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Controlling insertion depth
  • EarlEarl
    Posts: 5
    I initially found the Helix to be less pleasurable than the MGX, but spyeg's blog mentioned not inserting all the way to the t-handle for optimal P-spot contact.  I tried keeping it about a 1/4" from fully inserted and it did improve things noticeably, but that required too much manual attention to keep it there.  Any cleaver ideas on how to maintain it just sort of fully inserted?  I have made a spacer that I plan to try at the first opportunity, but would like to hear of any other good ideas.  Thanks for any input! 
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    It's my belief that the Aneros tools best designed to target the Prostate are the MGX and the SGX. If you find that the MGX is missing the target by going in too deep, you might be better of with the SGX which is a bit smaller.

    It strikes me that the other models are less specific and tend to stimulate the whole of the anal canal region, albeit including the prostate as part of the picture to a greater or lesser extent.

    Good luck and enjoy whatever comes your way.