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Multiple Aneroses?
  • piano71piano71
    Posts: 2

    This isn't my first foray into the world of Aneros. I had a Helix Classic before, but never got to the Super-O. No issues with insertion/removal or psychological hang-ups about the "back door," but I ran into other things - water-based lube drying out, scratchy P-tab, unable to get enough mobility and involuntary contractions. As such, I didn't get enough practice using it, and eventually pitched it during a move.

    After reading stuff on the forum, it seems a lot of Aneros users collect / try several different models. I'm not sure if I need a smaller or larger model. I'm fairly short in stature (5'8") but there isn't an updated silicone version of the SGX. So I've decided to revisit prostate massage and placed an order for 5 different Aneroses: The DeVice, Helix and Eupho Syn, a Progasm Classic, and a Maximus Classic. This should be quite a range of models to experiment with.

    I still think I have the potential to get wired for prostate pleasure. I'm aware of prostate feelings leading up to a traditional orgasm, and occasionally at other times. Hopefully the new silicone models (DeVice, Helix Syn, Eupho Syn), with their redesigned P-tabs and resilient materials, will be a little more comfortable.

    So some questions while I wait for my order to show up:

    - How do you know if a massager is too large or small to hit your prostate in the right place(s)? Or is that a matter of experimentation? In reviews, some suggest smaller models (SGX, Eupho) are more mobile and provide better stimulation. Others suggest larger models are in constant contact with the prostate gland and provide a more aggressive massage.

    - Other comments suggest that the model is less important than the skill of the user in controlling the motion of the device, achieving involuntary contractions, etc. Any recommendations on how to learn this in my upcoming sessions?

    - What's the right amount of lubrication? I suspect that in the past I may have used too little.


  • BootBoot
    Posts: 23
    There are others out there with much more experience than I and I defer to them. My experience is when the sphincter muscles began to work effectively with any of the devices, they tended to work with all of them. Some sessions are very good and some are not so dynamic. As stated in these pages, patience is a virtue with this. I have tried prelube with a syringe. That can be effective. One needs to be careful because that can lead to undesirable excretion for several hours after the end of such a session. As to control, I don't try to control the device I am using and it has worked pretty well.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    My experience is that size doesn't really matter. I enjoy my little Peridise as well as the Helix and Eupho. The Progasm, which is bigger than all the others, does the trick, too. It is really in the user and his ability to relax and enjoy the sensations.

    I find that injecting 1 ml of Vaseline works for the peridise and 5 ml of KY for the others. I do coat the device with some Vaseline, too.

    Once I got one of the models to do its thing, every other one I tried was just as special.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I also agree with previous posts.  You'll have enough devices to play around with and see.  My experience has been that one device works well for a while and then dud city, so then i move onto a different one and it rocks my world.  I also recommend trying out a natural type of oil lubricant such as extra virgin olive oil, these types of lubricants are long lasting and cheap.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    My experiance matches @inevernew. Having gone through periodic dry spells, switching to a different model seems to help restart things. I find it takes a bit of use with a particular model to begin experiencing pleasure. Switching frequently to try them all out, may be disappointing.

    You've picked out a good selection, have fun!