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My Best Super-O and How I Did It
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Almost two months later, this morning, 7/20/13, AND, now I know what Twlltin was talking about when he said "...don't expect the next session to follow the same path"...I am here to tell everyone just got BETTER!

    I recently bought a Eupho Classic, which arrived on Tuesday, 7/16/13! The Eupho is definitely different in how it teases my prostate. It hits specific spots and I think because its the harder plastic, it hits my prostate stronger than my Helix Syn!

    My session started at about 5:30am. I inserted Eupho and laid down on the bed. I enjoyed all kinds of sensations until about 8:45am, when I felt a HUGE wave rush over me from head to toe...and it was a deep, deep sensation. As I relaxed into it, I felt my breathing go real shallow and my body barely moved...but, my ass was twitching on its own!!! It kept going, and going, and I got even more smaller waves that moved over me. As I felt myself tightening up, I relaxed again, and the waves got stronger, and i soon realized this was more than a Dry O!!!!! Thinking it would end, I just kept relaxing, but it was NOT going to stop on its own, so I went with it, and it kept going, 30 minutes, 45, and finally I hit 60 minutes, when I felt I needed to pee real bad! Guys, I'll say it again...keep at it! These orgasms are very very REAL! This is going to be a VERY good day! Time for a shower!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Ok, here it goes! On July 28, 2013, I experienced my second full-body orgasm!!! It started on a Sunday afternoon, while taking a "nap"! After my first Super O, on May 17, 2013, which was also a full-body orgasm, I said to myself "more would be nice"! Of course, patience was needed, since I had a calm seas orgasm on July 20, 2013, and was wondering what was next!?! Well, today I got my answer! By the time it was done, I had experienced a full-body orgasm that lasted about 60 minutes! WOW!

    It started in my shoulders, involuntary contractions, up, down, up, down...and then proceeded to move ALL around my body. My legs, my pelvis, torso, feet, all shaking, contracting and moving in a rythym all their own, and then it continued to make the rounds for at least a full hour! And, since I knew where things were headed, I was able to relax into it much more than my first super o! What an amazing experience! And, it wouldn't stop! As long as I did nothing but relax, it kept going...amazing! I also felt like I was able to push it around my body at one point using very slight muscle nudges, and my body took the hint and away it went!! Very cool! My breathing would go light and shallow, and then go strong and deep! All the while, p-wave after p-wave crashing and flowing throughout my mind and body!

    The sheets and pillow were drenched by the time I started to bring myself back to earth! The room fan was needed to dry things out so as not to raise any questions!

    All in all...INCREDIBLE! Just incredible! Our bodies and minds are capable of more than we ever imagined, and this experience is, I feel, a small glimpse of how, despite our traditional conditioning, we are capable of such experiences! I may be going overboard to some of you, but how could such feelings and experiences be against any reasoning! The entire event was completely caused by a combination of self-awareness and non-chemically (non-artificial) induced stimulation! This is an amazing example of what wonderful creatures we are! Ok, I'll calm down! Thanks to Chuck, BigO, Rumel, Brine, Twlltin, and to the Academy...wait, not the Academy...but to all you trailblazers who have gone before me, thank you a thousand times over! "Don't stop ...Believing"

    On a side note, I was considering using marijuana for the FIRST time ever this last weekend as a way to nudge things along...NOT NOW! Don't need to! It happened without it! Not even an after-thought now! Makes me even happier!
  • HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me for the shouting but I'm happy right now. I have one thing to say. I LOVE THE PROGASM!!!!!!! Sorry but i do. I love that thing. I got it for a birthday gift from my dad for helping him with his journey. But the rules were I could not ride it til my actual birthday which is today. Lets just say I'm a new man. I thought the Helix Syn was something. Let me get to the chase here. I'm only gonna give a short synopsis cause I will give the full lengthy version in the blog section tomorrow hopefully.

