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Newb here, could use a little advice on model choice.
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    I've been curious about p massage for a while and ended up ordering the Progasm Jr.    I've tried it a few times but don't think it's hitting the spot, as I get no pleasure hands free.   If I take it in hand and put a little more forward pressure I can feel something, but not fireworks.  Are there better models with more forward bias?   Maybe my prostate just isn't responsive to this sort of thing.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    The frustration you are experiencing is a very common phenomenon with new Aneros users, I advise doing some more reading and give yourself more time. The Aneros experience is not a race or competition but a learning journey without an end point. Initial sensations are usually very faint and subtle, it takes a period of attunement for you to 'awaken' your prostate, so you need to have patience.
    In regards to choosing an alternate Aneros model, I recommend you read the following : The Best Aneros model is... While different models do produce different sensations, the biggest differences are not derived from the model but the attitude and awareness of the user.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @ctusser what rumel has said is correct.
    Lots of reading and lots of practice is key, be prepared for no sensations for a number of months maybe even!
    In saying that once you awaken your prostate then the fun begins.
  • I also did not have great sucess with the Pro.Jr. Still ,wanting something more than the helix. I got the Maximus.A decision I will never regret. It is amazing with lots of action even with its size. I think it is much under rated.
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Looking at the different designs, I'm wondering if the k tab on the JR. Is preventing it from rocking forward enough for me. Maybe I'd respond better with a model that doesn't have the k tab.

    Also, I'm noticing the casting line down the middle of the product is causing some discomfort. Have any of you used fine sandpaper to try and blend this? Do the silicon coated models have this casting line covered to where it's not an irritation? If so , that may be the way to go. Anyone with similar experiences find a resolution?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I. For some it takes quite some time before the prostate will recognize the Aneros. There does not seem to be any way to accelerate this. It seems the more we try the more we shoot ourselves in the foot.
    2. Smoothing the P-Jnr casting seam is easy, what is difficult is getting the shine on the sanded areas. There were helpful hints on the web under "polishing plastic".
    3. You may be lucky with a different profile.
    4. Currently my best ones are Progasm Jnr and Progasm Ice.
    5. I am 18 months in and having nice feelings nothing to write about yet.
    6. Took my prostate 3 months before it even noticed the SGX.
    7. Many posts will say it is not for instant gratification and that make it very hard for males to deal with.
    Have fun, enjoy
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    There's been a seam on every model I've bought; it's usually not very pronounced, but I sand them out anyway.  I usually start out with a 600-grit wet sandpaper, and work my way up to about 2000-grit, then I use a polishing compound and buffer for polishing headlight lenses.  It makes them nice and super-smooth and shiny.
  • If where you I'd go to the Aneros chat and discuss it with some of the more experienced users.

    You may find you could go straight to one of the more adventurous Aneros models right away. I mentioned I'd used butt plugs and the odd dildo in the past and was able to achieve wet and dry handsfree orgasms and ejaculations in these past "experiments". I also mentioned that on first use I was able to manipulate my, recently acquired, Helix Syn with proficiently with my pc's. His advice to me was it might be worth trying a Progasm Jnr. next.

    First time ever though?. go for something like the MGX, I bet you'd get a better result than if your "first time" was with a butt plug. 
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    @ badger

    It's disappointing that the quality is so poor for what these things cost. A user shouldn't have to sand casting lines off a $50 piece of plastic to be comfortable. I think I'll start there.

  • I noticed a very faint casting line down the centre of my Silicon Covered Helix Syn myself actually but you cant really even feel it when you run your finger across it, but shit a casting line so bad you need to sand it off is totally unacceptable!.

    You know, I actually thought they might have been cast using a single pour into a sand cast, rather than that shitty two piece cast injection moulding like i learnt in engineering shop in secondary school!
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Well, I got an MGX, tried it, and found those goofy ridges at the base are extremely uncomfortable for me.

    Went to a Lovers store and found a generic model nearly identically to the MGX but without those horrible ridges. I had a couple nice sensations from it... My journey continues.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832

    1.  If you are distracted by a casting line inside your rectum or anal canal, contact Aneros Support and exchange the toy.  Of the 13 Aneros toys I've bought only one has needed attention.   I did shortcut the process by sanding it and polishing it myself but it's important to involve customer support to let the folks know there was a slip-up in production or Q.A.

    2.  'Good excitation' of one's prostate sensory nerves happens when the toy 'finds' a very stable position and makes very small moves (about one or two millimeters) to massage that sensitive spot.  That requires a lot of relaxation in the rectum and anal canal to maintain the toy position and maneuver it.

    Why this takes time:  As you relax more the amount of muscle needed to autonomically massage the prostate decreases and, as you gain muscle along your perineum and pelvic floor and inside your upper anal canal and rectum, the available amount of force (strength) and precision increases. 

    Suggestion:  Don't try to exercise or build muscle during your orgasmic sessions.  Work your PC/BC and pelvic muscle groups with a different toy and techniques you don't use during your relaxed sessions. 

