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do nothing technique
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    l think lve exhausted pretty much every other technique in my 3 year journey, lve definitely had some interesting sessions but l can never seem to get past the precum stage. occasionally when standing lve experienced something akin to female ejaculation with lots of precum.. and once experienced full body shakes but most interesting feelings lve experienced l havent ever produced more than once despite repeating the processes lve used to get there, and lve generally tried each method for a few months at a time and if l experienced something interesting ld keep at it for a few more months.

    from everything lve read the only method lve not really tried is the "do nothing" approach, so far lm onto day two and lve definitely experienced some warm sensations, however for the last year or so lve been having a session with a day or so apart (unless l was side tracked with my xbox lol), however l read on the wiki something about 3 days.. well lm thinking of setting aside half an hour daily for this method lm assuming doing this method daily shouldnt be an issue as lve read allot about leaving time between sessions to build up libido which lm wondering might impact this method. l do admit some frustration but l dont believe thats really the problem considering its not something lve really thought about until now.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @Auroken, well there seems to be a them and us! Us who wander about trying to work out how to do it, and them, with a smile on their face, who know!
    Seriously I am into the 'do nothing' and I find it very difficult. I am a responsive person so when I get a "tingle" or what ever I want to help it along and that stops it. I try my mediation techniques and I think little by little I am begin to let go. Now I am only a newbie,18 months with aneros but I am happy. I am using Progasm Jnr and it is good.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    well lve definitely had some interesting feelings with all models l own tho l can never repeat the sensations even if l do what l did to achieve them the first time which is slightly annoying, so my thoughts now are just doing nothing as per the wiki. rather than trying l'll just stop trying and use it as an excuse to do nothing and hopefully that leads me somewhere lol
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @auroken, I've been using for 2 yrs now and have only done the do nothing approach. Any questions let me know. I also get side tracked by my ps3 lol, but can play that anytime, I rarely have good alone time for sessions being married with three kids.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    being single l have allot of alone time.. most sessions for me are in the middle of the night (being a night owl it suits me lol).


    just finished my third session, while l dont wanna count my eggs before they hatch lm definitely noticing something a little different, yesterday was interesting, or at least on par to the occasional sessions where l find a little ray or something interesting that l never usually am able to recreate, today however lm not sure what to explain about it lol. instead of doing completely nothing l added in some nipple play which definitely made a little more difference, it felt like l was close to a traditional orgasm somehow..

    however there is one thing lm curious about, occasionally before l started trying the do nothing method sometimes l would get a pulsing sensation around the shaft.. like it has its own hearbeat if that makes sense, however both yesterday and today for a time l experienced this l suppose if l really think about it its kinda like a very subtle feeling of ejaculating.. and by that l dont mean the orgasm part but more the pulsing of the shaft as it expels the traditional way if that makes sense.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    @Auroken - why not try to combine your Xbox time with your Aneros time? Just don`t expect to be excelling at Call of Duty - Black Ops while having your session - find some other easy-going-game :)

  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    I'm 8 months into using my Helix Syn and have used a combination of "do nothing" and "work hard" as complementary techniques.  After I had my first intense experience (about 3 months along, but probably not a real O), I posted a note with an observation that still holds, as far as I can see:  It's important to learn "tips" from the experienced users, but everyone is different in the way their body assimilates the sensory stimuli and "rewires" and you should do "whatever feels right or works for you [WWFY]".  My current technique, which has been uniformly successful in the last month or two is as follows.  After allowing the device to settle in for 10-15 min, I pull up and hold for 30 sec or so and begin to release, repeating this till I get a sense of "clonus", that rhythmic contraction of the muscle (like when you raise your foot off the floor while in a sitting and slowly lower it down, until it begins to bounce on its own.  BTW, I have found that the best initial position is lying over the side of the bed with my butt dangling, but my sacrum (tail bone) still just barely on the bed and my knees bent.  The sensations become intense very quickly.  Then, I can get on the bed and use either a side position or supine.  The "do nothing" technique then gradually builds towards what I call a dry O (if it's not a super-O, I am almost afraid to experience that, because these 'dry O's" are mostly quiet and not accompanied by more than mild muscular twitching (feet, legs and facial and eyes), but can continue for more than 20 minutes with waves of intense pleasure, that make me vocalize.  Both the vocalizing and forceful exhaling at these times appears to further intensify the experience.  As far as Cowper's gland and prostate secretions ("pre-cum"), I have almost uniformly NOT had very much.  Perhaps it has something to do with my prostate being small [that's according to my urologist's exam) for a 63 year old , married man (43 years)  who has experienced some decline in sexual "prowess".  I must add that since I have felt the "re-wiring" process by using the Helix, the  pleasure from sexual intercourse with my wife has jumped back to, well maybe back to what it was over 10 years ago--maybe even more.  I have had the Helix in place for intercourse a few times, and that, I must say is a very powerful experience (I hope to post something about that separately).  
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Great to hear of your success and particularly as you are a senior citizen!

