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***Relocated Announcement Thread Posts***
  • sfswimman
    Posts: 5
    I'm new to Aneros--just bought a Helix Syn two days ago and not much to report yet.  However, I want to thank all the guys who've shared their orgasm experiences on this forum.  They're very informative and help me understand what to expect if I ever achieve my own super-O.  I also want to thank three guys who've posted videos of their super-O's on xtube-- "myvidfun", "anerosaddict" and "veryhorny3".  I'm not sure if these three guys are on this forum, but if any of you are reading this, I really appreciate your courage in posting your videos--they're amazing.   If you're considering buying an Aneros product, I highly recommend watching one of their videos.  Those videos convinced me to give Aneros a try.  Thanks for contributing to my Aneros education.

  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 310
    Congrats Krissive! It is amazing isn't it! Welcome to a whole new world!
  • @Obidobi...Awesome post! As others mentioned, your post helps validate the experiences of other users, alleviates fears of making progress, and shows everyone how much fun this journey can be! My prostate is amazingly awake and, thanks to the posts by other users, I was motivated to continue and I am soooo grateful that I did! Now, I'm an orgasming fool, and I'm a new man in more ways I could imagine! Keep it up and enjoy!
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 310
    @malachi....Congratulations! You've just tapped into one of the most amazing things your body can do for you...the prostate orgasm!
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 310
    Awesome! Congratulations!! So, was it worth it? LOL
  • newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Yep, that perfectly describes some of the inner and physical feelings I get when I have Super O's. My wife enjoys prostate stimulation as part of our foreplay and last night, I had the most satisfying Super O's I have ever had. Much of what you described here was felt by me and I was also calling out to God and at the same time saying "oh f#$k, oh, f#$k ya!" at the same time...which, I normally don't do. But, we like to talk dirty during sex and I find letting myself go like this is a great way to enjoy the experience.

    She was sucking my balls, massaging my prostate with a finger and rubbing a nipple with her other hand. Yes, I have a wife other men would cut their left nut off to have. I am a very blessed and content man.

    Congrats on your progress after only eight days! That's tremendous.
  • I really enjoyed your post on your experience with the Progasm tool. Sometimes I use the MGX too but most of my more enjoyable sessions has been with the Progasm. Good luck in your journey!
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