    I cleaned out and lubed up. I was getting a lot of needed help form my brothers here. I got a pillow and layed it up under my butt so I can be lifted. I stuck it in and fire works began instantly. My legs were up in the air dangling and I was moaning and dry heaving like crazy. I got this full feeling in my penis I thought oh lord to soon for this. But it was just a huge mini o but it made me so erect and made the pre cum splash on my belly. I kept with it but this time i grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs back further making the progasm hit my prostate so hard and deep. I shattered. I screamed so loud but I didn't care. I wasn't in pain it was pure bliss. So much bliss i was forgetting to breathe. I can't account for about 4 minutes. But I'm back so thats a good thing. But it would have been a great way to go. lol The best orgasm ever. I still haven't cum yet. Its been a week and some days. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    this was my 3rd super O and by far the best, hence me posting this here.  I had my woman playing with my nipples which was driving me wild, i was actually moaning a little and panting heavily, she was astounded by my reaction, though she doesnt know of my aneros use, so I can see why.  i didnt have anything inserted and i NEVER moan or pant.  A sick kid ruined the sex so left me feeling extremely edged.  Sex for us is very far and few between.  After wards i could tell that something felt very different with prostate, even the nipple play earlier was different from when i do it to myself, much different and different feeling.   I new with the way my prostate was feeling i had to have a session later and to add to the excitement i had just received my first jar of unrefined shea butter.  I had read about melting the shea butter and inserting it via syringe so thats what i did.  I inserted my MGX and layed in my recliner.  It felt almost stuck like not enough lube so i pulled it out slightly and it shot back in with the most slippery sexy feeling.  I was loving the shea butter from that second.  Almost immediately i could tell i was in for a ride which is rare for me.  my involuntaries were feeling strong, the device pumping more forcefully and then it began.  It was getting sucked in and in almost unbelievably too far and the pleasure was astounding more then i could almost fathom.  It was like it was touching me in my most deepest darkest area of my being!  I think i had 3 O's before the sensations started to die down.  So in reflection i have no idea what caused the sudden improvement as its been along time since i had any O's.  The nipple stim? the shea butter?  Who knows.  I think the important thing is that this journey always keeps getting better and better, especially when you least expect it!  ;)
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Ok so I think over a year and a half I have had super Os on and off but here is a extract of a message I wrote to my dear Aneros friend that I needed to share with all.

    In referance to below the new lover coming in the post is a Aneros pro jr. (No we ware not human trafficking )

    • oh my! every now and then once in a blue moon i have a new type of session.
      This one is the best i have had for a long time.
      This one is really special and has come about by the fact i am excited to be having a new lover coming in the post so i guess i am sexually excited and the fact that i am not stressed and am calm. I feel connected to my lower half yet disconnected at the same time.
      I can feel every pulse of pleasure but my groin is doing its own thing completely.
      Maximus is not working as unusual, its doing this tiny little micro movement things and my groin and anus area are doing this throbbing pulsing action at the same time but its all so slow and gentle and relaxed feeling.
      I wish i could plug in the feelings so you could feel it too its wonderful.
      Its more relaxing than exciting its sort of like if you lay on your wife while in her and just be one with her and fuck just by the movement of your breathing. Its deep and penetrating while being gentle and slow.
      It started out with the ptab hurting which it never does. I can not understand it. wow
    • braveneworldbraveneworld 9:09AM
      Wow my toes and feet just curled up ward and I dry cummed for about half a minute! My body was pumping like it was cuming hard for at least 30 seconds followed by me having a full body stretch. Fucking wonderful. Its died down back to what i was explaining before now slow and relaxing. That must of been a larger super o then i have ever had. The ejaculation phase although dry was intense and there was three distinctive muscle movements moving the aneros.