    Thanks for your input and please keep us informed.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Auroken - It's been about six and a half years for me on this journey. And while I do get pleasurable Aneros sessions, I've never achieve super-O's yet. So we are in a similar boat. I tried and experimented with a lot of different techniques over the years.

    It's only in the last year and a half that I've started to understood the "Do nothing and relax" approach and seen the fruits of my 'effort' into this technique. That being said, don't be afraid to do daily Aneros sessions for as long as you want and have time for. I typically do this because for it seems that the more regular practice I get, the easier it is for me to get results and progress ofrward. Just be aware to pay close attention to how your anus, rectum, and prostate is feeling. If there is any soreness, discomfort, or pain, that you stop Aneros sessions until this goes away. Do nothing and relax works for me because as the pleasure intensity builds, clamping down and trying to force it to happen like you would with penile stimulation and ejaculatory orgasms makes it go away. My pleasure builds with continued relaxation. See what this does for you. You might also want to consider trying ejaculatory abstinence if you have not already.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    one thing l have noticed is that since employing the do nothing depending on my position l pretty much spill precum like anything. in fact while standing l could end up with a drenched towel.. and while it does feel nice ld like to get further than that with a little less mess lol.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I had an interesting "do nothing" session today.  Let me start with though that yesterday i had a session which was very good, lots of pleasure but no O.  I wasnt frustrated but on a mission to build up my libido so I edged myself for a while and stopped, whew that was hard not to finish but I also am trying to stop finishing my sessions with a super T.  Today as soon as i woke up i could tell my prostate was fired up, so ate breakfast and prepared for a session.  Today things seemed different, I was much more aroused and the eupho seemed to be bouncing out of control right out of the gate.  Several times during the session my eupho was sucked up into me so hard it was touching areas that seemed to never have been touched before lol, so fricken awesome.  It almost felt like a big, wet, warm tongue swirling circles around my prostate!  Alas no O though, but no complaints here, thats for sure.  I finished off with some edging again and took a shower, so we will see what tomorrow brings.  I must say though that I am on some kind of high from all of this excitement even without any O's, definitely puts a spring in your step.

    On a side note, does anyone know if older men like me(39) can still have nocturnal emissions?  I'm thinking all of this build up with edging has to be producing sperm like crazy with no where to go, but reading online that wet dreams usually only happen to younger males.  I know it can also be absorbed into the body too, but just wondering if anyone else has encountered one from this type of activity since im new to edging.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    As I recall, the last time I had a wet dream was when, at about your age, circumstances caused my wife to be away overseas for about six months and my only outlet was by way of masturbation.

    Since then I occasionally have pretty raunchy dreams, (in fact I had one just a couple of nights ago), but no emissions. I am now aged 74, so with a bit of luck you still have plenty of fun ahead of you but, if you empty your plumbing any other way, you probably won't be wetting the bed! 
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    How is the do nothing technique different from sleeping with the aneros in? I do this almost every night and find it comfortable but not orgasmic. Of course I am sleeping so I'm not aware of any sensations caused by the aneros and I'm not aroused. I wake up feeling refreshed usually.

    I've started using the do nothing technique during my normal sessions today listening to erotic, hypnotic audio but didn't have enough time to get anywhere. Is listening to anything erotic too distracting? Would it be better to just listen to my body?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    How is the do nothing technique different from sleeping with the aneros in? I do this almost every night and find it comfortable but not orgasmic. Of course I am sleeping so I'm not aware of any sensations caused by the aneros and I'm not aroused.

    You may find the post "Do Nothing" What does that mean? helpful in understanding this technique.

    Is listening to anything erotic too distracting? Would it be better to just listen to my body?

    Listening to your body while listening to erotic audio is not mutually exclusive, if the audio helps build your arousal without becoming the focus of your attention then continue using it to enhance your Anerosession.
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