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  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @theme_gasm, congratulations!!  Sounds like you had a doozy of a super O!
  • lcsjclcsjc
    Posts: 5

    I honestly feel that I have been close to a super O, but haven't actually had one yet. However, I do want to share what happened last night.

    So, as I have experienced before with the Aneros and the Aneros Helix, I HAVE had involuntary movements of the legs, and sometimes even my arms, and sometimes an arching back and what feels like the onset of a week orgasm in my stomach and lower regions that kind of peter out to nothing (and some pretty intense hard ons as well). Sometimes I even involuntarily thrust my hips. I have had a lot of good sensations with these toys, but I feel there are much better things to experience than I've had so far, unless all the talk and hype is just that.

    ANYWAY, so last night I got the closest I have had yet. I could actually feel the onset of what could possibly have been the biggest and best orgasm of my entire life, and then suddenly the feeling just... went away. After trying unsuccessfully for a while to get it back, I decided that I was going to break out my fleshlight and have a good traditional orgasm with the aneros still in me. I posistioned the fleshlight on my bed in a way that I could thrust my penis in and out of it without it moving, and started to have at it. I started to edge myself. Every time I was near the brink, I'd stop and let myself cool down a little. Well, after about 4 or 5 times doing this (mind the aneros is still also working on me), MY BODY TOOK CONTROL OF THE SITUATION AWAY FROM ME!!! I started to involuntarily thrust my penis in the fleshlight! I don't think I could have even stopped it if I wanted to!!! OH MAN!!!!!!!!!! What a POWERFUL cum, and lots of it, too! Still no Super O, but that was definitely one of the top, and most intense, traditional orgasms of my entire life!!!

    Despite no super O as of yet, I have to say that even if I never do get one, that experience alone made the purchase of aneros worth it!

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Yea, Theme!!!!!!

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Thanks guys! I did in fact go through a period of duds like Twlltin described! But, just this morning, I have resumed the Dry O's that I got so many of in the beginning! I'm back in the saddle again! Keep at it guys! You'll be amazed!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    @dbrown822 - congrats!! And interesting that you, as me, describe your super-o as an release :)
  • sfswimmansfswimman
    Posts: 5
    I'm new to Aneros--just bought a Helix Syn two days ago and not much to report yet.  However, I want to thank all the guys who've shared their orgasm experiences on this forum.  They're very informative and help me understand what to expect if I ever achieve my own super-O.  I also want to thank three guys who've posted videos of their super-O's on xtube-- "myvidfun", "anerosaddict" and "veryhorny3".  I'm not sure if these three guys are on this forum, but if any of you are reading this, I really appreciate your courage in posting your videos--they're amazing.   If you're considering buying an Aneros product, I highly recommend watching one of their videos.  Those videos convinced me to give Aneros a try.  Thanks for contributing to my Aneros education.

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Congrats Krissive! It is amazing isn't it! Welcome to a whole new world!
  • @Obidobi...Awesome post! As others mentioned, your post helps validate the experiences of other users, alleviates fears of making progress, and shows everyone how much fun this journey can be! My prostate is amazingly awake and, thanks to the posts by other users, I was motivated to continue and I am soooo grateful that I did! Now, I'm an orgasming fool, and I'm a new man in more ways I could imagine! Keep it up and enjoy!
  • @malachi....Congratulations! You've just tapped into one of the most amazing things your body can do for you...the prostate orgasm!
  • Awesome! Congratulations!! So, was it worth it? LOL
  • Yep, that perfectly describes some of the inner and physical feelings I get when I have Super O's. My wife enjoys prostate stimulation as part of our foreplay and last night, I had the most satisfying Super O's I have ever had. Much of what you described here was felt by me and I was also calling out to God and at the same time saying "oh f#$k, oh, f#$k ya!" at the same time...which, I normally don't do. But, we like to talk dirty during sex and I find letting myself go like this is a great way to enjoy the experience.