      Super o is a real bad name for it coz in blokes we imagined thrashing hard penetrating type feelings like when we fuck hard to a orgasm. Its not like that at all!
      Its warm its deep inside, yes it is a crashing wave but a gentle one.
      I really hope you get there some day soon. I want you to feel it too its amazing
  • Wow! A textbook session. I usually spend a long time getting into it, it's somehow uncomfortable, or I get distracted internally or externally. But today was different. I was free, i was ready, and i could not believe that i managed to get P-waves, 3 dry orgasms, and a super O at the end in 30min (i am still riding as we speak, but it has calmed down). Plus, an added bonus, i never have pre-cum as much as other guys do, but at the very end of this 30min after the super-o, i could feel pre-cum shooting out of my penis. I was lying on my front so i could not see until i looked and could see how much was there.

  • I believe I had my best Super-O to date yesterday. I had taken a few weeks away from my Helix Syn and finally had some downtime. I find it best when I covering my eyes or if its dark out as I can close my eyes and just really relax. My best position is on my back, knees bent and feet just a little over shoulder's length apart flat on the floor. I'm a believer in the " do nothing" method and just letting things happen. I do some minor breathing and concentrate on feelings the helix gives. One side note, I do use a c-ring which helps the "twins" be slightly lifted away from the perenium area. I find this helps with sensitivity, at least for me.

    I let the feelings just go where they want for about 20 to 30 minutes and then I can tell things are starting happen. Any thoughts I have at this point are about concentrating on the feelings and sensations the helix and my prostate are sending me. I can feel the sensations all over the torso, pelvis area and my legs are slightly twitching. I can feel the subtle movements of the helix and feel it massaging and rubbing my prostate. Things really to start to feel awesome at this point and the p-waves are really building. I usually have a surge for good few minutes and it subsides but only have stronger surges as time goes on. Another side note, I used to get about this far or only get this much enjoyment and I would wind up trying to "rush or search for it". This caused the sensations to eventually subside and die out. For me, when I'm at this point where waves are arriving then leaving, kind of going up and "dropping back down", I usually try to relax even further, (I mean almost trance like, just slightly breath, relax EVERY muscle and let the helix really take over. This can sometimes take few minutes or sometimes 10 or 15 minutes. I get comfortable with my positioning and really just focus on the slight movements and sensations of the experience. The next few p-waves I start to feel really good, warming sensations, pleasure heightening to where I think I've hit a new level. I slightly breath rhythmically only to just enough to keep the "flow" going and I make sure I'm not straining anything. Usually at this point my prostate is really "warmed up" and ready to go. I add an ever so slight holding contracting, very minor for about a minute or so and this seems to help kick off some strong involuntaries and the real ride begins. The peaks become so high I almost can't believe it, the helix is working on its own and is really causing strong contractions. I do my best to completely relax and let the my body just react. I'm complete bliss and at one with the entire experience. My prostate is sending huge amounts of signals all over my body and I'm almost in tears because of the pleasure. Just when I think the peak is over another wave hits even harder. I've found then when its been a few waves I can sometimes slightly contract in between them and kick the helix into overdrive when I release the contraction. After several more peaks and valleys my body lets me know if its done. This whole trip can last an hour or 2 or even 3 hours for me.

  • nemo9nemo9
    Posts: 1
    I just had the most intense, incredible super O of my life. Here's how I did it:

    Where it all began:
    I had a particularly open roommate who taught me the finer points of sounding. For pleasure, this amounts to inserting a thin metal rod with a slight bend at the end and a ball on the tip into your urethra. The ball touches your prostate from the inside. It's as dangerous as it sounds, unless done in a sterile environment and very mindful of any pain that might occur. Anyways, with some practice I started having regular (dry) orgasms that seemed to last for hours - I was hooked, but the method for getting there was just too dangerous to continue on a regular basis.

    Enter the aneros:
    After doing some research on my own, I found out about the aneros. I was skeptical - it didn't seem by the diagrams that it touches the prostate nearly as much as sounding does, but I sure was wrong ;). I ordered the default model at the time and went to work practicing. It took many weeks of practice before my muscles were built up well enough and I started to really feel the pleasure instead of mild discomfort. From there, it wasn't long before I had my first super-O with the aneros - and it was even more intense than sounding!

