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Where to buy aneros europe/holland? (progasm junior)
  • A couple of months ago i ordered a aneros syn, and progasm red from bacause i couldn't find the eupho syn in europe.

    This became quite expensive because of the taxes (€28) and shipping ($30). So finally i payd around $170 instead of $100

    Now i am thinking to buy the progasm junior and maybe the mgx.
    But i also can't find the progasm jr in europe (btw, i live in holland)

    So does anyone know where to buy these models in europe/holland to avoid tax and expensive shipping?

    Thanks for the help!
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120


    I live in Belgium and order my junior from

    I payd 60€ total cost.

    Ordered some other things from there and am satisfied with them.


  • Thank you very much!!
    I will order there
  • vermarvermar
    Posts: 4
    Sorry , no progasm Jr.