an app and/or audiobooks. Works remotely too.

    The mind boggles for what CT and the aneros co would be able to do with this sort of tech :)
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I tried to super-O using a traditional anal-electrode today and almost got it.. I`d go that way rather than vibration if I were you.
  • Well, based on the reactions i think i will stick with the non vibrating aneros :)