    Practice makes perfect:
    I was hooked - a safe way to have super-O's! I started ordering many different models to try them out, finally landing on the Helix SYN as the piece that gets me off without fail. Just lay down on my side, relax a little, start breathing regularly, and then start those muscle contractions. Before long, I'm writhing around, uncontrollably lost in utter bliss.

    Adding to the mix:
    It was a couple years before I made things a LOT more interesting. I decided to wait a week without getting off at all and see if it made the experience any more intense. Turns out, it does - MUCH more intense than before. It was as if all the week's orgasms got lumped into one orgasm 7 times stronger than before. 

    The Best? Super-O
    To finally arrive at my (current) peak, I went two full weeks like this, but rather than just sitting idle during that time, I had an aneros session every night during that period, edging to the very brink of bliss and then pulling back - for an hour or two every night. It took mind blowing self control to pull back from a Super-O every night, let me tell you. Finally, when it came to do the real session, I set up a camera (I wanted to see just how my body would react) and layed down on my side. Inserted the Helix SYN and started my normal routine. The whole session only lasted 15 minutes, but it felt like hours. Within the first 5 minutes, I had already entered into my first wave of orgasms. I had two full on super-O's (what I previously thought was the limit) but they were dry! As I pushed onward, it finally built into the most intense, incredible, vibrant experience of my life - total euphoria, total bliss. I lost track of time, feeling like I'd entered another state of consciousness altogether. It was the most insane thing... completely indescribable. Later, I watched the video back and noted that I was spasming and writhing and auto-humping totally out of control. My face was red and I could see my expression fluttering between pure ecstasy and fear (like, how far does this even GO?!). Afterwards, I just lay there for several minutes soaking in the waves of orgasmic bliss that continued washing over me long into the evening.

    Today (couple days after) I feel like I'm recovering from a car wreck. Every muscle in my body is incredibly sore and aching, because they were all tensed so violently beyond my control. I guess when it gets THIS good, there are a few consequences ;) At least it's a good workout!
  •  I've had some good results with a helix classic (body spasms, waves, small dry os and general feelings of physical pleasure) but I'd never experienced anything quite so mind altering as when I very recently used a Progasm Jnr. On the first session I had all the usual symptoms but everything seemed more intense (perhaps because I'd abstained for a week?). Anyhow after the usual beautiful mind bending craziness  had died down I became very still for around 10 minutes and assumed that nothing else was going to happen. However something very strange started. I felt bodily heavy like my head was stuck in wet cement. I could tell from the building light in the retina of my closed eyes that something was building - a white light started to increase in brightness. I could sense a delicious loose probing in my anus which I relaxed into and I was overcome by a gentle body wave of calm warming please. It gave me a slight erection (which I had to fight to stay down) and when it had subsided it was quickly followed by two smaller waves. For a few minutes after I felt totally mentally alert - never felt more lucid and I could tell that my prostate was fully engorged and engaged. I'm not sure if this was Super O or not - we all seem to have our very own definitions which is perhaps the way it should be. I love everything about the experience, the wild spasms, crashing waves, clutching the headboard, moaning "oh god, oh god" over and over, my electricity generating nipples as well as the more recently discovered calmer beauty. 
  • I bought the Helix and the Progasm almost 2 years ago but was unable to use them either for lack of privacy, the Mrs. always around since I retired, or because the progasm used to hurt going past the second ring.  What I found and it is really intriguing. I think each of us males has some woman inside of him. I have started to enlarge my nipples. (Very simple method..I'll post it at the end of this) and do it almost every day in the shower. I noticed that with the contraption on my nipples, my anus would relax even further and today, with the Mrs. away for the afternoon and no one to disturb me, I used the nipple elongators and then first used the Helix which simply slid in with ease. Waited a few minutes then when nice and relaxed removed the Helix and inserted the progasm with a padded tissue under the front tab. This forces the progasm to hook and stay slightly out, not fully inserted and then I started the contractions while standing up with, what i thought was, copious amount of precum flowing. I then lay down on my side and with my knees pulled up to my chest kept up the pressure by contracting and releasing, and repeating until I was screaming with joy and acting like a kid ( and I am 65) who had his first 'wank'. The orgasms kept on and on and I just let myself go and threw all caution to the wind. After about 20 minutes, I decided to remove it, relaxed awhile (had a beer) and inserted it back in. This time the orgasms weren't as wild as the previous ones, but it was great, just great. I have a smile on now and the Mrs. is going to wonder what I have been up to.  The progasm does really work guys. It just takes time and a lot of privacy. Any tension or stressful atmosphere and 'no can do'. No quickies, at least for an older guy like me.

