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New Syn Eupho looses silicon coating
  • cr4zyOnecr4zyOne
    Posts: 12
    Last week my new Syn Eupho and Syn Helix arrived. I was so happy after a bit of trouble with the customs office. Finally it was here.
    But now I'm dissapointed. Abfter using it twice it starts to loose its silicon coating, or at least some of it. Idk how this could even happen. I didnt do anything unusual.
    After use I rubbed with my hand over the device with warm water and soap. As lube I used ID Glide (water based) and (once) a bit of vaseline.
    Did I do something wrong? Shouldn't I use vaseline on a Syn?

    I dont want to damage my Syn Helix which I didnt use until now. I just need to know what NOT to do. And/Or maybe it is a failure of manufacturing.

    I have a picture too, I know it doesnt look like a big deal, but who knows how much this will progress and effect the function of the device.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Are you using silicone lube with it? If so, that's the problem. Silicone lube will dissolve the silicone plastic.

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    A silicone compound will usually have a name ending -oxane. Look for that in the ingredients of the lube.
  • hang on, didn't cr4zyOne just say he used the Aneros recomended ID Glide (sold as a package even)and Vaseline...did he at any point say he used a Silicone based Lube?...unless you mean Vaseline, wait, no Vaseline is not Silicone based either.

    I'd say cr4zy knows not to use SILICONE based lubes...I think its actually printed on the box of the Aneros.

    My advice would be little less savant like (sorry guys). I would have said...Geez, that's weird, I could only suggest read up on Vaseline, silicone MIGHT react to oil based lubes like Vaseline as well (likely it doesnt).


  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    The picture is weird! It looks like a beached whale. Has the Syn changed colour. Might be good to take another picture straight on and try attach it as a file.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Vaseline is fine with silicone ,it is oil based. I use it all the time with my vice and so do most others I know.
    I agree the picture is all brown and yucky! surely it has not gone that colour, it should be black. Is there something wrong with the picture?

  • sfswimmansfswimman
    Posts: 5
    Vaseline is petroleum-based (petroleum jelly), which might decompose the silicone that covers the Helix Syn.  That's why they say to never use Vaseline with condoms.  It makes them more likely to break.


  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @sfswimman  Well i think you will find petroleum is made from oil, ergo oil based.
    Like I said many of us use vaseline with our aneros silicone devices and there is no problem.

    Here is a extract from wiki to backup my claim.

    The raw material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 in Titusville, PennsylvaniaUnited States, on some of the country's first oil rigs. Workers disliked the paraffin-like material forming on rigs because it caused them to malfunction, but they used it on cuts and burns because it hastened healing.[citation needed]

  • sfswimmansfswimman
    Posts: 5
    BNW, I was thinking that silicone would react to petroleum jelly the same way latex (condoms) does, but I stand corrected.

  • cr4zyOnecr4zyOne
    Posts: 12
    Thank you for all your answers. I didnt use silicone lube, it was ID Glide which is water based lube. I really dont know what caused the problem.
    I cant think of anythink, maybe the soap? I switched it to a pH-adjusted soap. My Helix Syn is ok so far.
    But I will not use the Vaseline again, just to be shure.

    I didnt know that silicone based lube would cause damage to the syn models. I checked the box and the manual but no word of any incompatibility. This is for shure a good adwise for anyone who didnt know so far.

    Not exactly the color changed. It's more the surface structure. I made some pictures and decided the one posted above is best to show whats going on.