    For me, most toys have two or three 'base-positions' that work for me and lead to orgasm.  Some toys have fewer options.  Some are downright, difficult to get, 'settled in' during a session (Progasm is an example for me--any excess abdominal pressure, gas, waste, etc. tends to shove Progasm the wrong way).   ProJr. is becoming a piece of cake and I've found three positions where it supports 'easy Orgasm.'   Once you are relaxed and orgasmic with one toy in a couple of positions it's time to consider varying your pleasure with a different toy or a different lube.

    Remember that 'involuntary auto f u c k' occurs when we let go and allow our autonomic nervous system, PC's and smooth rectal musculature to take over the job of massaging our prostate.  That's what rewiring is all about.  Think of how your eyes are automatically moved to lock onto the source of a rifle shot you hear in one ear--no conscious effort was involved.  Just stimulus and 'muscle memory'

    3.  Stem ridges on SGX, MGX and PS-New:  These date from designs based on anal contractions to manually massage one's prostate.  I think they work well with the "Contraction approach" described in the Wiki.  They do provide a quick means of controlling lube distribution and the static position of the toy as one starts a session and falls into relaxation.  They are chosen to match anal canal length (proportional to body height).  They aren't for everyone and if there's distracting discomfort after a dozen or so sessions, a different length of toy might work better.   One size doesn't usually fit all but for bph therapy these toys can provide a very 'vigorous' massage.  Well over half of the beginners I've encountered like the simplicity of the SGX/MGX/PS-New family.

    The "advanced" toys (Helix, Eupho, ProJr.) have a smooth stem that slides easily through the anus.  Positioning is established by a balance between rectal contraction and pressure against the prostate.  One size does fit a broader range of men and it's not unusual for shorter men to "complain" that there's a half-inch hanging out and the toy isn't inserted all the way.  These toys (and the -syn variants of Helix and Eupho) were introduced and became successful with an increase in the variety of anal lubes.  I find them more dependent on preparation and lube than the older design.

    A very few of us "old timers" think of the -syn variants as perhaps "too subtle" for beginners.  Those thoughts are perhaps a throwback to roots in 'rugged individualism' or a tinge of Masochism in our being.  OTOH the Helix-syn has proved to be a quick study for many nubes.  Definitely make for an easy ride!

    I tend to think of the Maximus, Progasms, Peridises and Tempo as 'special purpose' tools.  I'm just getting into Kundalini so am not a k-tab affectionado yet.  With Progasm it gently 'tapped' on my tail bone.  With ProJr. the contact is constant and pleasantly balanced to my prostate contact.  Remember YMMV !

  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Thanks Rook.  I'm amazed at the amount of info and time some of you put into helping others here.  It really is a refreshing compared to some other forums I've been on.  Car forums are the worst, lol
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Last night my wife wasn't feeling frisky, so I figured I'd have a bit of Pro Jr. time. I laid in bed next to her and relaxed with it for a while before starting subtle movements. Now that my muscles are starting to develop I am feeling a lot more control over the movement. I found a good spot and stayed with it for a while and noticed my heart started racing and I had a hot flash rush over my entire body. I've still never experienced an erection or precum. But that was my best session to date and is somewhat encouraging. My wife's feeling frisky tonight so the next session will have to wait another day or two.
  • bryeinaboxbryeinabox
    Posts: 51
    When I first began using Aneros products about six years ago, I was really disappointed with the results.  I felt as if I had read such much, researched so much, and I didn't seem to be having any results the guys in the forum would write about.  Finally, when I stopped thinking about the experience, wonder if I was doing things "the right way" and dropped my expectations little by little things would happen.  

    Success with Aneros is all about relaxing into it, and not letting your brain get in the way.  I began with the Helix model.  It felt pleasant in the early days, felt like I was getting a nice massage, but didn't have any type of amazing experience.  When I upgraded to the Progasm and allowed time to let my muscles build up to being able to handle the device, I experienced a world of difference.  I still am not sure if it's the size that made the difference, or if it just hits my prostate at the right angle.  To be honest, I experience more discomfort trying to insert an Aneros with a smaller girth.  Everyone had a different body.  I've had that Progasm for years now.  Sexual partners have come and gone, sex toys come and gone, but my Progasm sticks with me.  I just love it.

    Take your time, don't get frustrated it, and have fun with.  Just like traditional sexual intercourse gets better with time and practice, so does prostate stimulation.  Don't compare your experience with what you read in forums.  Connect with your own body
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Good advice, it's tough to be patient after reading several posts on people having immediate orgasms. Although after 3 weeks I'm noticing some sensation from time to time; and am hopeful for continued progress.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Rook Well thanks for that post of info above. That was a good read indeed.
    Anyone that is serious about their rewiring should take note of that post. Very correct and very informative.
    Very clear and accurate advice in my book. NEWBIEs take note.
    As a advanced intermediate user I learned some stuff about models from 3. onwards.
    It just goes to show that there is a good bit of knowlage to  be read in any post on this forum, you just have to take the time to read and read lots, please take note NEWBIES it is the only way.

    Thanks Rook