    For the nipple enlargement (they do become sensitive as well). Get a foot length of vinyl clear piping 1" inside diameter, or if your areola are smaller, 3/4 inch inside dia. so that the old wine bottle corks can seal the tubes. (Lowes still sells by the foot). Make a nice clean cut 4 inches is fine. Then soften them in hot water. If you are using them in the shower, you don't have a problem as the moisture helps keep the suction on. Just apply some skin lotion around the nipples and bend the vinyl tubes holding the tube at each end when doing so. Then put the open end around your nipples and release. The vinyl tube straightens itself out and creates a vacuum. The rest is history. Don't pull the tubes out. Just release the cork at the other end. You will hear it pop and that breaks the vaccum and the tubes just fall off. Don't forget to apply some good skin cream around after use. Don't keep them on for too long as you will come down with nipple blisters. Start slow, 5 mins a session.  Good luck and big thank you to progasm.  
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Ok I'm amazed i can actually post in here finally (after 10 years nearly!)

    I have found for me an amazing way to have instant super, at least i think these are orgasms and indeed super is a word i would use to describe them, almost instantly and without much effort!

    I could explain it but it seems I've found user doing exactly as i describe and getting almost instant pleasure from doing so, though i don't get the violent shaking at all, i do however position myself exactly like this guy does as well as how quick the orgasm appears! the parts where his legs are dangling, mirror exactly mine and when i hit the pique of pleasure. Im not brave enough enough video myself so this is the closest thing i can show others:

    The only exception is that my cock has to be super hard for it to work, when i get the orgasms its filling me me up with warmth in my prostate, my ass and very much in my penis as well, looks so similar, though i moan much mech louder:

    another video, different angle. I'm amazed that this is a just a carbon copy of what happens in my sessions! legs go up, instant and i mean instant, orgasm. not only that but SUPER intense. hah, amazing.

    Im just very happy that someone else out there practises what i do and gets the results i get, I'm not sure he calls them super O's, perhaps just dry O's but they are DAMN good. My last one, last night, was two consecutive orgasms that i had to stop because they were just too much!


    I do find though my bak and legs get tired and i have to stop, as well as the aneros f*cking all the pleasure out of me as well after about eh 4th 'orgasm'. i just loose arousal after that, like I've ejaculated. still..... awesome
  • what i difference after two years... i can have about 2 hours of non-ejaculatory blissful, calm seas dry orgasms, and usually there's at least 3 or 4 "super orgasms" mixed in with them,  aided only my nipple stimulation i do with my finger tips, along with the fluttering of my aneros on my prostate. I usually have 15~30 orgasms and it's blissful.
  • howietrumphowietrump
    Posts: 11
    I've been doing a lot of reading here and it looks like I am very fortunate to have achieved a super O relatively quickly in only a few sessions. Last night was by far my best I started out as I usually do, on my back and just enjoyed the feeling breathing and soon some contractions started I could feel something deep inside me having a seizure my aneros started moving on its own I kept up my breathing and it stopped, I think these were mini o's. Because they were very pleasurable.

    I noticed the bottom of my aneros was hitting the bed so I moved off and kneeled down with my arms on the bed. After some breathing I started to feel a lot of twitching. The aneros had a mind of its own, I could feel it moving all over the place. Pleasure kept building and building until finally I peaked and unleashed something I've never felt before every muscle in my body tightened starting in my pelvis area, then massive pulsing like I was ejaculation but nothing was coming out and this continued for what seemed like ever.