    She was sucking my balls, massaging my prostate with a finger and rubbing a nipple with her other hand. Yes, I have a wife other men would cut their left nut off to have. I am a very blessed and content man.

    Congrats on your progress after only eight days! That's tremendous.
  • I really enjoyed your post on your experience with the Progasm tool. Sometimes I use the MGX too but most of my more enjoyable sessions has been with the Progasm. Good luck in your journey!
  • Honestly, it's both...because you mentally focus and perform the kegel, you then get the mini o and contractions, but you wouldn't be contracting if you didn't do whether they're totally involuntary or not doesn't matter...because they're awesome! When I'm having those contractions, I'm following the pleasure and the fun...which is what leads to prolonged sensations, pwaves, and multiple orgasms!


  • rrunrrun
    Posts: 6
    I have had my aneros's for 7 years, my favorite is the Eupho, my little Super O maker.  Haven't used it in 2-3 yrs and just recently started back to using it.  The first time  that I put it in and waited till my breathing and my anus got in sync the magic started.  My flaccid penis began to pulse in and out,  slowlly then much faster till it was like a machine gun....  wonderful I thought, but a quick Super O ensued for only an couple of minutes and back to the machine gunning penis  with loads of precum gushing, lasting another minute.  I tried to replicate the session the next day but just the rapid movement of my penis pulsing.  
    Today I had a morning session and was able to replicate the first Super O for only about the same amount of time.  I waited about 5 hrs and tried again and much to my surprise the pulsing penis only lasted a few seconds and then the faster movemnet of my anus pulsing in and out in a quick rythum.  Then the Eupho began to move a bit harder and drive itself at a harder pace, the Super O was on, I bucked, twisted, squeezed my ankles together, burried my head in a pillow.  They would last what seemed for a long interval and back off and the Eupho slowed its pace and began the pulsing of my penis in and out.  I could feel the wetness on my penis but didn't touch because  just when I thought it was finished, WHAM it began again, this went on for at least ten times in a hr period.  I felt it slow then come to a  rest, that was the Magnificent Super  O I always strove for.  I write this now only minutes since I finished and I am still throbbing from the Eupho's contact on my prostate.  Ther will be more trys since the key has been found to the door, I realize it's not going to manifest itself each time but when it does I will be most greatful for the wonderful elation I have felt.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I've got to ask, what the heck is a "machine gun penis"?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    You are there, man! You are there!

  • jd13373jd13373
    Posts: 27
    What do you mean by "humping yourself"? Are you actively doing something or is it involuntary?
  • dbrown822dbrown822
    Posts: 4

    Unfug – thank you! 
    One of the most profound and thoughtful pieces on MMO I have read so
    far.  We are indeed on a mysterious
    journey but somehow, you have encapsulated the essence of your experiences in a
    cogent way.   I especially liked the integration of your MMO
    experience into love play with your wife. This is something I am doing also
    with some amazing results. The difference is that I am completely Aless and can
    induce super o`s very quickly just by thought and imperceptible muscle
    manipulation. For me at least, the Aneros is an enabler and is only used to
    re-charge every now and again. The rest of the time, being relaxed and aware is

  • jeffbiguyjeffbiguy
    Posts: 9
    Great intro on this thread, thanks Leho.

    I agree 100 percent with what you have written above. You have described exactly what I too have experienced in my Aneros journey    .
  • Dear Friends,

    I have been trying to reach the Super-O with Aneros for three years.
    Unfortunately I have not been able to experience this mysterious fulfillment of the male sexuality.
    I think I have tried almost every suggestion mentioned here in this forum.
    I think I would need kind of a personal trainer for this.
    I am really patient and I have invested quite a bit time for this project, following the rules of complete relaxation.

    Would somebody be kind enough to guide me in a very explicit way by writing to me?
    My personal e-mail is
    Your help and "support" would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks and best regards to everybody!
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