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"Do Nothing" What does that mean?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi Guys,

    Frequently mentioned on this forum is the "Do Nothing" method but what does this really mean? It doesn't mean stick an Aneros up your butt and stop thinking about it as you go about your daily activities, nor does it mean you should ignore its presence as if you were anesthetized or asleep. It is really about taking a very passive approach to your Anerosessions. It is one of the techniques found in the Relaxation group versus Sexual frenzy group.

    From the Aneros WIKI The "do nothing" technique is mostly for the Aneros only. The idea is to dispense with thinking about holding contractions, controlling your breathing, conscious relaxing, or anything else for that matter, in favor of just lying there and letting the pleasure and Aneros do their thing. This technique is probably best after you have at least started feeling pleasure from the Aneros.

    I'd like to expand upon that description a bit. Most descriptions of techniques one may employ during their Anerosessions are of the Sexual frenzy group and involve rhythmic (or mixed rhythmic/static) contractions of different pelvic floor muscles combined with breathing techniques and stimulation of "erogenous hot spots". These are what constitute very active approaches.

    The "Do Nothing" approach basically means one dispenses with emphasis on these consciously induced activities but it does not mean you dispense with mental activity you would also employ with the active techniques. i.e. You still employ fantasy thoughts and erotic imagery to build your arousal, you still concentrate on the pleasurable feelings being generated, you still use deep breathing to maintain a relaxed, enervated level (though your focus is not on your breathing technique) The "Do Nothing" method doesn't mean you are to remain inert either, an occasional very gentle contraction may be employed to jump start a series of involuntary contractions or to instigate a slight pleasure wave. The primary focus is on the pleasure being generated by your body as you lie back and act as the observer of your body's action without being forceful in instigating action.

    It is somewhat ironic the "Do Nothing" and the "Active" (for want of a better word) methods both require the same mental discipline where the goal is allowing your body to manifest a Super-O. Trying to do nothing is like meditating and focusing on quieting all thoughts into nothingness. Trying the various active contraction techniques requires focusing on the physical process. Both approaches require you to use mental focus, to be in the moment and in tune with your body.

    The "Do Nothing" method also includes all the same preparations you would make for an active Anerosession like a conducive environment, rectal clean-out (if necessary) proper lubing, etc. IMHO, the term "do nothing" is somewhat a misnomer, perhaps it should be "do little" because you are definitely doing "something", more than "nothing".
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I would like to confirm everything that rumel has said.

    I have found that the "Do Nothing" method works best for me after I have inserted an Aneros tool, have been so relaxed that I have fallen asleep for a few minutes and have then woken up again (usually because the tool has told me to wake up!) and then have applied the techniques that rumel describes.

    That few minutes of sleep seems to ensure that my mind is ready to accept what is to happen next!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I've been at it for about a year and the "Do Little" approach seems to work best for me. Do nothing, and you might not get things going. An overly active approach, probably tried by everyone new, may prevent you from noticing important, but subtle feelings that can lead you to amazing experiences. So difficult for men since we seem to be programmed to be as active as possible.

    Try both approaches and find the sweet spot. Don't be surprised if the sweet spot changes without notice as you gain experience. It's one of the curious and interesting aspects to the Anerous experience.

    Happy doing something!

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    This is a great thread and I thank you Rumel for authoring it.  Your explanation that the "do nothing" approach should be correctly called the "do little" approach comes at a time in my rewiring quest where I needed to hear just that. 


    Thanks also to the guys who chimed in with thier experiences.  Xileh, you are so correct that the sweet spot changes without notice and off we go trying to focus on the new sweet spot and encouraging it to intensify.

    My journey so far has been "sweet" but I am tiring of my being in control and after two months at this, I am  atready for a moment of ecstacy when I am not in control and under the control of the rewiring. 

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I also have had good results with the do-nothing method and I agree with @Rumel
    Or almost do nothing to be specific, one thing that you do no matter what is breathe, and that makes it move. This is the biggest thing that people forget when talking about the "do-nothing" method. I find that it`s not about filling your lungs, but rather breathing deep by using your stomach to breath. Pushing your tummy out is the natural way to breathe. In the fat-free-wannabe-perfect world we live in today people tend to forget to breathe naturally.