    As it subsided I could feel twitching inside growing and growing until it happened all over again it got to the point I was having super o on top of super o. I lost count how many I had. Finally I removed the aneros and laid on my back in bed. I had 4-5 more anerosless super o's. And finished off by jerking off finishing with what I could only describe as a super T. I had and orgasm and ejaculated but felt like I had more in me and I keep stroking, less than 30 seconds I had the biggest most intense ejaculatory orgasm I've ever had and the biggest ejaculation I've had in recent memory. It was absolutely amazing. When I was done I was spent, nothing left. I was shaky, exhausted, had some chills. An unbelievable experience. Thats my story and I'm looking forward uo
  • howietrumphowietrump
    Posts: 11
    I have to mention this. I've been searching for a long time for a heightend orgasm. I always thought there was higher intensity one. It took me a long time to find it. But thanks to my aneros I've found it. The intensity of the super o is exactly what I wanted. I've never felt pleasure on this level before. I can't believe I never explored this option before. I've even started to have anerosless orgasms. I started by mimicking the contractions I experienced with the Aneros in and with some focus I can have incredible multiple orgasms. It's also increased the T orgasms I have alone and with my wife. My erections have been harder than ever. It's an absolutely amazing device!!! I'm so glad I opened my mind and tried it!!!!
  • prins3ssprins3ss
    Posts: 26
    alright so it's my turn to post my super o (more like supreme o)
    just a little background
    I notice that most people are different not only on how they reach climax but also how to start engines and keep them warm
    So I gotta be honest and through if my purpose to posting this is to help some other poor lost soul in the journey to the ultimate pleasure... so please don't judge:
    OK so I am a bisexual male with transgender tendencies, hopefully this is not too progressive for some of those here.
    I have been holding from cumming for the past month. not with any reason in specific I just don't like cumming since it completely drains out my libido. but I use the aneros every day for 30 minutes after work with my yoga session. I don't do any contractions but it sure make my exercises a lot more fun.
    I bought the aneros 4 years ago but could never really get into it or more like I never had the patience. I had bought two more models since then without having much success or even opportunity to really take it slow.
    this last time I aquired the progasm ice for the second time since then first one got lost in a storm a couple of years ago
    every other night for the past 2 months, Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday morning I put my nightie pijamas and an adult diaper to avoid mess with lube
    I use the Equate personal lube that comes in a squeeze bottle you can buy at Walmart for a couple of bucks. I use this because it's more like a gel but it is water based.
    I cut off with scissors the back end and I dip the aneros and then I insert. I lay on my left side I put on my headphones and I put the GoonLuver eXtra load video and I just let my body do what feels good. sometimes I squeeze in then I push out half ways down the video I stop for five seconds take I hit of the bowl, Re dip in lube, re insert and restart video. by this point my prostate just feels like a bomb that is about to explode. there is a point when my anus just grips on the aneros like a puppy pulling on a rope. the entrance analysis ring starts contracting as if trying to pull the aneros even further in but all the lube doesn't allow grip so it just sliding on it driving me crazy. I have a little cup where I collect all my cum and drink to heighten the high. I eat nothing but fruits and veggies so my cum tastes very sweet like pineapples.
    I can't count how many dry or wet orgasms since I can't even get a straight thought through me during this moments but feel so freaking good. I cried last night and felt this waves of wellness and happiness in my brain running down my body. I don't get the crazy violent shakes but at the end I do have a feeling of bliss and completeness. I used to fall asleep with the aneros in me but I find it unnecessary now and I even lIke how my ass misses the aneros after I remove it. One crazy tip for augmented after bliss
    is listen to some soft music, I really like to listen to Haim - Forever. it just washes me with euphoria
  • i'v been using th aneros on and off for about 5 years. I cant say i ever really mastered itand my sessions are usually hit and miss. Often more miss than hit.
    Over the years though i have had some wonderful orgasms and some super os, usually with the help of a few puffs of the green stuff.
    My session last night was out of this world though.
    Firstly, iv been suffering sinusitis so a few hours before took a pain killer containing a small amount of codine.
    I went out for dinner with a friend and had 3 beers and a toke on a joint then went back to the hotel. I also took a psudoephadrine tablet at this point as my suffering hadnt improved.
    Once alone i showered and inserted my helix. for the next couple of hours i alternated between watching porn in the bed and trying to relax in the hot tub. I didnt get more than a hint of any P waves, although i was very turned on. Eventually i gave up and brought myself to a traditional orgasm with the helix still in.
    I then dressed and went for a walk, smoking another joint as i went.
    When i got back i thought i'd give it another go (even though i'd already cum). This time i used the Maximus and stayed in bed. Quickly after a few contractions and some breathing i felt the toy pulled into me deep and involuntary spasming started. From then on i got wave after wave of bliss for at least the next hour. I had 10 or so super orgasmic peaks of unbeleivable, almost unbearable pleasure but they all kind of blurred together. whenever the waves started to lose streangth i would force myself to relax a little and breath deeply, also ease my contraction i little so that my muscles would squeeze it back in tight by themselves. Unbeleivable!! I am very surprised it was so good after i had cum but not before. has anyone else expereiced this?
    Also i want to say that i in no way condone the mixing of substances; prescription alchoholic or illegal as a way to improve your session. the weed i did take to help the aneros session, the other things were just happenstance.

