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tiny involuntaries
  • I noticed recently that I'm having very subtle but discernible involuntary contractions in my anus and have probably been having them all along. I didn't notice them because they were so small and fleeting. I noticed them when I started the do nothing technique and just did tantric breathing with some very light kegels. They happen at the beginning of my session and soon go away. I try to just acknowledge them without fixating. They stay tiny no matter what I do, don't increase in intensity or bring pleasure.

    I think I've got the basics down, I can reach a very high state of arousal and maintain that indefinitely. I'm thinking that maybe it has something to do with my neuromuscular system. I noticed that when I exercise, and I try to push my muscles to exhaustion, intense interval training, I don't get that spasm when I slowly relax the muscle. I looked up muscle spasms and they are a sign of dehydration, low sodium, potassium and magnesium. Perhaps I am too well nourished and hydrated. I take a lot of nutrients including minerals and drink a lot of water. So I'm eliminating minerals and limiting my water intake during sessions to see if that makes a difference. I wonder if that might explain why some guys get involuntaries the first time they put it in and others go for years.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    I've been having little muscle spasms during my journey so far. It happens occasionally, twitches sometimes in an arm or a thigh or leg. Lately I've also had spasms of the PC muscles on occasion. I've heard it's the brain testing new nerve pathways, or something like that. I dunno about dehydration, but then again I'm probably not always as hydrated as is ideal. I do keep a glass of water next to me all the time though, so if I'm thirsty I can always have a drink.

    Anyway, I don't get pleasure from the twitches either, and I haven't experienced much if any pleasure through most of my journey. I quit porn about a month ago though, and am abstaining from masturbation for awhile to give my brain time to heal from the desensitization. Last session I had, yesterday, I did feel for a brief moment a deep feeling of sexual stimulation from more to the rear end than the front. I can't wait to see what happens next :)
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    I've always had very light and twitchy involuntaries, they feel a bit like those eye-lid twitches you sometimes get when you're tired. I'm still wondering how to convert these to the long strokes people often talk about.

    An exciting thing I discovered in the past few months is that I can move this quivering from where they usually are (somewhere inside) to my more outer anal muscles. Having it twitch in that new spot generates a lot of pleasure, where the old spot doesn't (not directly anyway).

  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    I'm not sure, but i think these tiny involuntaries are the same thing as the "butt buzz" i've heard about in this forum.  This buzz is very strong with me, and turned out to be an early sign that i was getting rewired.  At first, they only occurred when i completely relaxed my anus.  I was able to induce them without the aneros. Over time, i have been able to induce them at various levels of contraction, and they seem to have gotten stronger over time.  I seem to be able to control them by slightly releasing & contracting my anus tension.  I swear it is as strong as a good vibrator, and i think it feels great!  When i have this buzz simultaneously with stronger involuntaries, it is like the aneros has a will of its own, and I am not far form orgasms.... 
  • @krissive, that's what I'm talking about, the butt buzz that turns into twitching. There are two approaches to cultivating these involuntaries as I understand it, the do nothing and pay attention, and the kegel exercise approach where you stress the anal and peritoneal muscles until they twitch while releasing. Since both approaches depend on the irritability of these muscles, I wondered if I could promote that by changing my diet. Dehydrating and lack of sodium, potassium and magnesium is a cause of muscle spasms so maybe I could promote these twitches if I limited these in my diet.It's worth a try I think.

    Otherwise the approaches are to wait and meditate on subtle sensations that are happening down there are see what happens. Where does the sexual arousal fit in? @Jmay's approach is to amplify the arousal until all one's erogenous parts are singing but then what? I can get there but what do I do when I'm there? Either of the two approaches described above? I tend to get bored when nothing happens, when the tiny involuntaries go away, and I start playing with my penis. Because I'm st some kind of arousal plateaus, there's no inclination to ejaculate but because I'm taking my attention away from the other muscles and the involuntaries, I'm afraid that I've lost the momentum towards orgasm. Do I have this right?
  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    @euphemistic, we're on the same page then.  I wish I could offer you advice on a clear path ahead, but there seems to be a very wide variation in people's physical response to these devices.  In my case, the development of anal buzz turned out to be a sigificant precursor to orgasms two weeks later.  There is one other I noticed that you might be on the lookout for.  I started getting unexplainable heartrate increases during my play, that were not initially followed by orgasm, but in later sessions were.  It just seemed like my heart was tuned into something I could not feel.

    All I can suggest is that you stick with it, bored or not.  I can tell you that the orgasm is completely different than what you are experiencing and that it is worth the wait.  Since I just experienced my first earlier this week, I AM having difficulty replicating the experience and getting it to the sustained multi-hour levels that others describe.  I think (hope) that will develop as my re-wiring progresses.  

    One other thing I suppose.  I could tell that I was on the edge of orgasm when I began to feel that sensation in the pit of my stomach that I get when i am freefalling (say in a rollercoaster or a falling dream)... that was the beginning of orgasm for me.  It was lovely...
  • That's the essence of orgasm for me, the loss of control, like falling off a cliff in a dream, scary and exciting at once. I get the heart rate things sometimes, and the warm flushes occasionally. I use the progasm jy and the eupho syn. You?
  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    i've only orgasmed with the helix so far.  i have a progasm, but its too much intensity... hoping it will work later down the road...