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Handsfree wet orgasm at the end of my sessions
  • TinyPTinyP
    Posts: 1
    Hi you all,

    Let me introduce myself. I'm an Aneros addict since I got my Helix way back in 2009. Never been an active member of this great forum. From now on I'd like to share my experiences with you. I have the Progasm (classic), Vice, Helix (classic) and Helix Syn. Though I experience dry mini orgasms now and then and enjoy the prostate buzz, I have never reached the stage of SO' s. Lately I enjoy great long relaxed sessions that consequently end in body spasms en shaking. But I'm not able to let go, go with the flow so to speak. It feels like my bawbag is clamping and the result is always a great wet handsfree ejaculating orgasm and the party is over. So far no complaints but I 'd like to achieve the ultimate SO that other guys experience. Multiple dry orgasms that last for hours. Curious if one of you have similar experiences or know tricks to come around this.

    Love TinyP (tiny penis)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    First up, I relate to your name and sympathise!

    Congratulations on your progress so far.

    It seems you began your journey at about the same time as I did and we probably have similar experiences with the exception that you enjoy HFWOs. Would be interested to know if these lead to a refractory period in the way that normal ejaculatory orgasms do.

    Apart from that, I believe  have similar responses to yours but also believe I have had occasional super-Os. I'm still reluctant to label them as such but I do have dry AOs that produce periods of sheer bliss that last for between half an hour and an hour. Furthermore, I can have more that one of these periods within one session given suitable conditions.

    You might also like to try the Eupho classic as a tool if you are still collecting. Currently, the Progasm Junior is my favourite model, followed by the Eupho classic.
  • TinyPTinyP
    Posts: 1

    Thanks for sharing. ;) Nice.

    Yes, these HFWOs lead to a refractory period in the way that normal ejaculatory orgasms do, except with aneros I do not squirt. It just gently flows out. Maybe that is caused by the Aneros squeezing the urethra or something like that.

    I remember beeing a child, even before I could ejaculate I was able to 'dry orgasm' by humping on something. And I remember the same clamping (intense strong tension) feeling down below. I think this is the last bumb in the road I have to take before enjoying the ultimate SO.
    In some way I have to be able to relax all the muscles involveded that together trigger an ejaculation. Don't know yet how.

    Maybe I will try the Eupho! At this moment the Helix syn is my favorite. The last couple of months I'm collecting all kinds of realistic penis looking  like dildos. I guess it is another fetish. I love the feeling of beeing deeply penetrated with a flexible dildo.

    Love TinyP
  • TinyPTinyP
    Posts: 1
    Hi you all,

    Today I decided to experiment with relaxing massage of the whole area around my genitals and butt, sack, balls, perineum .... everything that can possibly be massaged to be short. (all except my penis)

    I was horny as hell and was ready for a long session. Here is how I usally prepare my self.

    - First I make a visit to the toilet and make sure my bladder and intestines are as empty as possible.
    - Then I take a shower and put in my tunnel buttplug and flush my rectum with warm water. The plug keeps the butt open while flushing. It also prevents building pressure in the rectum and flowing water back into the sigmoid colon. (Believe me that can be very messy later on in a session if it does ;) )
    - When flushed, remove the plug, I take a long warm shower and wash myself. I like feeling clean.
    - Then I go to bed and relax for some time visualizing all kinds of fantasies, like beeing taken doggy and fucked real slow, real deep, very long...... Oh man it really turns me on again while writing this down.
    - At some moment I feel I'm ready for it and go for the ride.

    Today I was thinking how I could prevent the "clamping" as I mentioned ealier. I think it is a muscle thing.
    I took some massage oil and started treating the whole area ...... man does that feel good. I did it teasingly slow. Then I decided to give my butt a real good treat externally and internally. I started with fingers and soon I could not resist taking my kingsize dildo for a ride........... I did and my sphincter muscles felt loosened up.

    I put in the Helix syn and after some time things started building and dry mini orgasms occured, body spasms, shaking of the legs........ then I came to the point where it usually ends in a HFWO with an oozing ejaculation and it means end of the party. But not today. An oozing ejaculation but not the end of the party. I think it happened 3 times in sequence and not the usually feeling of 'the end of the party' no on the contrary it was feeling like  I was floating and waves of glowing warmth came over me. There wasn't that clamping feeling I usually get. So I guess I was relaxed enough to let go this time. I always have a shot glass at hand to catch my cum and drink it. As I was doing this time. It really turns me on tasting my own nectar. (I know I'm a real pervert
    :@) and I love it. ) As long as I have the urge to taste it, I know my session will last. If I don't have the urge, I know it was an ejaculation that announces a refractory period. In most cases it means end of the party.

    As I realized that this is the right turn to tell my brain I decided to remove my Helix lover for a moment and lie down just enjoy the feelings I just experienced. Mmmmmnh ....... I fantasized again beeing taken by a shemale like creature with beautyful tits, long blond hair, tanned skin, round ass and firmly standing long and thick cock...... I was telling her to fuck me real slow, real deep ...... Yeah, wow! Thats the way I like it! Fuck me,  fuck me, fuck me........ wow! I imagined we were in a bath filled with lube and rubbing against eachothers body, wet and slippery as I was standing on all fours she fucked me again and again....over and over.

    I have a bed with a nice smooth board on head side. I sticked my kingsize dildo with a sucking cap attached to this head board and drenched it with lube and fucked my ass like I was fantasizing. The fantasy and the penetrating dildo are working as an amplifier to me. I could not hold it any longer I had an HFWO again. Wow and did it feel good!!!! :P And now everything was tensing up and clamping again.

    Satisfied I fell asleep......
    So I think I have to relax more and look for other fantasies that do less trigger the fuck and ejaculate state of mind. ;) What do you think?

    Love TinyP.