  • I have played with the Aneros toys for 10+ years and had intense experiences and orgasms. It did not start that way and I have learned how to use the toy to maximize my pleasure. I do believe that everyone is different and gets different pleasure from using the toys. This is my experience over the years and where I am today. Hopefully some of you can learn and benefit from how I enjoy these toys.

    The ability of these toys to pleasure a male's delicate and sensitive reproductive system are unmatched.

    When I started my journey I would insert a toy and try the squeezing of the PC muscle and not much would happen. After a couple of years I came across a post that advised to lay on your back with your legs out flat and raise your feet off the bed so that your abs contract. Once I tried this position I was able to achieve hands free wet orgasms and they were intense.

    I believe the pleasure produced by this toy is around manipulating and extending the emission and ejaculation phases of the male orgasm. During male orgasm fluids are produced in several glands which produce a pleasurable warm feeling. Those glands include the prostate, the seminal vesicles and cowpers gland. Sexual excitement and pleasure lead these glands to produce their fluids and they collect in the prostate. I say this is emission or pre emission. Once the pressure gets to be too much a valve opens in the prostate and all the fluids are emitted into the urethra. Then the ejaculation phase happens with the pleasurable muscles contractions in the base of the penis and prostate.

    I have been experiencing immense pleasure in plateauing and extending within this pre emission and emission phase. My prostate feels swollen and incredibly pleasurable.

    To get to the swollen prostate feeling I follow the do nothing instructions mentioned by several people on these boards. I also do slight muscle contractions with my PC muscle. I also will lay flat on my back (1) with legs our straight lying on bed (2) with knees bent and feet flat on bed, my heels as close to my bottom as possible (3) with knees bent and legs pulled up off the bed so my knees are as close to my chest as possible. Alternating between these position allows the Aneros to move naturally and have my body respond naturally and within 15-30 minutes my prostate has been massaged and my glands producing their fluids.

    Once I get to that full prostate feeling I lay my legs out straight and together on the bed. If I slightly thrust my hips forward and up I the feeling is wonderful and feels closer to like I may ejaculate. If I slight thrust my hips down and back, like I am arching my back, the feeling is wonderful and it feels more like I am tickling my prostate and I will not be able to ejaculate. Also during this time I will contract my PC muscle hard which feels amazing. I will also relax my PC muscle which feels amazing and like that will prevent me from ejaculating.

    At the end, I will have a wet orgasm and it is mind blowing. It feels like I have had a 10 minute orgasm or longer, depending on how long I can extend the pressure of the fluids in my prostate.